Friday, 19 June 2009

The luxury of being able to laze in bed

There was a time when my wake-up call on weekend mornings was: "Do you want to go out this pm? Do you? Do you? Yes? Now wake up and do work!"

So one day, when I woke up naturally without alarm clocks, and the first thing I saw was my pink mosquito net, I was so full of bliss and gratefulness that I reached out for my Pinky and snapped some pictures :)

I woke up seeing this:

Sunshine outside!

(White thing at bottom of photo = Eeyore! The boy was relegated to the chair that morning *.*)

I lazed with some sun shining in..


(ok, pretending :p)

I was playing with Meh and Sheep..

They are so cute!

I am happy :)

Side story of my 20-year-old pyjamas..! I love my old yellow pyjamas! They've accompanied me through childhood until now. While I didn't bring them to Oxford, they remained my faithful pyjamas every summer, keeping me cool at night - and many Saturdays and Sundays when I spent entire days in my pyjamas!

The fabric has become very thin. Some time this year, it got torn. For a while, I was so worried that Mother would throw them away.. But she didn't :) But the pyjamas continued to suffer more tears :( I think I will retire them after this hot season..

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  1. how nice to while the time in bed!


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