Monday, 13 July 2020

Kai's hands are so big now

I realised I hadn't held Kai's hands for some time until recently. Usually, I don't hold his hands when we cross the road in the morning. Usually, my hands are full with Yang and Yu when we head out together. And during the circuit breaker, we were at home and there was no need to hold hands.

In the week leading to his birthday, I held his hands quite a bit.

On Monday, 6 July, I brought him along for my dental trip, since it was Youth Day school holiday. We held hands whenever we were walking :)

Sunning himself after the dentist - partly due to the chill and also, he was attracted by the riverside even before we went to the dentist!

On Thursday, I took PM leave to fetch him from school. He said he wanted roti canai, trying to test me whether I knew what that was. Prata, of course! So we had that at Balmoral Plaza. He didn't want to eat there at first but I said it was better to have some time between lunch and ice cream. Oh yes, even though he had a cone on Monday already... And the place was way less crowded than our prata shop downstairs!

Trying tissue - with some curry!

The lady boss was very nice to give him some condensed milk to dip in. I told him not to eat too much of that - so sweet! And when I had the tissue, I realised it was coated with sugar inside!!! In the end, he decided he would have my plain prata instead. 

Sundae at Swensen's!

He didn't want cone anymore, ok.... Just as well - got some wings to share since he didn't have any meat with his prata earlier.

He took a shower when we came back and decided to wear his PJs even though it was only 3.30 pm. So he did his homework in PJs before playing Nintendo. But he didn't play his usual hour as the temptation to open his birthday present was too great!

Tobot Magma Six - as requested :)

Very happy though he asked why it was mini Magma Six - um, I didn't know!

Showing Papa his new toy

More presents from the grands!

So sweet that they were working on it together :) And what's cute is how they sit - right leg bent for chin to rest on! Unfortunately, I think that's also where Kai got his rough chin from....

Happy birthday, my big boy!

Coz he doesn't like cake, I thought I'd get an ice cream cake for him. He chose this design. But he didn't like the whole thing coz there was still cream on the cake. So ice cream is ok, cream is not. I shall bear that in mind!

A photo that took quite a bit of gathering, which still didn't melt the cake

But Yu is MIA! He was nua-ing in bed after his nap, and came out to place his monkey on the table - his rep :p And check out Yang's face - he was smelling the dry ice, I think... So funny!

Only my birthday boy was facing the camera properly :) Coz he's a big boy :) And big boy is very 懂事 coz he's learning to be more accepting of circumstances... 
  • On Saturday, he asked whether he could choose his dinner on his birthday on Sunday; Sunday lunch at home is always pizza, their #1 choice. Unfortunately, no coz Mum already ordered roast duck. 
  • So he asked to go to Ikea for dinner on Saturday instead. Unfortunately, again no coz it was already 4.30 pm when he asked, which meant it would be a late dinner by the time we gathered his brothers (who were just settling down to watch TV and would be difficult to move) to leave the house etc. So he asked for udon instead. We got him that and his fave maki.
  • When Sito heard about his Ikea wish, he offered to pack food from Ikea on Sunday. But Kai declined; he would just eat what was planned.
Awww.... 儿子长大了…… 😍

I must try to hold Kai's hands more. Very soon, he will have bigger hands than me and won't want me to hold his hands anymore! 😭

PS: Oh dear, I just discovered emoticons here... 😄

Friday, 10 July 2020

Less Chinese woes, please!

I was sorting out Kai's P2 books one day late last year or early this year when he said he wasn’t looking forward to P3 coz of exams. So later I told him that he had to start speaking more Mandarin or he would fail his Chinese oral exam! 你想不及格吗?He said 不要 with this sad face. 阿娘暗笑到不行 :p

Some time during the circuit breaker, I started reading Chinese passages or short stories to Kai in the afternoon, and later got him to read as well. 

Recently, I started speaking only Mandarin to them at bedtime three times a week. I also pretend that I couldn't understand English so they must speak Mandarin to me.

The first evening I did that, I happened to lie down with Yang first. It was Yu's turn next. When I was with Yu, Kai was trying to chat with Yang. Suddenly, Kai asked, "Are you crying?" Yang was quietly lying on his bed facing down and towards the window. But Kai saw tears on his face when he went over. I got up to check on Yang who then burst into loud sobs!

Turned out that he was afraid I wouldn't understand him forever!

