Thursday, 23 January 2020

Urgent urine test

I left office a bit late on Tuesday and got a call just as I stepped out. It was the Raffles clinic downstairs informing me that Yu's urine report was ready. Didn't we do the test on Christmas eve?? I recalled that I was supposed to bring Yu in for a review on 2 Jan but I forgot. And with no call from the clinic, I supposed it meant everything was fine. But I was wrong.

So I hopped by the clinic on my way back. Turned out that the results needed a review. So I got a queue number, dropped off my bags and unlocked Kai's laptop for him, and returned to the clinic again.

The doctor this time was an elderly chap. He said that the bacteria found was resistant to the antibiotics given then, and advised me to bring Yu in for another urine test, just to be sure the bacteria was gone.

It was about 4 pm then. I went straight to school to collect him after calling them to make him drink more water. He happily watched GeGe play FarmVille and had some jelly beans. But he didn't want to pee until I told him that we could go to the doctor only after he had peed, hmmm...

We sat at the corner for a short while until a patient came out. I saw that he was elderly on a walking stick, and shifted Yu to the next seat so that the uncle could sit down easily. But our fate with this uncle didn't end there..

We were next. Yu let the doc check his tummy. Such a good boy. LNY is coming up, just like Christmas the last time, so the doctor put the urine test as urgent, and told me to call in to check in case it was missed again!

When we came out, Yu happily went back to the same seat and sat there quietly, watching the cartoon on the TV outside of the clinic through its glass wall. Then suddenly, the old uncle pulled out a $5 note to give Yu, "for chocolates". He insisted despite my attempts to say no thank you. So in the end, I let Yu take it.

And then his attention went back to the cartoon

After we left the clinic, he wanted to stay for the cartoon. I managed to drag him away but we had to pass by a toy machine. He had been asking about the money, what this for? I told him it was his first hongbao of the year. He could let me keep it for him. But he saw a picture on the machine with sample dollar notes and said that the money could be used there!

I told him that it was very difficult to grab a toy! But he wanted to do so. I let him. We played six games and of course caught nothing. Then he asked for his money back! *.* He was very sad all the way home and cried silently. Poor thing. When I had to leave to pick Yang up, he cried out. Sighs.

Gimme a toy!

I called the clinic yesterday. No results. Today, I called in sick due to a cough and headache, and called the clinic again when I woke close to noon. It was in so I went down to see the doctor for myself too.

So glad the results were clear this time! But I still complained to the doctor - the first result slip indicated that a doctor had called me for review on 6 Jan but my phone showed no calls from the clinic that day. Their system also had no records that a doctor called me to review.

Got two calls from MOM about A's work permit delivery though

As for me, nothing serious, just the common cold but it is awful. I got some medicine for cough and phlegm and inflammation plus two days of MC. Self-medicate for running nose and headache - save money. But my blood pressure is very low - 75/60. That was the second test; the machine showed error for the first test :p A doctor once told me others could have fainted already at this reading! I still went to buy more milk to last through the long weekend.

Shall sleep some more while waiting for Kai to come back...

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Same same but different boys

I was telling Kai at bedtime that he was the original "troublesome boy". I reminded him of how he used to watch Thomas at dinner time and there was this song "Troublesome Trucks". He remembered that and that he also used to watch this Chinese video - yup,  I fed them Chinese flashcard DVD too :p

Yang is the 大眼睛 boy and Yu is the ... naughty boy?! He has been pretty naughty these days, especially at mealtime but I'll leave that for another day,

Kai is also the skinny boy. He buys chips and milo for recess! He used to eat chicken rice but the stall closed. He tried the burger once and didn't like it. I recently started giving him a bigger portion at home. Most times, he couldn't finish. But he could down a burger and Yang's leftovers sometimes... Also a picky boy!

All kut tau!

Also a darling boy

Yesterday, he decided to sleep on Papa. So sweet :) Actually all of them are our darling boys :)

This is our drawing boy

Can tell the difference?

