Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The dreaded four-letter word: HFMD

The PG class started getting HFMD cases a few weeks back. As a full-time working mum, I continued to send the kids to school. Just keep my fingers crossed..

But Thursday, 19 July, I happened to be playing with Yu's legs and saw two red dots on his left sole! Super sian. The doctor spotted five or six ulcers near his throat. No hope already. I received an eight-day MC that I never wanted.

Well, just nice for me to update more on Yu!

See the two red dots?

While waiting for the clinic to open - we were second in line!

I had permission to work half time at home for the six working days so that made three days of leave. But it proved difficult to do so. It wasn't quite as simple as saying, so N will take care of him when I work and I will take care of him when N cleans and cooks. No - Yu kept coming to me and cried for me when he was led away. In the end, N had to entertain him in the corridor - Mama out of sight, Mama out of mind. Sad :(

Happy with Mama

Since he was home, might as well help out!

He puked out all his salmon porridge when I was carrying him - the house smelled fishy for the rest of the day!

But he could eat despite the ulcers!

"What you looking at? Cannot eat ah??"

He pooped madly the next morning. All soft and gooey. Four diapers in one hour. But thankfully, that was all. No more such episodes.

I was supposed to quarantine him but how? He doesn't have his own room. His brothers refused to leave the room. I took him to my bed and put two of us at risk, but the two older boys somehow managed to find us and sleep together!

Playing together on Saturday - how to quarantine?!

Anyway, on Friday afternoon, Kai was found to have an ulcer on his left cheek. Super sian. I brought him and Yang home after nap time that day. I didn't bring Kai to a doctor since I already had an MC. But when he showed no other symptom, I brought him to a doctor on Sunday - certified no HFMD, yay!

So he was to go to school on Monday. As luck would have it, he puked on Monday morning. He was up at about 4 am and complained of a stomachache that was not taxi pain or poo poo pain, but vomit pain. Puked after a light breakfast. So he stayed at home. He was quite nua almost the whole day, except the hour or two after he had frozen yogurt for dessert after lunch, hmmm...

I was also unwell. Doc said it was a side effect of the antibiotics I was taking for a skin infection. I puked at 4 am on Sunday, and was very sore pretty much the whole of Sunday. Still weak on Monday. So was glad Kai wasn't too active else I couldn't handle two monkeys.

Yu having fun at the desk

Got expensive Japanese jelly for their tea

Is Yu ambidextrous? 

I woke feeling better on Tuesday. Sito helped bring Kai and Yang to school while I brought Yu to the pond. We walked for quite a while, and ended up at Heavenly Wang for breakfast. He didn't want my noodles but had almost the whole cup of milo! We then went to the supermarket before heading back. An hour and a half away, for N to clean up. And then it was time for me to work...

Happy to see bikes

Yummy milo!

Orea for tea - what ulcers?!

Anything can become a table

On Wednesday, he still has no additional spots on his hands and feet. I took it that that was it. But the two spots on his sole remain, albeit fainter. Was hoping to certify him fit for school earlier.. Out of desperation, I gave him YouTube Kids on the TV. Hope I don't regret it...

We walked along the park connector where we once saw caterpillars

This time, we saw a dragonfly. Yu kept blowing at the dragonfly which had chosen a low shrub to rest on. Poor insect!

Breakfast for us! He had some hashbrown and more milo

Bedtime wefie!

Funny faces! Think I was trying to check his ulcers...

Thursday came and went quickly. I found that he could talk a lot now, just that we don't understand most of it. And his actions are so cute! He's really growing up.

We went straight for breakfast after sending his brothers to school. Macs again! No-fail formula... He didn't eat much but it was fattening for me, sighs... I finally had appetite for lunch so we went out at lunch to walk walk - I had a hard time chasing him around!!!

He had some milk lying on me in the morning while watching YouTube Kids

He caught me trying to snap him watching Wheels on the Bus

My last baby to be smitten with the song!! He could sing and act with parts of the song. He also sings to the daddy finger song :) I also sang the fish song to him and managed to get him to do the actions with me, yay!

Getting good with shapes :)

And then, on Friday 27 July, Kai was rejected at school! He has some rash on his upper palate. The teachers first saw it on Wednesday, I think. But no one was sure. By Friday, the school was getting too close to closure and they became more stringent. So I had to take Kai home. With him at home, Yu was easier and cried less when I was working.

Bubble time at the pond!

