Saturday, 25 March 2017

Paediatric tuina

This morning, I brought Yang for his first paediatric tuina. Fevers aside, he keeps getting running nose and coughs. And he doesn't sleep well. All are issues that could possibly be managed with tuina. I really didn't know what to expect but no harm trying right? The only harm is to the pocket...

Mama kissing my handsome boy

Well, he wanted to draw but we were running late. Had to use the glasses to lure him out of the house... Digression: We have many touristy tops - he's wearing Mykonos and me Barcelona :p

We were the first appointment so there was hardly any waiting before we saw the doctor. She asked and I replied - his issues, what he eats every day, his temper. She surprised me when she asked whether he had a big temper, coz Yang was sporting this angelic face the moment he saw the doctor - who would know he's quite the chilli padi?! :p

Yang clammed up the moment he saw the doctor, acting all coy and tame. He buried his head in my vast tummy during the consultation. When he was asked to open his mouth, he stuck out a bit of his tongue and had to be coaxed to open up further. When the doctor took his pulse, he sat very still and fiddled with only the marshmallow I gave him.

In the treatment room - very guai

The doctor used some powder during the treatment. I should ask her what powder it is the next time. Anyway, Yang likes the powder. He kept poking a finger in it and wiping it on his knees *.*

Being tui-ed - he's enjoying it!

The doctor started with his forehead, moving to his arms and legs then stomach before turning over to his back. He made a face while lying facing down. From the time we stepped into the consultation room until that point, he hadn't said a word. Then he went "ouchie" very softly. It seemed that the part where the doctor pulled the skin up and shifted roll up along his spine hurt. But it was swiftly over. When asked if he was ok, he gave a very soft "ok". At the end, he even said "thank you" when I asked what he should say now. And despite reminding me later that his back hurt during the massage, he said he liked it and was ok to go again.

So the diagnosis is that he is 内热 and should not eat too much fried or baked stuff. He doesn't eat either in school except on cookery days when it happens to be baked goods. On weekends, he has more exposure to both, especially baked stuff - pizza, cakes, sweet and sour pork. So I asked if drinking more water or eating "cooling" stuff could counter it. She said water is fine but use food rather than medicinal herbs, i.e. old cucumber soup. Guess we have to give him more soup than over his rice...

The doctor also said that he needs to go outdoors to work off his inner don't know what. I guess this is supposed to help him sleep better. She also taught me to rub his forehead and temples at night to help him sleep better. I just tried but forgot the temples :p

Made an appointment for next Saturday. We were advised to go about 10 times then see how he is. That's a big hole in the pocket *.* But I'll get a photo of PAssion Card to get 10% discount off consultation fees next time!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The heart

Yang brought home his work from the past term. As I went through them, I thought it really took a lot of heart to be a good child care teacher - his teacher labelled each item so that we could tell what each item was/was about!


I held this out this morning and asked Yang, who was doing finger painting, what it was:

Yang: It's a heart! *continues painting*
Mama: Whose heart is this? Is it your heart?
Yang: My heart is in my tummy! *continues painting*

Yang 1, Mama 0!

Funny child care moment

Share a funny moment from last weekend:

So peaceful hor, reading in bed...


The second son was putting my hair "alien" on his third

The first was throwing rolling cars towards the door!

Ok la, in the end, the Papa played with the boys - push me if you can!

My strong baby amid fragile sakura

My baby is very strong - he can sit up and then stand when I lift him by his arms while lying down, and he can support himself very well!

"See? I can sit!"

He seems to love this book - he will quieten down even if I just read the lines without the book

He can reach for things very well now and today he even discovered the prints on Kai's bed!

Gave him his bolster! Need to remove the buckle though..

Went to Gardens by the Bay on Thursday for the sakura. His brothers had not seen sakura before.

Sleeping not too soundly...

Blur boy didn't know what he was seeing!

A plan hatched while I was wheeling the boy around. It's tough to travel with three kids under five or even six. But I just might sneak this boy off to Japan for hanami when his elder brothers go to primary school :p Plan plan plan...

Another hot baby and a painful mama

Yang was down Wednesday evening to Monday - he went to school on Monday but had a slight fever there, which the teachers handled. Then Kai was down Thursday late afternoon - got the call while at Patissez.

My poor baby looking all sweet and cute when Papa fetched him 

He had a mild fever and a tummy ache ("not the poo poo kind") so we sent him to our bed with paracetamol to segregate him from his brothers. We guesstimated the dosage since he hadn't had a fever since perhaps playgroup?? He had a nosebleed that night.