End product with sun and clouds and grass and Mama :)

He did a flip book when we were drawing with colour pencils a couple of weeks ago. And he likes to draw houses. Mama will be inside or near the house :) Glad that we have less TV time now that I lock the programmes :p Can do more of other things!

This is glue boy

Coz he likes to stick to me! Actually, all three like to stick to me *.* I offered Yu a star if he could stay in his bed all night. But he said, "But I like you..." and later, "But I love you..." So sweet that he would give up stars for me!

Also the jigsaw boy

We didn't play for a few weeks and he did 90% of this on his own. He needed my help only for the leaves coz they all look too similar.

And that pose - all three of them sit like that on the floor, no thanks to Kai, I think! Kai already has a rough chin from doing this. I should properly sneak into their rooms at night more to put moisturiser on their feet (plus thieves oil for immunity! Bout of fever for both Yang and Yu last weekend and Yu also puked) and rough spots...

Monday, 20 January 2020


For years, I've been plagued by a hole in my hairline. It's where my hair naturally parts. And it showed up a lot in pictures unless I had time to tidy my hair properly.

I really hate it.

My wedding stylist covered it nicely. Sometimes, I also covered it nicely. But some time late last year, I decided to change my parting.

And look - no more hole in hairline!

Well, it is just being covered by hair :p But it works better than doing a more extreme left parting, which I'd tried too. I wasn't too used to this parting at first but now I'm very comfortable with it.

I might be creating another hole in the long run but hey, it would then be balanced! :p

Friday, 10 January 2020

Poo poo talk

Just now during bedtime, Yu kicked a foot into my pants. I tickled him to get his foot out. Then he complained that by doing so, I made him want to poo poo. So off to the toilet we went. After plonking him on the toilet bowl, I felt that I needed to go too so I told him to call me when he was done, and went into my own toilet.

Of course I had to leave my toilet door ajar so that I could hear him. The moment I plonked myself on the throne, I heard him poo. "Oh, your poo poo is out!" And that started a conversation...

Yu: Yes. *pause* Did your poo poo come out?
Mama: Yes...
Yu: Is it watery?
Mama: No... It's hard... I did not drink enough water.
Yu: Mine is nice.
Mama: ???
Yu: My poo poo not watery. But my tummy so painful... I need to put oil.

Then I turned on my bidet which makes loud clicking sounds.

Yu: Are you done?
Mama: Yes...
Yu: Hur? I'm not done!
Mama: It's ok. Just tell me when you're done.

And Yang appeared near my door.

Yang: Are you done?
Mama: Yes...
Yang: Can I see you?
Mama: No! Stay away!

I pulled up my pants just as he pushed the door wider with a sweet smile on his face!

Kai was MIA coz he was asleep by then. Poor boy must be so tired!

Today before bedtime - they had their video time while I sang to YouTube on the TV!

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

The big FOUR

Woohoo, I'm 40!

I had wanted to lose some weight by 40 but that didn't happen... I'll aim for some weight loss by 41? :p

I love this shot! Lovely smiles for all in front of a nice backdrop at Swensen's

They had no ice cream cake slice that day so we had them stick a candle on a sundae instead! Still an ice cream cake? :p

Btw, I really like this particularly top - see the dino spikes behind!

Celebration on Sunday - Kai was busy fanning the candle!

Notice that little clan was decked out in stripes?? I chose the kids' clothes to match. Sito and I were wearing plain tops but as dinner at Man Fu Yuan at Intercontinental required smart casual with no berms, we changed. It was only when we were walking to the train station that I realised we were all matchy matchy!

Anyway, the gula melaka cake was really nice! Ah Yee knows where to get nice cakes! Too bad the kids were up to try it... Dinner was Cantonese - can't go wrong with char siew?! But the desserts were the highlight.

Guilinggao with fruits, anyone? 

Almond paste with the nicest tang yuan with the thinnest skin!

Sito told me he didn't get me anything. But it's fine. I grew up with no birthday presents. The first presents I remember were at 12 when I had a few friends over for lunch. Even then, Mother didn't let me tell them it was my birthday. But all except one knew and brought me something; suffice to say it was awkward for that one! I was quite pissed too...