Yu had hash brown again, this time at LJS

Kai was very happy to have Milo too

For the next few days, I took many such photos

I think that might be some broken capillaries from his vomit on Monday. But I'm ok with Kai at home so I didn't bother with the doctor at all. Just monitor.

On Saturday, only Yang was good for school and I knew there was no way he would go. So we all stayed home! There was a farmers' market that weekend so I wanted to go walk walk. As luck would have it, good or bad, Kai and Yang chose to stay at home. So Sito and I got to bring Yu out, just him :)

Yu on Papa

Waiting to pay for spinach ice cream

And he shared my bah chor mee

And every time we passed by the eatery, he pointed to it. Yes, baby, we were there!

A normal thing, two kids sitting on Mama

Sunday morning, Kai and Yang resumed their swimming lessons; we cancelled the last week coz of Kai's false HFMD alarm. Yu was certified fit for school, yay!

"I can go to school!"

Celebratory drink plus some prata

And every time we passed by the eatery, he pointed to it. Yes, baby, we were there too!

On Monday 30 July, Kai still stayed at home while his brothers went to school. Unfortunately, I got a call from school in the afternoon - ulcer near Yang's throat!!!

I couldn't see very well coz Yang wasn't terribly cooperative but I thought I caught a glimpse or a white spot near the back. He's fine at home so so be it. I let him stay at home on Tuesday. But I wanted to quarantine as much as I could so Kai went to office with me.

I had a meeting so I gave him YouTube Kids and left him at my desk. I didn't expect to be gone for two hours!! But my colleagues helped look after him. He was happy even though the battery went flat coz he was given yummy stuff.. I came back to a super messy desk with bits of paper and food crumbs...  The last time he came to my office was 2015. Now he is much more independent :)

Lunch was outside so I had less mess to deal with! But I had to put the noodles on a spoon for him coz he couldn't use the chopsticks! Somehow we survived the whole day! Or rather, I did.

Counting train stops on our way home

We bumped into the principal when we were fetching Yu. She gave Kai a check and said he could go back to school the next day, yay!

So it was just Yang at home for the rest of the week. I think he was just watching TV the whole time *.* When I called home, he was so cute. Every time he picked up the phone, he went "Mama, I'm sitting on the sofa, watching Rufus! Bye bye!" or something like that. Love :)

Needless to say, Kai was mighty displeased at having to go to school on Saturday coz it wasn't fair that Yang got to stay at home the previous Saturday but not the other way round. Ah well. I had things to do!

It was hard to spot Yang's ulcer. Eventually, he wouldn't even let me check! Ah well, I gave up la.

Finally on Monday 6 August, all the boys went to school! Yay!

Please, no more HFMD!

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Ridiculous men in Jin Yong drama

Sito and I were watching Jin Yong drama on YouTube last month. We started with 射雕英雄传 胡歌 version and went on to 倚天屠龙记 苏有朋 version. I couldn't remember all the details of the novels but I believe the dramas are a little different.

I enjoyed the show - great entertainment value - but I was obviously pissed at these two guys who dominated the pugilistic world but sucked at everything else, especially in managing their love life!!!

Look at 郭靖 who was engaged to 华筝 but fell in love with 黄蓉 - he couldn't decide whom not to 对不起! There was even one scene where he told 黄蓉 that he couldn't 对不起华筝 but he would always always only love 黄蓉 who said she would love only him - while 华筝 was standing there the whole time looking sad? Pissed? Frustrated?? And when he didn't see 黄蓉 after that, he decided he couldn't live without her!

And now, 张无忌 with four girls - he couldn't decide whom he loved! Suddenly went from hating 赵敏 to being more than friends, but got engaged to 周芷若 when saving her, buried 珠儿 as his wife, and it was complicated with 小昭 who supposedly understood him so well but he kind of treated her like a maid..

Sito asked me what if he were like those two. My eyes rolled to the back.

Thursday, 12 July 2018

P1 registration complete!

Last Wednesday, 4 July, was Phase 2a1 of this year's P1 registration exercise. We got ready Sito's alumni letter and Kai's immunisation records way back but only got down to preparing the rest of the stuff two nights before. And we did scramble to find his PSLE cert!

We took one day leave and took a bus down. I was wondering how long it would take. Well, we got there very early and it didn't take more than an hour or even half.

Signage leading us to register for P1

Sito filling in the form

When we were handed the acknowledgement slip, it sounded like there should be no balloting involved in this phase. Good!

We then left for dim sum at Tim Ho Wan, which opened early enough for us. Also walked around town a little and shopped a little before heading home coz Sito had to go to work and then to the airport.