My poor baby!

Now they are used to Chinese nights three times a week. Kai tries and sometimes he asks Yang for a word. But more recently, he always uses English here and there to trick me into responding to him - 哦……你懂我的英语!Grrr.... 

Yang decided he would not speak at all! Of course, that doesn't pan out most of the time - my kids can't shut up! In fact, last night, Yang told me two Chinese stories he learnt in school - he hasn't done that for a while so I was very happy to hear his little stories again!

Yu tries to use Mandarin but he usually lapses back into English until I remind him. But I must say that he has a good chance to use more of the language coz he spends the most time in a local preschool!

Watching 大圣归来 last Saturday

I watched it with Kai before. Today, Yang said he wanted to watch it again - he could even tell me a couple of funny parts in the show. Yu didn't like it much - he is still more restless than his brothers.

We're still watching Paw Patrols and Peppa Pig in Chinese after lunch on weekends. Sometimes if we have more time, we watch some Mandopop or 诗歌朗读 on Youtube. I even got Kai and Yang to sing karaoke with me - 蜗牛与黄鹂鸟!

Every little bit helps. I'm also trying to speak Mandarin to them more. But time is running out for Kai who will have exams next year. I told him that if he doesn't buck up by end of July, he can say hello to Chinese tuition! No choice - I know first hand that languages get harder to learn with age. 

This week, I decided to go into drills and went through word lists with Kai. We started with 100 words. He could read about 90%. When we got to 250 words from another list, he could read about 80%. Still not bad. In fact, he seemed quite ok with this exercise. I think knowing that he could read that many words helped boost his confidence a little :) Will continue with this but I think I'll pull out the old Chinese flashcards for Yang when he gets to primary school next year!

My dentist helps me lose some weight

Our last trip to the dentist was in Dec 2018. I totally forgot about it last year! This year, I felt something weird on my retainers and thought the glue was coming loose! So I hurriedly made an appointment for only myself. It turned out that that was the start of the circuit breaker when dentists could not do regular cleaning. My dentist saw me nonetheless to check on my retainers. Thankfully, they were fine.

But I made another appointment for cleaning anyway. It was delayed twice - from May to June and to July. And I forgot to bring Sito along.. 

Kai came along though! He couldn't sit still! And he was so naggy in the room! Coz he wanted to head to the riverside which he saw earlier. But I couldn't scold him with my mouth full of various dental stuff! But my dentist is a very friendly chap. He asked Kai about school, brushing teeth etc, and told him how long more I would take.

Well, this time, I took pretty long coz my teeth were not in good shape! I'd never seen so much blood at a routine cleaning *.*

I asked whether I should just remove my retainers since they attract plaque easily. But my teeth might move so he advised me to just keep them clean and let them be until they fall out.

(I also asked whether I should fix my upper teeth as they had moved a bit. I think I haven't worn my retainers on my upper teeth for some 10 years. I put them on that morning and gosh, it was sore!)

So I have to be more diligent! Since pregnancy, I have been quite slack when it comes to dental hygiene. I think it was since morning sickness. And then the sleepless nights, tiring nights. I just lost the energy to brush teeth every night, oops...

Recently, I had tongue ulcers. It took three weeks for the pain to go away but not totally. Even today, my tongue feels a little sore at times. And now that my retainers are so clean, my tongue can feel it even more and I have to be careful not to scrape it hard on the wire! Think if the pain, however little, continues, I'll go back to see the mouth surgeon I saw before just to rule out sinister causes.

With the ulcers, I have been using mouth rinse twice a day. And from Monday since I learnt that I could use the interdental brush between my molars, I started doing that when I brush teeth after dinner. And it was difficult and time-consuming. So since Monday, I have not snacked after brushing teeth!

I felt a flatter tummy. So last night, I pulled out the weighing machine - 63.3 kg, the lowest for a long while, woohoo! And this morning, after a pee and a breakfast of bread and coffee, I pulled out the machine again - 63 kg! I'm happy :)

Long brushing time + difficulty + need to keep clean + lazy = no snacking once I brush teeth after dinner = losing weight

Hence the title of this post :)

My 损友 husband just suggested snacks. Nooooo! I shall persevere!

PS: I suddenly remember I have been doing gua sha regularly. That could have helped too!