Anyway, point is, I was used to, and happy, having just a cake. So I had the ice cream cake on Saturday, the gula melaka cake on Sunday, and a free cake from Starbucks today.

I also have a surprise present from Mum - so pretty and with my initials!

I wanted to wear it today but couldn't wear it on my own, hoho! Maybe have Sito help me put on at night so that I can wear it out the next day...!

So I spent my birthday a little ugly coz I had a major running nose yesterday. It started in office and I didn't have medicine with me. I think I must have infected the whole management team of my division after two hours in a small room together, oops :p

Sito brought Kai to school today so I got to witness how Yang and Yu refused to get up and procrastinated in eating and going to school! Some time in December, they started getting up later, likely due to my star rewards for not waking too early. But this is too late! They now get to school after 8 am *.*

After sending them to school, I did some tidying up at home while waiting for aircon servicing. I purposely arranged for this today since I would be home in the morning - better to do this in the morning so that A could clean up after that. I asked the guy to show A how to clean the external parts too. He was so nice!

And then I went to run errands - bought underwear and glue while waiting for the M1 shop to open, only to find out that I didn't need to go to the shop to change plan! Then I tried to buy bedsheets but the design I wanted was available only without the duvet cover so I had to wait a few more days.

Was just randomly walking around when I walked past a nail parlour and met the eyes of the staff nearest the door - she used to do my nails back in HV! And some weeks ago, she was waving frantically to me in the mall but I gave her a blank look. I really couldn't recognise her back then but today, I recognised her immediately and even called her by name. It must be her kimono uniform and face mask...

Then it was time for free cake at Starbucks :p I just switched my aoo store from the US one to the SG one so I finally downloaded the local Starbucks app - used it to pay for the first time :)

Back home, I started preparing hongbao and tidying up some clothes Marie Kondo-style. And then Kai came back.

Kai was so sweet! He came up to me and said in a normal tone, "Happy birthday, Mama." I was very surprised and pleased. My little boy looked a bit sleepy. He just woke from a nap on the bus home. And yet he remembered to wish me well the moment he came back. He said Papa reminded him. That was many hours ago in the morning. He remembered :) And at dinner time, he reminded his brothers too!

I left Kai to play Nintendo as I had a hair appointment. Finally a haircut! My hair was really fizzy at the ends and I could really do with a scalp treatment - my last one was years ago!

Right after the haircut :)

Picked up the two small ones and watched 早安老师 over dinner. I figured since they are taking so long with dinner these days, I might as well use the time to do some Chinese immersion!

At bedtime, all three boys wished me happy birthday - Kai on his own, and the other two on my request haha! And so, there, I'm 40 :)

Update 10 Jan 2020

Suddenly remembered an important thing! Despite a reminder on my phone, I did not sing this song!


And I had a surprise celebration in office yesterday morning. I was focusing on something when I realised a few persons started crowding at the table opposite mine which is blocked by a panel. They were looking down. I looked at them, confused coz usually the talk was louder. Then they lifted up a cute little cake! My colleagues are the saving grace of this job :)

Back to intro of this post - so fat!

Sunday, 5 January 2020

Yang Yang day!

Sito took leave on NYE to bring Yang out for his second Yang Yang day :)

To avoid school refusal by Yu, Yang and Yu went to school in the morning first. Sito slept in a little more before getting Yang out from school.

Wefie on the bus to the Science Centre

In the evening, Yang kept telling me about this spaghetti man. I couldn't understand what he was trying to say until Sito showed me photos at night.

More like noodle man?! Haha!

A look of wonder...

In a hall of mirrors!

Sito said Yang really liked the poo poo pool!