Kept the boy at boy on Friday and made a paper bag puppet from an activity kit from don't-know-where while Yu was napping. He was feverish but I let it be since he was still happy and active.

"Me and my cow which I ignored soon after!"

He said he still had the same tummy ache and felt like vomiting. I also saw that the outside of his right eye was slightly bloodshot. I tried calling four PDs and a GP but the appointments were all full! I couldn't wait 1-2 hours with two boys so I gave up. We could always self-medicate first.
So I let him watch the Lion King movie while I got busy with Yu.

But at about 11 am, I found that he hit 39 degrees. So I called another GP two MRT stops away and was told that they had no patient NOW. I dashed out with Kai, leaving Yu with N. His fever went down on its own by the time we got there. He was given some usual medicine and VIP treatment - the doctor was very nice and let Kai hear his own heartbeat! I also saw the doctor since I was there - caught a cold while sleeping on Kai's bed the previous night.

Kai insisted on lunching out and spaghetti so we found an eatery and chope chope ate and went back. He didn't like the spaghetti anyway. Poor Yu was crying so hard :(

Spend the afternoon doing kiddy things

I gave him some paracetamol in the afternoon but when his fever spiked in the evening, I gave him some ibuprofen. He immediately complained of a pain in the right of his neck. I wondered if it was a side effect or a sore throat. In any case, he slept another night in our bed.

His fever spiked again on Saturday afternoon and he complained about his neck again in the evening. His mucous remained bloody. That night at 3.30 am, he woke and complained of a tummy ache. When he woke in the morning, I was shocked to find both his eyes bloodshot! Keyed in "fever" and "bloodshot eyes" and "child" and the first thing that Dr Google gave me was Kawasaki disease. What the?!

I woke Sito to bring him to A&E, armed with an email of the kid's medical history. Thankfully nothing serious - not enough symptoms to diagnose anything more than a viral fever. His fever spiked again this pm but he went to bed with very mild fever. Hope he can be well tmr. Will have to monitor him.

And the painful mama - had diarrhoea last night and the pain persisted the whole of today despite no more diarrhoea and a trip to the Sunday doctor, which diagnosed "stomach upset". Thanks ah. The medicine didn't help much. Gonna try antacid next.

Hope no one else falls ill in this household!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Yu's frenemy

I was writing a sequel to HX and Yu's first meeting only to realise that I only posted their first meeting on Facebook, not here! So let's start from the beginning.... The story of the frenemies...

Back in December, at Na's place:

HX: Who are you?

HX: Mummy, who's this on my mat?

HX: Don't care, box first!

Yu: Why are you the one crying?!

Ok, truce

We want out mummy!!

Yesterday, at my place:

HX: Were you the one I punched last time?
Yu: Yes! I'm so scared now!

HX: Don't worry, I'm friendly now!

HX: What? Are you going to punch me back?
Yu: Fufufu! Yes!

HX: Don't like that la...

Yu: Ok lor, let's play instead.
HX: Nice school bus you've got there...

Yu: Stop staring at it. It's mine!

Yu: Told you to stop staring at it! It's MINE!!!!

Yu: Ok, we play dog and bone to see who gets the school bus

Yu: I got it!

HX: No, I got it!

Reset - see their intense looks!

Yu: See, it's mine - it came to me!
HX: Dang!


Achievement unlocked!

Yesterday was vaccination day for Yu but Kai happened to wake with a swollen right lower eyelid. He said it was painful. I also saw that the white on the outside of that eye was a little pinkish. So I asked him to stay at home. And this boy also wanted to chao keng, claiming he had a running nose and could not go to school *.*

I was supposed to meet Na for lunch after vaccination. With Kai, I wasn't too sure. But in the end, I figured at most I stopped the adventure immediately if I could not handle both boys? So we went. And we had fun!

First, the bus. We got a double decker bus but unfortunately, I couldn't bring Kai up. He whined a little, only a little, and proceeded to kneel on a seat to look outside happily, telling me about things he saw. I took the opportunity to update Mum about him and that we would pick Yang up ourselves later.

Side story: We were seated on the three-seater near the driver. So there was an auntie next to me. I told Kai in Mandarin a few times - and very loudly - to wait for me to talk to Ah Ma. Yet, the auntie kept trying to talk to me, also in Mandarin, about Yu - boy ah, is the sling safe etc. Finally, I just told her sorry, I had to text my MIL. And right after I put the phone away, I turned away from her to chat with Kai. Some people just don't know when to stop!!