By the next day, I learnt that we got it. Only 90 registered for more than 130 places in this phase. The official SMS came on Monday and today, I found the letter in the mail, which said little more than what was in the SMS.

I learnt about the orientation data mid last week and was so grateful it missed our Taiwan trip by a day! It would have been awful if the orientation was during our trip - I might just cancel or reschedule the trip!

Looking forward to bringing Kai to his new school!

Kai is six already!

Can't believe it but we've been parents for six years! Still rookies :p

So, so sorry to my Kai for being inexperienced parents at every step of his growing in the past, present and future. That's for being a first child. But hey, you get benefits too, like more solo time with Papa and Mama...

Coz Sito was out of town last Saturday, we gave him his Lego fire station on 30 June. He had been asking for it for some time. And he could build really cool fire trucks and rescue helicopters etc all on his own. For example, just last month, he saw Papa building a huge ship that he got for himself (ya). He returned with his own and replicated a retractable anchor using available pieces from his store. No book. Papa 0, Kai 1.

Papa and son bonding over Lego

So we splurged on his present while we were last at Legoland. It did seem too young for him to get a $200 present but it's such a fun and useful toy for him that we thought it justifiable.

And he was so happy!

Deeply engrosses in the manual

Still at it two hours later! (I was out :p)

Though Papa was sitting with him, he pretty much did the fire station all by himself! And he was might pleased with it :)

I also loved the fire station! It was quite fun - I love the shutters hoho! And I also love that the brothers can play together coz it's big enough!

Kai lets Yang play with him

Kai lets Yu watch him - until Yu started to touch and pull things apart!

He requested for Macs for dinner that Saturday though...

Dinner was more wholesome the following weekend, i.e. last weekend. Like for Yang's birthday, Mum they all came over. We had three cakes - one for Kai, one for Ah Yee and one from Jiejie who went for a cake-making session. Yummy!

Successful wefie! (N was off!)

Kai got a dinosaur Lego set

And a moving dinosaur!

Yu was sitting on me saying "scared" - awww, poor thing! But very soon, he was also playing with the dinosaur. Today, I had doubts over what his "scared" meant coz he was quite happy to press the dinosaur... Does it mean "dino"???!

Today, I took leave to spend his birthday with him. After all, this was his last birthday on which he didn't have to go to school even though it was a school day!

While at Yakun for breakfast, we got bad news that the school had to cancel his birthday celebration due to HFMD cases! But he took it pretty well coz his teacher told him on the phone. I think it would be a meltdown if it was me breaking the news - he spoke to his teacher so sweetly! I'm jealous, hmph! :p

Making funny faces at breakfast

Kai got stuck in the supermarket trolley!! Told ya, too big already la...

He played with Lego at home for a while before we went to the playground. But it was getting quite hot so I dragged him away to our main agenda of the day - Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum!

Face to face with an orangutan

The main attraction was the dinosaur fossils!

But Kai was a lot more interested in the snakes coz the dinosaurs didn't look like meat eaters

So Mama made funny poses instead :p

Though I managed to coax him to go look at the dinosaur properly

He spent most of his time upstairs killing laser crabs

And then we must visit the snakes again....

He was holding an origami crab he made and two badges from the staff who heard that it was his birthday - he was quite happy to tell everyone it was his birthday :p

He wanted to have pizza for lunch, and he preferred to go somewhere he had been before. So I decided on the Saizeriya downstairs. It was quite late but he wanted to take public transport. I forgot his fare card coz we took a cab out. Luckily no one questioned us..

More funny faces while waiting for the bus back

Having his fave pepperoni pizza

He didn't nap. After playing a bit on his own, he got a bit bored. So I decided to teach him money. I have put aside some notes and coins. So I asked him to identify the value and "buy" things from me. I started by enticing him to buy donut, which he does every Wednesday on our way home from school. He had to pick out $1.90 for me. Also got him to buy other things either of us chose. Then he got lazy and just gave me more money to get change back instead!! He also wanted to be the seller here and there. We had good fun :) But more importantly, I hope he is interested in this - need to go canteen on his own next year!

And then we went to the pool!

We stayed in the jacuzzi pool for an hour. Took a little walk to the aqua pool but the machines felt strange. Or I didn't know how to use. Ah well. We got up only when Mum arrived to pass us dinner and airfryer.

Papa came home earlier to cut cake with Kai!

I bought a 1kg cake for his class so there's still more than half a cake in our fridge. So hard not to get fat!

With that, my eldest turned six. Happy birthday, my dear boy!
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