Yang imitated the various fart sounds for me on the way home from school on Thursday *.*

Sito said Yang did a good imitation of both his brothers too - how Yu whines and how Kai gets angry! He remembered his brothers and got them little toys that he thought they would like - a mini robot for Kai and a water squirting thing for Yu. He got a mini gun for himself. But later at dinner time, Kai and Yu switched toys coz Yu wanted the robot and Kai was ok with the other toy. Yu would have loved the water one if he could play with water right away! I must say that Yang knows his brothers quite well.

Yang experienced an earthquake!

Yang Yang, the pirate!

My fave photo of my hub and pup :)

Yang enjoyed himself so much that he wanted to go back after a relatively late lunch. They only got into a taxi after 5 pm! He was quite tired by then and decided to stay at home while Sito met us at BPP for dinner.

A little nap in the taxi

hen his brothers learnt about it at the end of the day, they also wanted their day! But when I told Sito, he reminded me that we started Yang Yang day coz he doesn't get as much attention as his brothers. So no Kai or Yu day!

Saturday, 4 January 2020

An unexpectedly busy week

After we came back from Legoland, there was the usual laundry madness. Then there was also packing and cleaning madness coz N was leaving - she had to pack while I had to learn which cloth was used for what purpose and prepare to start new helper on a fresh slate.

So Sunday, I drove N to her agency at East Coast, and continued to my usual agency further down the road to get the new helper, A. With everyone home on a Sunday, I only managed to guide her on basic things. I was planning to show her everything on Monday when I took leave. But as it turned out, that didn't happen.

Yu started having a fever on Sunday evening. He hit 38deg before midnight but I found only expired fever medicine! The kids hadn't had fever for a while so I neglected to replenish fever medicine. I was also very busy; it hadn't occur to me to check this yet even though I'm now on part-time.

Waiting for medicine - he was awake, just turned away from the light

Then at 4 am on Monday, he got up for a drink and puked as he returned to my room. I had to wake Sito to hold the crying boy while I got A to come with a cleaning cloth. While she cleaned, I dug out new PJs and washed the poor boy. Luckily, I had warned her about night duty before but she really was so lucky to get it on her first night!

When we all woke in the morning, it was clear Yu could not go to school. His tummy acted up a few times that day and he would cry out loud. That was how he cried on the first evening in Legoland so he might have got sick during then but somehow he had no fever, puke or diarrhoea then. But Monday, I wiped his bum for some 10 times. He didn't want new kakak to help him yet :(

Yang woke late so I had Sito register for a queue number at the clinic while I taught A how to go to the child care centre. I tried to go through work here and there but it was difficult to do so until Tuesday. I was supposed to work from home but with Yu at home, that was not possible. Had to log on to do work on both Tuesday and Wednesday nights, sighs...

We spent a lot of time in the toilet on Monday

Yu's stools became less watery on Tuesday and he had less tummy pain episodes through the day. But he complained of pain in his penis on Monday night and on Tuesday morning, he showed me two yellow bits on his penis. I took them off and they felt hard. Found yellow stains on his underwear too.

So back to the clinic we went. Had to test urine. So we returned home and I made him drink water - he didn't want to drink at first but he was also a good boy and even asked me whether he had drunk enough :)

I went back to the clinic myself. A quick test showed white blood cells in his urine so he was given antibiotics and anti-fungal cream. I thought we had missed the despatch already but the doctor told me we were in time so she could send the urine for some culture test.

Yu rejected the orange medicine for tummy ache but he loved the orange antibiotic! Phew! But he was upset that he couldn't drink milk though.

Better appetite by Tuesday lunch!

Yu still had a bit of nua poop on Wednesday but no more crying of pain. His penis also looked better this morning, not as red. So he went to school on Thursday - with a lot of persuasion! I had wanted to nua while on leave on Thursday but with Yu at home since Monday, I couldn't guide A properly so had to spend Thursday doing that instead, sighs! Hope to have time to nua on my next leave!

Thursday, 26 December 2019

Legoland once more!

It's finally time for Legoland! Booked this right after our September trip :p

Brought two new bags this time - a very spacious suitcase from Mum and a $5 backpack that could hold three brollies, four bottles, three raincoats, a portable potty and a few more small things! So I didn't pull out our usual old diaper bag.