Polling Day and date night out

There have been five General Elections since I turned 21. I wasn't in Singapore in 2001 and 2011 so I just voted for the third time.

  • First time in 2006 - still staying at AMK, voted in AMK GRC
  • Second time in 2015 - staying at Holland, voted in Tanjong Pagar GRC
  • Third time today - staying at BP, voted in Holland-Bukit Timah GRC

I coloured the words on purpose just because....why so strange?! Hoho!

This was Sito's second time. He said 2006 was a walkover for his constituency. No such things these days!

This was also the first time I was close to election duties - thankfully this reserve was not activated! Long duty hours aside, Sito had to work most of today - he's still working as I type this. I spent a lot of today doing activity books with Yang and Yu while Kai played with his new toy. It felt very much like a Saturday.

I left the kids and A to their dinner, and left to vote with Sito. Our polling station is West View Primary School, a quick walk away. We barely got in line when Yang called - oh yes, he now knows my number...

Yang: Are you there?
mf: Where?
Yang: Polling?
mf: Yes!
Yang: How many people? (Coz I mentioned long queues before leaving the house)
mf: Many! Ask Kakak to show you photo of the queue.
Yang: Ok, bye bye! (Abruptly!)

So I took a picture to send to A

Just last weekend, we had a lesson on voting at home. I was trying to reduce TV time so I told them they could have only one hour of TV in the afternoon, and listed out the programmes for them to vote for the top two. So now they know about polling and votes!

Anyway, it took us 25 min in and out. Thankfully not too long though it felt long due to the heat. The process was smooth enough, and if I recall well, better than 2015 when I seemed to have waited a long time in a way shorter queue right downstairs. I had to scramble a little though - when I opened up the ballot slip at the voting booth, I realised I couldn't see the words clearly. To be sure, I dug for my glasses only to find that I had already put them on my blouse *.*

Then we headed out for date night! It started with a trip to the toilet to wash our hands, hoho! We are not fans of hand sanitiser. 

We haven't been out for date night since the start of the circuit breaker. This was my fourth time eating out since the circuit breaker and the most crowded time!!

Thai food for date night :)

We bought some groceries before going home. And of course the monkeys were not asleep yet - it was about 8.20 pm. So they all came out to say goodnight (hugs), complain (GeGe hit me; no, he hit me first!), state some facts (I sneezed).

Now we're watching TV and waiting for the results. Wonder how long it would take...

Tuesday, 7 July 2020



只是没想到万人齐唱的演唱会,我照哭。还不是现场好不好,是在YouTube找到的,2018年的演唱会。是歌词 (五月天的倔强),是气氛(五月天吔!),也是一种可惜因为应该很久以后都不会有演唱会了(现场、人多vs. COVID-19)。



Sunday, 28 June 2020

Six and still such a baby

Our little Yang is six!

Yang was lucky that things opened up just before his birthday. We got to do some things outside the house, which was great!

On Friday, we decided on a little excursion to the Bukit Timah Summit. He was quite excited about it at first but when we got there, the initial steep slope turned him off. I said we would go until he wanted to stop. But he carried on. At a fork, he decided to go for the shorter stairs to the summit rather than the longer slope. That was when he started to do way better than me. 

Hands through the non-existent "glass" = magic!

Breakfast at Han's coz he wanted to see the queue number on the screen. But later when we passed by Yakun, he said he meant that. Too late!

He tried my eggs and liked it!

I didn't order anything for myself as I was recovering from a tongue ulcer and I thought I would just eat the eggs. Oh well. But later, he gave me maybe a third of the eggs and half of his toast so I had some breakfast too, with water. 

Eyeing the bend in the straw...

大眼睛! And alien face hoho!

We were outside Macs when my right sole started coming off

Ok, that was a pretty old pair of shoes from before Evanston! I can't say I used it very much though, oops.... But good while it lasted! Not too keen to go shopping for such things yet though, hmm...

Changed into another pair - quite broken too!

Surprised to see monkeys almost right as we turned in from the main road!

Yang was a bit shocked to see so many monkeys everywhere. He stuck close to me but soon, he waved to a baby monkey in his sweet way :) After this, we saw two nice birds and no other creatures - likely coz he was very loud in his Yang Yang way hoho!

Honestly, I didn't know the way to the foot of the hill. There were signs. There were no signs. But there were a few people on the road so I followed. And we got there!

He poses really well now

Yeah! We're here!

