Wednesday, 31 May 2006

Counting.. up..

I've had three dumplings thus far: one yesterday and two this pm.. Yes, Na, I ate your share for you, in addition to mine today :p

Now go read CY's entry on Dumpling Festival if you can read Chinese. Else there's always Babel Fish..?

Have a dumpling as you read, keep eating, grow fat with me..


  1. Thank u for the dumpling...v nice...had wanted to take another one but scare too now trying to lose weight...told my hubbie about my proposed exercise regime....he just laughed sad ;( not that he mind me fat....i just want to trim down so that could fit into the many nice clothings....oh when would i achieve this? we shall wait and see... +_+

  2. Nice dumplings (except i hate mushrooms!)!! I heard my mum gave 3 to my auntie and she ate all! My dad ate 3 too and I am at my 1st one only. Cun possibly eat more than one a day and mum kept pestering me to eat! Thanks and lookig forward to next year's (less mushrooms pls haha)!


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