We got on and off the bus successfully. Kai also tapped his EZ Link card by himself. We arrived at the clinic early but somehow the three families ahead of us took quite a while with the doctor. Kai spent some time playing at the kids' area while I entertained Yu.

Kai went first - I seriously couldn't remember what the doctor said! But it wasn't serious. Probably some irritation. He gave us some eye drops for the pinkness and Zyrtec for the swelling. Kai then turned to me and asked a question halfway, hesitating... I knew what he wanted and so did the doctor. He asked if he wanted a lollipop hoho! And just before we left the room, he even got himself a Spiderman sticker!

Kai making faces; cute pose sucking on his lollipop

Then it was off to meet Na for lunch! Took a bus again and walked to Wisma. As I had to settle Yu with one hand as he was fussing and hold the bag in the other, I couldn't hold his hand. But this boy just held my wrist above the bag instead of running amok :) Even at times when I told him he could walk on his own, he still came back for my hand :)

Kai took some time to choose his ham pizza. I tried to steer his selection towards one with more sauce but in the end, not successful. So he picked out all the rockets on top and I had to eat all the cherry tomatoes, but he ate only less than half the pizza coz it was a honey mustard sauce. I ended up eating my three bulgogi tacos AND his remaining pizza *.*

Kai tried a bit of the rockets but decided against it.

He enjoyed his super fresh apple juice.

We finished lunched in record time and caught a cab back home so that he could nap. He was really tired in the taxi but I told him he wouldn't get ice cream if he fell asleep in the taxi! Coz I promised him something nice and cold if he could behave himself, and he did behave himself. We just had no time and no wet tissue left for ice cream right after lunch.

Na and I had some baby fun (next post) at home, and went for bubble tea and walked around a bit. Then Sito and I took Kai to Daily Scoop. He wanted a cone this time. And this time, he made very little mess - my boy has indeed grown much :)

Making faces again!

It was really enjoyable bringing Kai out. What a lovely age, four plus :p Can't wait for Yang and Yu to grow more too!

Oh, on the way to ice cream, Kai was holding on to Sito when he suddenly said, "Last time, when I was younger, I used to eat outside. Can we eat outside please?" I think the lunch made him recall our Saturday dinners outside. Well, soon, I hope, soon...

Monday, 13 March 2017

Hot little baby

Poor Yang came home with a fever in the high 38s on Wednesday. On Thursday, I gave him medicine at 5 am and wanted to keep him home. He also said he wanted to stay at home, probably attracted by Yu's new bear bear. But when he found Kai gone, he wanted to go to school too! Ok, so I sent him in and went about my day as usual while on standby - I turned up the volume of my phone so I could hear it ring should the school called.

I was on the bus to Orchard - in fact, I was already in Orchard - when I saw two missed calls. I forgot to turn off silent mode!! Anyway, yup, fever again. So I got off before I reached my lunch stop and cabbed to the school to pick him up. He stayed at home on Friday and Saturday too, which resulted in Kai not wanting to go to school on Saturday so we had a busy morning!

Hugging my hot boy

He wore the fever patch for a very short time. He also didn't like us to sponge him or tuina him so I threatened him with the fever patch so I guess it's useful!

So Yang (and Kai) spent a lot of time watching TV when at home. A lot. But I'm busy with Yu so there was little I could do...

Playing with thermometers - very fun meh??

And now, Yang is an expert in using the Braun thermometer on himself.

Over the weekend, somehow this Kai decided that the "gun" thermometer was no good. Maybe coz I said it was a little spoilt - the battery compartment cannot be closed properly. So he hid it away!!! Of course we didn't know it at first. When we couldn't find it, we asked the kids coz they were playing around with it. Then Kai took it out of our wardrobe *.* He hid it away again after that but I found it in the wardrobe, lying on the bottom innocently. It was quite a funny sight :p

Was going to take a picture but his "giraffe" fell down!

"My new giraffe!"

Took part of his Friday afternoon nap on the sofa coz he refused to go in

A keen learner despite the fever!

He can finally do a proper pen grip. Sometimes he still purposely showed him the stabbing grip but at least I know that he can do it properly if he wants to.