The way to the summit was easier. But it was quite an anticlimax to reach the top actually - I mean, it kind of just suddenly appeared. And Yang didn't seem to believe me when I said this was the highest natural point in Singapore. Maybe coz we couldn't look out to anything...

But I had really really wanted to go for many years. I missed an opportunity to go with the Girl Guides one year coz I was told to go back for some oral exam but the teacher didn't show up! I was so pissed. Then I thought I went there some 15 years ago with a colleague and her church friends but none of this looked familiar to me! *.*

He took off his shirt coz it was hot; then he ran around to avoid mosquitoes ^.^

I asked if he wanted a photo and he suggested this pose - he very good indeed

We read many signs along the way

Yang thought this looks like a person

Took the slope down

At the start of the very steep slope, he felt hungry *.*

We took off our masks while panting on the way up but put them back on going down

So there, we made this round trip from the visitor centre to the summit in all of 50 min! Yang was quite tired and hungry, and proclaimed that he would not do this again. Poor boy. We walked out to the bus stop and I decided to carry the poor boy for the last 50m or so. Very heavy!!

Handsome kid walks to Star Vista

Happy with a free crab toy!

Passed by Shi Li fang Hotpot and he decided he wanted hotpot for lunch. All the talk about ymmy spaghetti went out the window! Just as well - we were pretty early and I wasn't sure if 18 Chefs was open yet!

So happy to see him eat noodles, meat and vege!

Surprised to see his egg yolk was still gooey!

We went to Star Vista not for nostalgia but for a dental visit, heh!

So despite all my misgivings about his yellow teeth, they were fine. Still, I took out my old retainers to show him how to brush properly and well later in the afternoon!

Dozed off in the cab - um, he swopped the crab for this pink panther at the till

Easy to wake him when it was for ice cream!

The old ice cream place we used to go to at Star Vista was gone. The new one didn't have cones coz the machine died. So we had to come back to Macs for his birthday ice cream.

Yang was playing Nintendo when Kai came home. Then they mostly entertained each other. Very good for me hoho! I cleaned up their messy toys and showed Yang an important video which I found on this useful experience. It's about poo! Coz poor Yang is often constipated. A few days ago, I felt a big hard thing when pressing his abdomen! Now I get him to drink warm milk at breakfast and sit on the toilet for 10 min after breakfast and dinner. Still no poo since Friday morning....

I woke to this on his birthday on Saturday

Think they were building tracks for the little Super Mario Karts we got Yang for his birthday *.* I went to do grocery shopping and collect his birthday cake from CCK. Came back to find that Mum had sent his presents - a remote controlled car and some activity books. We didn't manage to touch the activity books yet but the car has been a source of much arguments so far. I see another handle against them, heh!

Happy birthday, Yang!

He chose to have Star Wars for his cake. I changed the design at the last minute when I realised that I had ordered that design for him two years ago!

Hard to get all to look straight!

Yang did his first cut

My 大眼睛 baby is six already. He still looks and feels like such a baby. Two years ago, I couldn't believe that Kai was going to primary school coz first kid. Now, I couldn't believe this baby will be going primary school next year!

But he's a big boy now - 119 cm! I got him a book on comprehension - bridging K2 to P1. Oops. That aside, he had gems dropping out of his mouth at every turn on Friday! I can't remember the details though hoho! Have to try to jot it down asap next time.

May this boy continue to grow well. And may the next poo come very soon!

Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Taking MC finally

I have been getting running nose every week or two, and usually over the precious weekend. It's maddening. This time, I started feeling the sniffles on Sunday night. Yesterday morning, the running nose exploded. I thought I would take MC but one video con led to another and it was soon 2 pm.

I had some spicy kimchi noodles to clear my nose and took a yellow tablet to stop the running nose. I managed to read one chapter of a Chinese book to Kai before sleep overtook me.

Somehow survived the kids last night but didn't sleep well coz Yu kept moving and staying up in our bed! Likely coz we didn't turn on the aircon so he didn't sleep well. Chased him back to his room but he came back again. Sighs.

I woke this morning to a full body ache and decided to take MC. Thought I would use one of the telemedicine providers on the MOH website. But Sito reminded me he could claim medical for dependents. So I went to the Raffles app to make an appointment to go downstairs and discovered they offer telemedicine too. Yeah, no need to go to clinic!

