Sunday, 18 February 2018

Happy doggy year!!

It's the third day and work resumes tomorrow so I guess celebrations are mostly done with...

We started ours in Chinatown last weekend!

Quite crowded but it was a mercifully cool day so it was quite a pleasant walk with the kids. We did mostly eating haha! The kids, including Yu, had a field day trying various snacks.

We ended up with these!

Add a gerbera to the table on V Day - courtesy of a sweet colleague

Didn't take photos at Chinatown - too busy holding hands! But somehow N managed to take pictures... I wonder where the holding hands went *.*

Random shot of Kai

Source: N

Yang playing with a dog display

Source: N

Fast forward to the eve. Coz it's just too much of a hassle to send Kai and Yang to BP for half a day, I took up emergency care at their old school - the $70 per pax was well spent!

Kai got a new set from Chinatown while Yang and Yu wore hand-me-downs :p

I mean, this is a once-a-year event! At most twice if you count RHD but I also have Japanese outfits for that. I bought one size larger for Kai - he can wear it again next year, for RHD if not LNY eve!

Anyway, the two older boys had fun in school with their old friends. Yu also posed with oranges in a video uploaded by the school. Why do I find all of them super cute? :)))

Reunion dinner was at Mum's place. We brought them to the playground before going up, with newly bought bubbles from Chinatown.

Yu enjoyed the slide

Yu chased bubbles!

Kai loved the big ones

Yu picking up sticks - taking the nursery rhyme so seriously? :p

What a spread we had!!

Yu had three rounds - his soup noodles, top-up braised noodles, and Papa's noodles

And there were fruits

It being LNY eve, I thought perhaps we could let Kai and Yang sleep later. We watched part of the mermaid movie on TV together while playing with random things, and they ended up with questions of why there was blood in the water when the bad guys shot into the water. Oops, PG!

We snuggled a little in our bed before shoo-ing them off to bed, saying we were tired too coz they would not admit to being tired! Kai looked especially tired - could tell from his eyes. This Yang was terrible, younger yet hardly sleepy!

Sito and I lay down with them for a short while in their room. It was sooo nice that for once, I was not in a hurry to send them to bed to ensure they get enough sleep and I get to start work early so I would get some sleep! So nice to just enjoy our kids at the moment :)

But they did not sleep in the next morning *.* In fact, they woke at normal time, which means early. I don't know what we did but we lasted until it was time to head out!

Yu napped for longer than expected so we left later than usual

Oh but a family photo first! :)

Got the boys their shirts on our first trip to Legoland. They looked great in them! I bought my dress more than two years ago but they stayed in the bag until recently.. Sito got his shirt on LNY eve so no, it was not washed before he wore it!

Yu discovered his calling for food at Mother's table of goodies!

This boy loved most of the snacks. These few days, he would not have his lunch/dinner unless they came with snacks!! Terrible... And worst of all, I gave in! But well, LNY.... His brothers could hardly stop eating too!

We had a cooked lunch, not steamboat, to our surprise, but it was yummy!

Took a break from the snacks to go to the playground

Yang was driving before becoming a prison warden..?!

And then we were called up for Yu Sheng! Version without raw fish :p

And then Kai fell asleep in my arms. My big baby :)

My old baby


Yu dug in for goodies! Sito grabbed a drink from Macs while we were at the playground

So after waiting for Yu to wake, we had to wait for Kai to wake. So this year, we left pretty late. Dinner was leftover braised noodles from Mum. But I fell asleep with Yu and ended up too sleepy to eat :p

Lastminute playdate with J&J at their place!

It was quite a sight to have six boys in the same room! The two youngest - just five weeks apart - did not participate as much but can't wait for them to join in fully!

"I still had fun"

"See? I can get in and out without help!"

It was a short play date but it was fun enough for Kai to declare that he wanted to invite them to our new house! We went back early for lunch - leftover soup noodles! And then in the afternoon, it rained a little so we took the chance to stay in :p Gave the kids the remainder of the leftover braised noodles coz Sito and I had grand plans :)

Brought a few thousand dollars worth of bags to new house!