Very happy with fewer bags this time

Ok, now the trip...

Tuesday, 17 Dec 2019

Hungry Yang looking out from the car

Strawberry sticks for snacks when walking to Legoland

Medini Mall looks quite different now! There are now a few play structures and a new supermarket. And it being December, there were decorations and a merry-go-round. The kids were having fun even before we entered Legoland :)

So fun that Yu refused to leave at the end of the day and got deprived of his phone!

Our first photo since Sea Life was up!

Yu wanted to watch his brothers take the small roller coaster

What's so loud??

Love this photo of Kai! 

This time, Yu decided he wanted to go for Ninjago ride! But once the bad guys came out, he cried out loud!!! I had to hug him and console him by killing off the bad guys hoho! Oops, so evil... But he was super cute!

Our score :)

Yang with Master Wu and Kai

Expressions fuelled by ice cream!

Yu wanted a rainbow paddle pop. Yang wanted a cone. Kai had wanted Magnum but chose a rainbow paddle pop coz it was cheaper - so sensible!

Yu had his first drive!

He had been harping about Junior Driving School since or even before his third birthday. Yang was supposed to teach him but he went elsewhere with Papa and Kai. So I taught him how to turn left and right. But I forgot to teach him how to straighten!! Poor boy crashed a lot... But he also managed one nice turn :)

Later, Yang tried to teach Yu on the way to the driving school again

We took this family shot two years ago too! :)

And Yang wanted a picture here

The whole miniland was decorated with elves! On our third day, when Sito was with Kai, they went around taking pictures of all the elves and won ourselves three Santa hats :)

Yu watched his brothers play Beetle Bounce - while he had his personal Papa Bounce!

Happy on the big choo choo train!

It was kind of drizzling parts of the day. Towards the end, it really rained quite a bit. Luckily we had our brollies! We were already quite fortunate that it didn't pour. Last weekend was so wet that we feared it would rain the whole week!

Whole country was covered with rain clouds on Saturday *.*

We let the kids play at the Medini play area while Sito packed dinner. We settled the kids in the apartment and left for our own dinner!

Black pepper crab!

Also took a picture of the shell to show the kids

We used to play a little game at bedtime where I would cut up a crab and fry it into chilli crab or black pepper crab. So I asked the kids whether they wanted to join us for crab, or just to see crabs. But no, they didn't want. Oh well!

Bought some buns for breakfast the next day, and went for our long-awaited massage! I didn't want a head massage so opted to replace that with an extended back massage. But my back was so ticklish that in the end, all I had was 40 min of shoulder massage! I got so sore I had to tell the guy to stop *.*

Found this on our bed when we got back :D

Wednesday, 18 Dec 2019

This apartment has a minion theme. But it came with two or three penguins and a mega bear. Yu kept hugging those toys - don't know how many pairs of hand have touched those, or how much saliva *.*

The mega bear is bigger than Yu!

His brothers were, however, more drawn to the PS4

Ready, steady, go!

Yu is getting braver - he didn't dare to do the red slide last time :) But he didn't want to try the other kiddy slides again. Perhaps next time...

Finally got a chance to float with Kai! But he bullied me throughout by pouring water all over me! T.T

Kai and Yang tried a new ride!

Sito and I were there too. When it was time to jump, I couldn't do it! I eventually took off though, by leaning forward until there was no way back! I knocked my head a little in the tube and screamed my lungs out..

We had beehoon, fried rice and fried lemon chicken sans sauce for lunch! Love packing food from day 1 dinner :p Then we took a nice nap before heading out for dinner.

Three bears greeted us on arrival

They sold me coffee and donut hoho!

Went to see toys and used a trick I learnt from social media - have them pose with toys they wanted and say we would get them another day! :p

Nerf gun for Kai

Bowling game for Yang

Some random thing for Yu - look at that face!!

Old Optimus Prime for Papa, hoho!