It was fuss free. I had some consultation at about 8.20 am. The doc gave me a standard five-day MC and told me to go get a COVID-19 swab test if symptoms should persist beyond that *.* The medicine arrived at 10.25 am. And I saw that the MC requires me to stay home BY LAW. Huh? Ok, I work from home anyway....

Then I realised that actually I could use any GP since Sito's benefits are by claim and not discount at a specific GP?? Ah well. It's convenient since I already have that app and rates are competitive.

Kai was complaining yesterday that I was grumpy when he had HBL and I was working. Very valid complaint. I told him he could ask me technical questions like wifi connection or log-in issues, but NOT how to do a specific homework; that would have to wait until 2 pm.

But since I'm on MC today, I'm not grumpy!! Just a bit slow...

PE during HBL :)

So I have been sitting with him this morning. If he has no questions, I write. But gosh, I'm still very sore! Can't wait to lie down...

Playing old toys, old games

Yesterday, I didn't want to turn on the aircon so we stayed in the living room for books and funny video. Facing the toys around the TV, I realised that it has been a while since we added new toys. And the results are wonderful:

1) They dig out old toys to play - the Tobots and old vehicles are getting loved again!

2) They start to build their own toys with Lego again - swords and Tobots are popular. It used to be just Kai but now Yang and Yu can build their own too! Thanks to Papa's fascination with Lego too, haha!

3) Chess is enjoying a new wave of popularity. Even Yu wanted to play - he could recognise 马 :)

But he plays with his own rules - check out his 兵 hoho!

4) Kai welcomes books on origami and magic tricks in the library app. 

I came home from fetching his brothers to find a marvellous scorpion created by Kai!

So Yu wanted a photo with his "burger" too :)

That face!!!

5) Seeing that we have time, I also dug out an old unopened pack of Donkey last weekend. Kai at first thought the one with the Donkey card would win and was secretly happy until he realised his mistake! The card swiftly got sent to me *.*

Yu passing a card to Yang

This is how he checks whether he has matching cards haha!

I'm always the Donkey!!! Sobs!

Then we decided to play memory game. At first three of them were playing. Then Kai got angry coz Yu managed to match two cards using one that Kai opened up earlier! Um, hello, that's the point?! So he left the game to Yang and Yu, who finished the game very quickly. Think this was much quicker than the Donkey game!

I enjoy seeing them play memory game which is a favourite of mine too :)

Cute things from my babies

One night, Yu climbed into our bed happily. Sito told him that he shouldn't come in anymore. And this boy repeated what I told him a couple of days before - he would stop coming in when he turns four! And we even shook our pinkies on that! Ok, we shall see.

"Look, I put for you!"

The kids aren't affected much by COVID-19 even though they learnt about it in school. No anxiety or worries. Yu spaced out our water bottles one day in late May and said "social distancing"!! That's quite something considering his age and that he was then almost two months away from school.. But I think there is some impact whenever we talk about things we couldn't do now. Yang's fave line was: Last time when there was no COVID-19.... Come to think of it, he uses "last time" a bit and quite interchangeably with yesterday...!

Kai is growing up fast and I find fewer such precious gems from him. Three Sundays ago, I slept at 7+ coz I wasn't well. The next day, they tried to tuck me in at the same time and sang rockabye baby. Suddenly, Kai exclaimed, "Shouldn't it be rockabye mama?!" And they roared in laughter! It was funny but... so funny meh?

The nice and the nua during the circuit breaker

I prefer to work in office. I need the kids to be in school. But there are perks to staying at home - I split them into the nice and the nua. 

Oh, forgive the tenses; wrote most of it during the circuit breaker..

The nice

I was going to say "I get to see Sito a lot more but not the other way round" when I recalled that no, it should be: We get to see each other a lot more but not necessarily at the same time! Coz by the time he's ready for work, I would be busy at work and hardly notice him - oops. And by the time I'm done with work and kids, he would be busy at work and could at most turn to me while still on a call when I go visit him in his "homework room", as Yu called it.

Except for the last couple of weeks when Sito worked late every night, we get to bed earlier - not to sleep but to watch drama! We can do up to four episodes a night, with emails, squats, foot massage, scanning hardcopy photos, handphone games, supper and ice cream in between! It's nice to snuggle :) I missed so much evening time with Sito before I started part-time coz I would be working at the desk until bedtime!

