Friday, 19 June 2009

The luxury of being able to laze in bed

There was a time when my wake-up call on weekend mornings was: "Do you want to go out this pm? Do you? Do you? Yes? Now wake up and do work!"

So one day, when I woke up naturally without alarm clocks, and the first thing I saw was my pink mosquito net, I was so full of bliss and gratefulness that I reached out for my Pinky and snapped some pictures :)

I woke up seeing this:

Sunshine outside!

(White thing at bottom of photo = Eeyore! The boy was relegated to the chair that morning *.*)

I lazed with some sun shining in..


(ok, pretending :p)

I was playing with Meh and Sheep..

They are so cute!

I am happy :)

Side story of my 20-year-old pyjamas..! I love my old yellow pyjamas! They've accompanied me through childhood until now. While I didn't bring them to Oxford, they remained my faithful pyjamas every summer, keeping me cool at night - and many Saturdays and Sundays when I spent entire days in my pyjamas!

The fabric has become very thin. Some time this year, it got torn. For a while, I was so worried that Mother would throw them away.. But she didn't :) But the pyjamas continued to suffer more tears :( I think I will retire them after this hot season..

Monday, 8 June 2009

Light as a feather..?

But a feather came off painfully from some bird, right?!

My story:
- Went for a massage yesterday. The boss said I lost weight.
- Went to get juice this morning - haven't had juice for a couple of weeks. Alice said I lost weight.
- Just now at gym, I weighed myself cos I took a short hiatus from gym. I'm now 2kg from my desired weight! Not 5kg!

I admit I'm super happy that I've lost weight. I mean, I don't lose weight easily!

But it wasn't pleasant the way I lost weight - involuntarily...

An older story:

I had nachos for dinner one day and hurt the gums above my last remaining wisdom tooth. After the surface healed and it healed quickly, it suddenly started to hurt again one week later. I thought it must have developed into an ulcer..

It took me a week of Bonjela that didn't work and a week of semi liquid food cos I could hardly open my mouth wide enough for rice before I went to the dentist.

"I don't see any ulcer. But you've got an infection!"


Great, with antibiotics, I couldn't even drink milk when I got hungry! (something like we're not supposed to drink milk when taking antibiotics..)

It took about a week before I could open my mouth enough to have rice..


I do like fish beehoon.. But I had varying quality of fish beehoon from yummy at Amoy to so-so in various foodcourts.. That first mouthful of rice after two weeks was heavenly.. Ahhh...

But of course, I thought I had an ulcer so the ulcerous genes in me decided to have some fun - Ulcer #1 appeared under my tongue just as the infection was healing =(

It was painful but I could eat most foods so long as they were soft and not salty or spicy, which was pretty sad, right?!

And when that was about to heal in one week, Ulcer #2 reared its ugly head on the tip of my tongue =(((

No more food that could get stuck between my teeth cos the tongue was on strike!

Amid all these, I went from sweet stuff almost every other day to zilch (almost.. had smooth icecream!) in four weeks! I think that's the main contributing factor to the weight loss :p

But guess what? Today, I had seven pieces of Tim Tam cookies!!! Happy now =)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Mr and Mrs Smith Sito (Jr)!

(There was a joke about how I would find a guy with whom I would fight and make up - like that funny scene in that movie :p)

We started with this:

(Photo was taken when we got reunited with the sign, which was stored in J's car for some months..)

And today, we signed the papers :)

Sito's mum was his witness, and CY mine - cos Mother said she couldn't see clearly enough to sign.. In fact, she was thinking of not going for our ROM at all! I made her go :p

Quite funny - the solemniser remembered me from MCYS days! She was in HQ when I was there.. How coincidental.. Oh, another coincident was that last Friday 29 May 2009, we went to ROM for a statutory declaration of our age and marital status etc. I was also at ROM that day five years ago as witness for Jo!

So after a quick chitchatting with the solemniser, we went through the ceremony - vows, exchange of rings, signing the certificate etc.. And we were pronounced husband and wife :)

I couldn't describe the feeling then - it was kind of surreal... We were just saying last night that we were not feeling terribly excited about today; there were other things to be more excited about, like our new home, living together (no shooting our house down!) etc.. Yet, I could now hardly remember what was said at the ceremony.. I guess excitement and perhaps nerves finally kicked in then - I felt like, we're here :)

Couple of photos after the ceremony..

Act cute! Sito used to play here in his primary school days - when this pavilion thing was relatively much bigger..

And this is my 好姐妹! 

As it was early, we had drinks at TCC before ending up at Peach Garden@33 for a yummy dinner - more joined us:

The thing about having our ROM before the wedding dinner, and indeed, before our place is ready, was that after that, we went home separately with our parents *.*

So Sito is asleep now cos he has to work tomorrow - I'm taking leave :)

Was thinking of going to bed too but being OCD, I will list a timeline of what has happened so far:

New home
So, one moment we were all excited about getting married after the proposal. The next moment, we were discussing living arrangements. Happened to meet up with Jo one day and we thought we would find a flat in Holland V area.

10 Jan 2009
We spent an afternoon visiting apartments in the area - 11 flats in three hours! By the next week, we got the place *happy*

24 Jan 2009
Very quickly, we got ourselves into a huge debt - signed our home loan and exercised our option to purchase. I'm amazed at our efficiency. Of course, Sito's mum was a key driver :p

9 Mar 2009
That was our first appointment at HDB. We thought, luckily we got agent around cos we were almost late and honestly quite clueless where to go to, what to do :p

4 May 2009
Keys fell into our hands! Officially, that is.. We actually went for a "second viewing" the day before and got a set of keys. On actual handover, we weren't even there!

10 May 2009
Got the uncle to see the fengshui of the flat. Generally good :)

As of yesterday
Got three quotes for renovation - we need a complete overhaul. Yesterday saw a piece of recent work by one of them. Rather disappointed as it looked pretty unexciting despite him saying it was nice. So we may go for Jo's ID.. See how..

Actual day
That means the date of the traditional tea ceremony and wedding dinner. Didn't make ROM coincide cos this date was not, um, mathematically nice to me :p

But it was a good date by fengshui standards. After we got dates from Jin Zi Long, we found that hotels were all booked for our dates (or required a huge minimum number of tables!)

14 Feb 2009
After countless emails and a recce trip to Sentosa, we finally signed a deal with Legends.

14 Mar 2009
Took some time to recce almost the entire stretch of Tanjong Pagar Road over a few lunch hours.. Finally got La Belle - nice people there :) The dress I wore today was from them. The make-up was nice too - I like :) The hairdo was lovely! But it took some four washes to get rid of the gunk *.*

21 Mar 2009
Things kind of slowly fell into place. We got a freelance photographer who would be teaming up with another for 10 hours of photography - quite happy with that :)

There are a number of things to be done, like photo shoot, choosing gowns, invitations etc.. Sounds like quite a lot but well, I guess we'll get to them in time..

More updates later!
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