I wiped the cabinets where I was to store the bags. Just so happened that our neighbours were having a party so they saw us when sending guests away. I met the guy previously but this time, we also met his wife and MIL. Then so paiseh they gave us oranges and a can of snacks but we had nothing in return!

Dinner was hotpot downstairs :)

And then we went back to keep the bags properly and tuned the TVs. No prize for guessing who did what! As we were about to leave, we found something weird - turning on some lights make some other lights flicker! Took a video and sent to ID with queries. Hope to hear from him too..

Us at Esso after Sito bought some drinks

Now, the last time I drove back from BP, I had an accident right.. So I was just telling Sito that this was the place where the lorry hit me when the car in front of us did almost the same stupid thing - it cut across the chevrons after the double white lines to get to the PIE! What the ****!!!! Sito had a good laugh though, bleah!

This morning, our neighbour downstairs had a lion dance at home again. Last year, we had to carry the boys. This year, they just climbed! But we had only glimpses of the lion. Within seconds of coming out of the house, the dance was over.

Eagerly waiting for the lion

Then we did our regular Chengzhu and Yu continued his intake...

Brought Yu out to gathering with ex-colleague!

He had a great time - ate some cake, saw the swimming pool, sat down with the big boys and girls next to the pool with me grabbing him behind. When he migrated to another end of the pool with the kids, he found that he could copy the big boy and put his feet in the water! So he splashed his pants wet. I let him play a while longer and grabbed him up. No more getting ill please!

Came back in time to pack dinner! Yang insisted on going with me so I had company :)

Yang remembered he had a photo here and wanted one more!

Then it was his turn to take a photo of me - quite a good photographer? :)

I just finished opening all the hongbaos and agonising over how to recycle them. Actually, I'm still agonising over it. I used to keep them to recycle them but they got too much and some collected so much dust that I threw everything away last year. This year, I'm feeling sorry for all the paper...

Never took this photo before, I think

I received two packs of these hongbaos some years back, used them for close family and only just finished using them this year!

This is the year when Kai became more aware. He was quite happy and willing to greet elders, but he was also shameless in asking for red packets! Gosh, and I thought I did my preparation - I told Kai and Yang to greet, say thank you and not to open the red packets there and then. But I forgot about the 伸手要钱 part! Though to be fair, he wasn't asking for money but golden chocolate coins!! He said he enjoyed Chinese New Year coz he got to eat goodies!

Yang also enjoyed himself but he was more shy when it came to greetings. In fact, he said he was shy! But he loved the goodies. Think he didn't stop eating the whole time he was at TPY!

Yu was the surprising one. While his brothers barely did much on their second LNY, this boy was all over the place looking for food! If any can was open, he reached in. Once, he got himself a crumbly pineapple tart - nightmare of picking up after him! He even grabbed a packet drink from the coffee table and started drinking it! Thankfully it belonged to one of his brothers. I guess it comes with teeth? Haha!

I love that the boys are enjoying this fave festival of mine. I hope they grow up enjoying the festivities - the goodies and the gatherings with families and friends we don't see as often as we like :)

Monday, 29 January 2018

Down down down down down!

Yu had a slight fever a couple of weeks back, and was home for half a day. That weekend, Sito was down. Last week, Yang stayed at home Monday to Wednesday. I brought him to the doctor coz his cough sounded like croup! But the doctor told me croup did not recur. Ok, so I monitored lor..

I left Yang to his nap and went for a meeting

Checking in on my baby over the camera!

So cute!! He was alright until evening time when he suddenly got a high fever past 38.5! This happened on Tuesday again - fever only in the evening. And his barking cough did not go away though his voice did not turn cute. Decided to keep him home on Wednesday coz it would be tough for me to go to BP to get him home if he were to develop a fever in school!