Sito and the kids get to see each other a lot more too. And at the same time, I guess, coz the kids are a bit hard not to notice - so noisy! When I'm busy with work or occupied with kiddy homework, one or two boys would go find Sito. Usually they are quite quiet, which means I would take time to fish them out! Or they would see each other when Sito comes out for water, lunch and dinner. Before bedtime, the kids may also go say goodnight, awww...

Yang says hello to Sito's colleagues

The kids and I get to see each other a lot more too. Sighs, why is that not normal in our life today?! Anyway, not having to travel back from office means I get more time in the afternoon though I now have to share Kai's time with his brothers too. I don't know if they like to see so much of me - I think I'm the person who controls Channel 5 and gives them Paw Patrol... *.*  But I like to see them WHEN THEY ARE GOOD BOYS, haha!

The kids get to spend a lot more time together as well. It used to be only weekday evenings when we're busy with coming home, dinner, shower and the whole bedtime thing, and whole day on weekends. Now, especially after the end of HBL when I don't enforce the routine as much, I hear them sing cartoon theme songs together, and see them play various old toys like the Tobot Tritan and old vehicles together. And I don't know if it's because they see so much of one another but I notice that sometimes, they find their own entertainment, each occupying a little corner of the house. But oh, do they fight!

Kai gets to eat lunch at a normal time instead of 2.30 pm. They all get to start dinner at 5.30 pm so there is no rush towards bedtime. Too early? No.... Kai usually finishes by 6.15 pm. Yu usually finishes before 6.30 pm. Yang usually finishes before 7.20 pm. Yes, 7.20 pm, almost two mama-ageing hours later! Thankfully, fruits have been shifted to 10 am so I don't have to wait any further for Yang to finish fruits after dinner! I should also be thankful that they finish their one-dish lunch in a much shorter time. Cannot understand why rice is so difficult to stomach...

Now that Yang and Yu have gone back to school, dinner starts at about 6.10 pm. So I have to brandish the cane during dinner time. The cane provides much motivation for them to focus on eating and finish by 7 pm. No one wants to be "friends" with the cane!

We also have a lot less laundry - no uniform, no towels from school, no socks! Even Kai's bedsheets - we haven't changed that for a while coz he hasn't slept in it since the start of the circuit breaker. What was a twice-weekly affair is a full-time thing now - Sito shares Yu's mattress every night. I'm glad they enjoy sleeping in the same room :) 

The nua

When I first started working from home before the circuit breaker, I still had to send Kai to school. I thought I would stay be mei mei despite working from home. But when the kids started to stay at home too, the motivation to stay mei mei was lower. 

I wear pyjamas pants the whole day. After all, video conference shows only my face and shoulders :p

I haven't worn jewellery for the past two months. Sito just went back to office this week so he's wearing his wedding ring. Mine's back in a box for the first time in 11 years!

That said, I try to be as not nua as I can. For example, I still put on makeup. Partly coz I bought a small stash just before the circuit breaker, partly coz I prefer my skin matt and silky rather than shiny dewy from moisturiser.

And sometimes, I can't be nua even if I want to. For example, I thought I would let the hair on my legs grow wild only to buay tahan by the end of the first month! So back to threading. I only wish I could thread my eyebrows too but it's so hard!

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

A break from the usual 3 June

It was also a Wednesday 11 years ago :)

Mr and Mrs Sito :) - from the eyes of Yang

Put on the happy birthday tag, heh - lovely red velvet cake that even Kai ate (albeit only a bit)

We used to go for a good meal on this day. For this year, coz our Legoland passes are expiring next week, we had wanted to go to Legoland 3-6 June - we could still have our good meal after a day at Legoland! But with COVID-19, that was not to be. 

So we thought we could head out somewhere but we are exiting the circuit breaker in phases and at this early stage, (a) there's no dining out, and more importantly, (b) the kids are still home this week!

Jumbo! Still had crab, yummy!

So apart from the crab and the cake, it felt very much like a weekend coz we spent it with the kids. It happened that Sito bought a new mini Lego set so now we have a mini theme park - my 抓娃娃机,some drop down thrill ride, and the new aeroplane ride!

My boys piecing the aeroplane ride together, together :)

Three for three! But no, they didn't rotate among themselves *.*

And so here we are, 11 years and days are ordinary, ordinary and good :)

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