Wednesday, 6 November 2019

October photos

Ok, I'm getting tardy with posting. Hope to have more time to write when I go on part-time work from December, woohoo!

So, coz I was busy with work, play and reading, I have accumulated a good store of photos that I can't wait to post :)

We went for K2's birthday party on Yu's birthday weekend. It was a pirate themed party at AIA premises coz J is a client there - very smart way of connecting with prospective clients, we think! Kai didn't get to go coz he didn't behave well. Without a rowdy big brother, the younger brothers were very well behaved!

Playing this for the longest time - on their own!

And we played chess!

Kids came over with dough food for us :p

Dinner was kid-friendly with fruits...

... and yummy satay!

Can't tell very well here but Yu could colour quite well within the lines :)

We went to the nearby playground, which was recently refurbished. When we got there, I finally realised that the blue playground that Yu talked about was this! Except that the slide is now pink after the refurbishment.

The boys love doing this - and me too!

They also love cold water chestnut drink!

J organised a tour of Yakult factory on the first day of PSLE marking so I brought Kai on a trek to ulu factory area - which was not too ulu actually. But I think having Yakult in the morning - when the tour started at 10 am - brought about some intestinal movements that didn't sit well with either of us. We really had to go when we got home!! :p

Posing with a big fluffy

Kai wetted his hair one afternoon and combed it - handsome?

Helping to clean grouts! Yang: "We're so hardworking right?!"

Avengers downstairs!

Kai and his Rubik's cube

He tried to teach me but I couldn't see his super quick moves! In the end, Sito taught me. I was so happy! I recall re-sticking the stickers to get it right when I was a child haha!

I solved it for the first time ever!

So surprised to see him reading on his own!

Kai never likes reading much. But two Sundays ago, he suddenly read some books on his own at Mum's place! I was so happy! Hope to bring him to the library more often when I go on part-time. Let him choose the books himself. Really hope he discovers the joy of reading :)

It's been a while, bathtub!

Mmmm... Mini muffins!

Sito saw me bake the mini muffins. When I brought regular muffins to the dining table, he asked in wonder, "They can grow so big?!" No, I really didn't go crazy with baking powder, hoho! Also baked some oatmeal flapjacks coz long weekend - good to have some of these for tea :) But the kids don't like the muffins much, so sad :(

Kai consoled a sad Yu by bringing him his grey bear bear :)

We finally went to the Vivocity train!

This poor boy asked for the train every time he saw Kai's photo in the train. We managed to go to Vivocity in the last weekend of October and gave him a ride :)

Kai wondering when his food would arrive

Yang was patiently doing his activity

Yu did a great job colouring

We were happy!

Hotdog bun for the baby!

Yang likes to push his face into the camera these days

Kai was so pleased with his yummy burger!

I'm so happy to see him eat more. He usually doesn't eat so much. Very picky. He has a second new tooth recently. It came out some time after he dropped his second bottom incisor - the tooth fairy forgot to swop the tooth for a coin, terrible! He came to my bed the next morning, waving the tooth in my face - it's still here! Haha! That's despite (or coz) knowing it was always me...

This is called "enjoy life" - watching TV and eating apple

Hotpot on a cool Sunday!

Yang insisted on having bathtub fun

The kids watched Moana on TV - they haven't watched it for a long time!

Pretending to be a fierce pirate - he hadn't got over the pirate theme party...

Cuddling an empty formula can...

Coz no more papa nainai from Saturday! At bedtime, he asked for it and had to be reminded that he threw the empty can away. And he was still asking for it this evening. Thankfully, no tears or tantrum. Hope he'll get over it soon...

He's really a big boy now. Since 13 Aug when we came back from Cameron Highlands, I tried to leave him in bed, awake, and let him fall asleep himself. He can do it without fuss! But of course, he much prefers if I stay with him. And he still crawls into my bed. These nights, I keep going between his bed and mine coz he likes to move around *.*

Yu directed Papa around - they "took" all the Legoland rides!

Just now when he was on the throne, he couldn't stop talking about Legoland rides. What he could or could not ride. Details of a ride that went boong! Roller coaster, haha! I think Legoland really left a big impression on him. Or it's the only major fun he's had.

Yu loves to do this in the train! And Mama loves to take kiddy pictures :)

I fell asleep with the boys tonight, and woke only at 10.30 pm, just before Sito came home. I feel too...relaxed to do work so decided to do something that should have been done long ago - sign Yu up for StanChart kids dash! But it is sold out! So sad :( He has to wait for next year to get a medal like his brothers did...

Saturday, 2 November 2019











Saturday, 12 October 2019

Our littlest turned three!

So happy to see him grow up :) And also very aware that this was the last third birthday for our babies...

It was only 15 Sep but Yu wanted his present from Legoland

Concentrating on opening the packs of bricks

We started the celebrations proper from 5 October. As usual, we celebrated his and Mother's birthdays together. He was rather shy to meet her as usual. I showed him a photo of them celebrating together last year and he warmed up :)

He ordered three little pigs and had one - his first 流沙包 ever!

The party at Canton Paradise

"I want to blow candles!"

Clan Sito +++

Enjoying his new toys

I love this photo!

Some weeks ago, I asked Yu whether he wanted to celebrate his birthday with his friends. His eyes lit up and he said, "Yes! Mama sit with me, Papa sit with me!" Oooh, Papa was named! So Papa had to go to school this time!

Waiting in the reception area for the kids to be ready

Mama's craft on his head - his fave Paw Patrol character!

Yup, it was a girl... And he could name all the dogs on his cake and finally Rider! Gosh, I don't even know their names... And he doesn't get to watch his much! If we watch this, it's in Chinese!

Happy birthday, baby Yu!

With his class

When we walked in, we saw his friends gathered at a rectangular table in front of Yu, who was sitting by himself on this semicircular table, quietly waiting for us. He was so happy to see us, if a tad shy :)

In the days preceding his birthday, when I talked about his celebration in school, he would say cute little things. "Mama hold my hand, Papa hold my hand to cut the cake!" "Cut the cake, and give my friends..." He must have seen many birthday parties hoho!

Serving cake to teachers and friends

He's got the big chocolate!

Yang came over earlier but I sent him back, promising I'd bring him back for cake later

Teacher A showed us Yu's work that day - Papa and Mama were featured as two pairs of eyes!

All home to play!

First boy to complete jigsaw puzzles before three - this was the second time in a week!

I used only words - find the corners.. Is that right? Is that a side? Try turning it around.. So proud of this boy :)

He chose Macs for dinner and ate only a little bit

Very lucky to find a kiddy ride where the lucky but frightened kid had abandoned ride! They got three rides in a row!

The older kids played games instead of driving

We sang happy birthday song at bedtime!

And here we are, with a three-year-old boy who can't wait to go to junior driving school at Legoland! Big boy now :) But big boy still wants me to carry him like a baby, i.e. cradle carry!
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