Random photos happened when it was just Kai and me on the way to school! Don't we look alike? :)

I started having body aches on Wednesday night and lost my voice a little on Thursday, I was looking forward to Friday which was Yu's centre closure day - I wanted to bring him out for lunch and go shopping. But I spent most of Friday in bed. Then I had to leave earlier to settle a water issue at BP. Felt so bad I didn't get to spend time with my baby...

But Saturday was worst - a mild fever hit on top of my body aches, cough and running nose, and I could hardly get out of bed! In fact, I only got up to eat and go toilet. It was that bad. I don't think I was ever that ill! July 2010 and February 2013, I was hit hard but not like this.

Saturday night, more like Sunday, I woke at 3 am to a horrible back ache. I couldn't lie down anymore and had to sit on the floor, entertaining myself for some 40 mn by watching Yu sleep. This boy must be a key contributing factor to my back ache coz I was forced to the edge! But the damage was done. Now I keep feeling a sharp pain in my back when I move suddenly.

By Sunday, the body ache abated a bit but other symptoms remained. I managed to get out of bed so I went to the doctor who told me it was a common cold. Seriously, colds also have different degrees lor... Sito took the older boys to Chengzhu while I stayed at home with Yu and N who happened to be going out later that day. Eventually I brought Yu to Mum's place but returned for his nap aka Sito's daddy hack.

The hack works like this - lie down, sleep, let baby do whatever he wants!

That worked! Haha! Yu eventually slept. The problem was he did a poop before he napped so the room stank!!!

Anyway, I'm still not feeling well today. Been feeling like puking since yesterday. Making me non-functional! No more MC - better be well enough tomorrow!!

Or, I might need to take child MC coz Kai went to bed with a mild fever... The school called me towards the end of the day with reports of tummy ache and fever. Kai puked out his lunch when we stepped out of the lift at his school building. And like the caterpillar who ate a green leaf, he felt much better!!

My boy had indigestion *.* Of course, coz he had four slices of bread at home in the morning!! Gotta watch his intake. And Yang who OD-ed on watermelon and puked out red stuff!!

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Kai and Yu made their first calls

Tuesday, I was starting to walk to Yu's school from the MRT station when Mum called. I picked it up only to find that it was not Mum; it was my son!

Of course Mum had intended for him to locate me so that we could go pick Yu. But my dear Kai didn't relay my replies very much or well. When he finally did, he didn't want to put down the phone. He was rather taken with the drawstring of his hoodie coming off that day and kept asking me if that was ok!

It was so cute :) I thought he sounded a little different on the phone. And I could hear Yang in the background too!

And Monday, Yu woke early and started playing with my phone. I didn't really take note but I saw Sito look at his phone in the dark. Turned out that Yu had called him from my emergency call page! I only learnt about this from Sito when I got to work. Had a good laugh over it. What if he had dialled 999?!

All three of them have sent WhatApp voice messages before, Yu's first being this evening when I asked him to say "papa" to Sito who's on the plane home now. Perhaps I should let Yang have a go at the phone one day too!

"I trumped my brothers by making my first call at 15 months!!"

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Finally, updates on my boys

The past few months have been so full of activities - and work! - that I have not been updating on the boys' dailies!

We had quite a few runs to various clinics in December. Dentist, ENT, vaccination.

Kai had his second scaling and polishing done!

So relaxed, watching movie and putting up legs..

Yang had his first polishing done too!

Mountain of yummies while waiting for his turn to see the ENT doc!

He loves the sandwich too

Kai goofing around in the room - the ENT doc really indulged him!

Roaming the clinic during the wait to be vaccinated

Found a toy some kid left lying in the wrong place

Yu was really good at this!

As the youngest, Yu changed the most in the past few months. The last trip in 2017 to our regular bingsu place, he was totting around rather unsteadily. The first trip on Sunday, he was walking around like he had been walking forever!