They didn't get all that for Christmas btw, oops... Left for dinner at Astons - well, better than Macs?? - and got them some ice cream at the 7-11 nearby. Then we chanced upon a bouncy castle - unlimited play time for RM10 each. So we let them play and have N watch them while Sito and I explored half of the super big floor.

Root beer float!

Mesmerised with ice skating

My daredevil kids!

Kai fell and rolled off to the padded floor after that - terrible! A fellow mum must have seen them climb later coz when we got back to fetch them, she was putting on shoes for her daughter and said to me, "You three boys, I salute you!" I told Kai 别人看到你们这样都可怜我!He smiled and dashed off...

Calling for a cab - such a cute scene!

We kept having difficulty getter grab cars during this trip. No car or long wait. So that day, we got back quite late. The kids eventually went to bed at about 10 pm!

And then we had our supper while watching 三生三世!

Thursday, 19 Dec 2019

So lucky to have clear skies again! We left earlier to check out the merry-go-round we saw from our window and food options for lunch.

Yu tried the stationary merry-go-round

Yang was also happy

The park entrance was filled with Christmas decor!

How many Lego pieces are there?!

Kai was happily running through the bubbles

Hands in the air as we flew!

Posing at the train station

We split up and were supposed to meet on this stretch. Sito took Kai to the roller coasters while N took Yang to the driving school. But Yu insisted on the train. I saw Sito walk by, looking for us, four times from the time we boarded the train until we got back!

Sito and Kai took pictures of the elves in miniland and got us three Santa hats

Then we had a meltdown. Yang refused to head out for lunch. He cried the whole way. Even the merry-go-round couldn't entice him. I was trying to get a seat and order food first at Old Town but he refused to step in. After much threats and persuasion, we finally sat down together.

It took Mega Man to calm Yang down

Mega Man - the game, not the Papa :p The boys had been playing in the apartment. We ended up getting it as a Christmas present.

Sea Life is great after lunch!

Family starfish with all our names :)

Then I coloured N black crabs with various patterns - creepy stuff :p

Look, Dory! (Too much Finding Nemo :p)

Family shot at the entrance!

Then Kai and Yang went for VR again. Yu wanted to go watch them. While waiting for their turn, he had lots of fun with the water bomb right in front of the VR ride. He saw some people press the button and turn around to take a photo with the victory sign and with the water splashing all over them. So he did a 50% copy - victory sign for a split second and ran away from the water!

The yeah!

The run!

Then we went to the playground. Kai was very sweet to his brothers. I asked him to take care of his brothers in the structure. He agreed, saying that he himself got lost in there before - he remembered while I had forgot! Then when Yu was afraid of a rope bridge, Kai went back to get him. Yang also said he was scared, so Kai went to get him too! But after a couple of rounds, he didn't bother anymore *.*

Kai holding Yu across

Kai holding Yang across

Somehow he started doing his concert dance moves on the observation tower...

Time to race their own cars!

It was so difficult to get the kids away from the racing place. And it was yet another challenge to get them out of the park! We had to pass through a large part of the park before the exit and of course we had to take the choo choo train so that they could have some gummy bears...

Yang mesmerised with the video

Kai left with Sito to help pack dinner while Yang and Yu were watching a performance on stage

Dinner was Korean! Instead of BBQ, we had hotpot :) Then we bought some small gadgets at a new gadget shop on our way to massage..

Sito tried cupping and fire treatment this time!

Friday, 20 Dec 2019

Very soon, it was our last day...

Did the fire engine

Yu decided to just play Lego while his brothers played Ninjago


Yang is always the most coordinated boy

Yang and Yu wanted to watch the splash but Yu was hiding behind me

We were back at the playground with the rope bridge when Yu peed in his pants! He had too much fun and forgot to pee. I also forgot to remind him :( So this is now the Yang poopoo playground and the Yu peepee playground!!

Wearing my scarf as a sarong all the way home!

Thought of pulling out old pants from the suitcase but in the end, I didn't bother :p I must remember to bring this useful piece of fabric everywhere!

And now, I shall plan for the March trip! :)
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