Saturday, 13 May 2006

mf & her many names

You know my name - mf. You know it stands for meifoong - I still prefer to be called mf, pronounced murf, like smurf without the "s".

Question: Do you know my other names? :p

I was born meifoong (see, I don't even like to capitalise my name!) but family and relatives have been calling me foong/ ah foong from day one. I hated it cos my friends had nicer names AND their parents didn't call them ah X ah Y ah Z! But well I'm used to it now, and I get everyone to call my mobile only so no one hears them calling me to the phone! :p

If you read comments, you may see CY calling me pong. Well, you see, I have this cousin one year younger, who has a slightly affected Mandarin as his mother was Taiwanese. When we were kids, he couldn't call me properly!! Pong was thus born and my cousins all like to call me pong gia!

The next name came about in secondary school. It could be Jo, I can't remember too well now, who started called me 凤姐, cos I was one of the oldest in class, January baby. Later in JC, some people also called me that, and HL, my dear 玲妹妹, called me 凤姐姐 :)

Then during the France-Italy trip, I was nicknamed 大姐. I hate that! Cos the original characters were.. Eeks! Anyway, the guys are still using it to this day lor! Especially BH who'll call me that suddenly so that I may respond involuntarily.. Boys! *Roll eyes*

Another name that came up in Oxford was 小凤妹. Maybe cos I was always hanging out with the seniors. But wait, I think it was SL who first called me that and he's one year younger than me! Anyway it didn't catch on, phew..

Oh, almost forgot - I was also Matsushima Nanako 松岛菜菜子! Haha! Those days we often watched Jap drama serials and my hair looked like hers, and I had those cheekbones as well.. Plus my ex had longish hair like Nanako's real-life husband!! Ya, stupid :p

It was also in Oxford when I firsted started using gnoofyem and later MF. mf - non-caps - came about only in recent years.

At work, some people call me meow/ meow meow/ meow foong cos I like cats :) Hence you see my other blog - sharing meow! :)

Later, when I started dancing, Shifu had problems with meifoong. So I said M, yes, just the letter M. But anyway he is used to meifoong now. Though sometimes it still sounds like mui foong.. *shudders*

Sito gave me another one too - 阿美. Never fails to remind me of that old song that goes 阿美阿美几时办嫁妆.. Well, I don't know! Heh! :p

Besides 大姐 and 小凤妹, you can call me any of the above. Oh, and I accept 美女 too - that's the favourite of people who know me by face but don't know my name!!


  1. Hello mf-the only name I knew:)

    I thought your name mf came from each letter of your chinese name, but didn know how to read it... so long time Id called you 'em ef'-like I read alphabet m & f.. so sorry bout that:(( but I promise Ill call you murf:)

    I think ya nicknames were quite cute... I want Chinese nickname!! Giv me one!! hahaha... my Chinese teacher taught me that my name can be read as'you3 jia1', but I think it doesn sound cute:( boohoooo

    Yea, ya face n hairstyle is like Matsushima Nanako's..:D

    my mane on this blog uka, is come from my real name Yuka. Some of my friends I met in Perth spelled my name as 'uka' (wrongly), so I started spelling my name uka too.... I think some of my friends in Perth still believe that my real name spells uka.. oops... Although they spell my name uka, some of them read it yuka, and others read it uka...

    In Japan, some friends from juniorhigh call me 'Yuu'-pronunced like 'you', n friends from highsch call me 'Tori-chan' which came from my surname. And some of my uni friends call me 'Tommy' becuz I often wear Tommy Hilfiger's jacket n also some says my face is resemble to a Japanese singer Tommy February's face... Do you know her?? I dun agree with them, though...

  2. 一つを忘れた。mfチャンだよ!ナチャン

  3. Heyyyyyyyy, no fair putting some of the names in Chinese, lol!!


  4. did you deliberately leave it out, you are also called perfection by someone...


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