I'm so guilty of letting him fall off the bed that I am always relieved to see him develop well! Call me paranoid *.* But last month when Sito was away, he fell off the bed two consecutive nights - I was too dazed on 18 Dec and let him roll off my arm, though I broke the fall a little, and I was careless the next night and let him fall off Sito's side. He cried more the second time :( The third night, he somehow bumped his head in his room. At least it was only from his sitting height.

Yu has a knack of playing on his own

He pulled this big toy off the bench to play all on his own

Yu can wave hi! And he waved to a cute little girl at the next table :p

Make him practise :p

Two nights ago, I asked Yu whether he wanted his pacifier when he woke in my bed* and refused to go back to sleep. He was sitting up and he nodded! I was so surprised! This afternoon, I asked him whether he wanted something. He was standing this time and when he nodded, I could see his whole upper body nodding! It was so cute! I don't remember when his brothers started nodding though.

* I often woke to find him in my bed. But Sito did not put him there. I did not remember putting him there!

Another cute thing he does these days is to turn his palm upwards when I ask where :p The same action could be use for "no more" with a mere rotation of the hand. The best part? His expressionless expression when he does it!

Yu has also learned how to roar, thanks to Kai for roaring at everything and everyone!

My fearsome fearless baby can get on and off the rocking horse all by himself

His brothers are not to be outdone too much.

Yesterday, Kai read a book out loud with very little help - I'm so proud of him! I think he might have remember part of the book but it was a loooong time since we read this. So proud of him :)

Posing happily coz I said I would tell Papa

Today, he slipped on a wet floor coz it was just mopped, and the Lego house he had with him came undone. He cried bitterly but later managed to fix everything back with the help of the manual. I taught him about improvising when he couldn't find the original piece for one part. He even improved on the house - one side was empty by design but he filled it up with his own bricks, coz "why no wall??" So proud of him :)

I just realised today that Yang had stopped coming into our bed in the middle of the night. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad =/ He would still crawl in when he wakes in the morning - he likes to cuddle with me a bit before he wakes for good. This morning, he told me somewhat proudly that he did not wake up last night. Grown up already! =/

He also says grown-up things. Asked him where he wanted his ketchup and, "Hmmm, let me think..." That was the Saturday before my birthday, when we had ribs at Morganfield's. We hadn't been there for a long time. The last time, both Kai and Yang were roaming around, especially Yang. This time, Yu roamed around quite a bit. But Kai and Yang were mostly seated. And Kai could actually finish his kiddy meal!

With lots of ketchup of course!

Yang did too though his attention was on the TV!

Yu just wanted whatever we were having!

But I still have three full boxes of baby cereals, argh...

The kids also do and say the darnest things.

Sito had to change his pants at Uniqlo due to wrong colour - black vs. navy blue?? While waiting for him, Kai and Yang did some shopping too.

"Which pair is good?"


Everything was yucky until this!

We showed him pictures around the shop, showing models wearing Uniqlo stuff, and asked him whether that was handsome. Nope.... When I led him to a mirror and asked whether the guy inside was handsome, he said yes! So confident!

I'm reading Raising Men now. I was especially taken by one part where the author's kid asked him why the other fathers weren't in the pool like hers, and the author realised that the other kids probably realised that their fathers weren't too. I've always wanted to spend more time with them and this was the catalyst spurring me to action!

I planned outdoors and wet weather plans for Kai and Yang this morning. Of course we had to turn to the wet weather plans due to the constant rain.

Measuring and mixing for a chocolate cake!

They both wanted to do everything it was exhausting trying to distribute tasks!

Turned out that I used double the amount of oil accidentally! But luckily, it still rose; it just turned out more moist - and unhealthy? But olive oil? :p

And the boys loved it!

We still fought a lot though, the boys among themselves - even Yu as he started to want in on many things but his brothers wouldn't share - and me scolding them. But we spent some nice hours together, baking, eating, looking at old photos of Mama, lying in bed a little, reading, even cutting nails!

Must remember not to be lazy and do more with our kiddos while they still want us!
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