Not fever related but I love it when my babies sit like this :p

Yang was sensitive to light when he woke at night. And he kept saying "my eyes! My eyes blinking blinking!" He also had a bit of nosebleed - the blood didn't come out; just made his mucous a little bloody. Dr Google said dry eyes and nosebleeds are side effects of ibuprofen! Gosh, we had to use that a lot to keep his temperature down in case he got fits again but he kept hitting the 39s anyway.

So he had his last ibuprofen on Saturday. This morning, no more nosebleed but his eyes are still dry - just now I got a picture and message from his teacher about a sore left eye, which he said was painful. I went to have a look but he was ok. I touched his cheek and it was also painful *.* So I left him in school.

One key thing from this fever episode is that Yang did not have a febrile fit despite hitting 39s! We certainly hope he is past fits. I just bought new packs of diazepam last month coz the previous ones expire this month. I hope we never have to use them.

Another thing that came out of this weekend is that Kai learnt about fever. This morning, he said Yu was hot and asked me to measure his temperature. Kai has not had a fever for a very long time - thank goodness! He usually gets running nose and coughs. So he forgot how it was like having a fever. I think he also felt a bit sidelined when we showed so much attention to Yang. Ah well, he'll learn! Big boy right?

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Kai is a big boy now

Have I mentioned that Kai is in K1? K1 leh!! Gosh, I still remember when I was in K1. Which means he will probably remember too, though Sito thinks otherwise, coz he's a boy *.* Well, we'll see...

But lately, I really find that my Kai has grown so much. Sometimes, I just looked at him but found that he was suddenly very tall - he's 109 cm now. Sometimes, he landed on me or I carried him, and found myself crumbling under his 18-19 kg. Sometimes, I looked at him concentrating on something and thought he looked older than his age. Sometimes, I looked at the things he did and was impressed at how well he did them, or that he did them at all!

Last night, I spent some time sleeping next to Yang who was burning. When I left the room in a hurry to attend to Yu who had earlier migrated to my bed, I also left the two little blankets I used lying on the bed in a pile. Those are Yu's blankets actually. This morning, I came into the kids' room to find them (quite) nicely folded and placed aside - Kai told me he did it. I was so happy coz it was the second time he did that - three times to make a habit, they say?

And this afternoon, when he was helping to keep the train tracks, which was a standard thing to do, he arranged them very, very nicely, so nice that I removed his "strike one". We recently implemented this three strikes thing - three strikes and he doesn't get YouTube. He knows better than to ask for YouTube every day now but he usually asks for it on Sundays. I'm very inclined to give him and Yang YouTube especially when N is off - makes evening logistics that much easier! So this three strikes rule is very useful since I get to determine what constitutes a strike! :p (Sorry, Kai, when you eventually read this...)

This week, I also bought a shower head holder - found it accidentally in Daiso. It's perfect for teaching Kai to shower by himself. We've been teaching him during his showers and even did demonstrations. He can soap himself pretty well, missing only the front part of his hair, but he needs greater supervision to rinse himself. But it's good to let him try; he enjoys it. And practice makes perfect someday!

Kai rinsing himself

The holder dropped just now though, haha! $2 and suction cup in a wet area.. Gotta fix it back later.

Recently, this K1 boy has been learning how to write both English and Chinese. They are at three-letter words in school now. At home, I'm teaching him his Chinese name, which has many, many strokes! But he's learning very well and better than expected with more enthusiasm than expected too.

Writing (part of) his Chinese name

Sometimes, I even entrust Yu to Kai. Like yesterday, when I asked Sito to go buy yoghurt after dinner - yoghurt has become an essential part of Sunday morning - and it was Yang's turn to shower after Kai was done, he insisted that I rather than N shower him. I can't remember if he meant for me to shower with him but I thought I might as well shower with him so I asked Kai to take care of Yu. He did it quite well despite a fussing Yu - he kept bringing baby toys to Yu when one failed to keep him happy, and towards the end, he told me to hurry up coz baby didi wasn't happy!

Kai is quite the doting brother. A bit too rough at times, a tad too loud most times, better to Yu than to yang, but overall, a good big brother, yes :)

BUT! And it's a big but. Kai still whines and cries a lot, and does not obey us. And when he's upset, he throws himself to the floor and whines and cries. It could be a floor full of dropped food *.* Then just this morning, he kicked me on purpose as I walked past him on the sofa. I warned him against it the first time, especially since Yu was napping on me. When he did it again, it was the cane and lots of whines and cries - it took the finale song of Trolls to stop him.

So, yes, big boy but still plenty of room to grow.
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