Thursday, 22 July 2010

Random things that happened to me

They just do!!

1) If you call me an idiot for giving myself a bruise because I just had to get pepper out of its bottle by whacking it on my thigh next to an existing one (god knows from where!), I guess you're right!

2) Sito, ill as he is, had to chim me out with "asinine" - not referring to me of course...

3) I brought this cheong sam-like dress to class to cut it up for material making - need velvet as one of our fabrics. Bought it in Paris back in 1999 and wore it only once! Was considering changing into it after our wedding dance but Na said I looked like a waitress *.* Or did I say that? :p Anyway, when I got home, I found the remaining length just nice for a short dress! I like :) Gonna hem it and wear to it...Kel's and D's wedding? Congrats!!! :))

4) So I brought the dress to office yesterday, wanting to drop it off at a seamstress nearby. But I was running late for an appointment and thought I would leave it in the office and bring it to her another day. As I left the office, I opened my bag to take my phone and found the dress with me *.*

5) And as I walked towards the MRT station, I felt strange and looking down, saw that I was wearing my office shoes! Argh!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

mf, reborn 6.30 pm on 9 Jul 2010

It's a bit surreal, now that I'm only some 20 hours away from freedom..

It's been some six years and eight months. I started out as a blank piece of paper. Somewhere along the way, I was half-filled with words, neatly. Now, at the end of this journey, I remain half-filled but with messy words scribbled between the neat lines.

Just glad that very soon, I'll leave the realm of feeling stupid every day and start to feel better about myself again.

Got to do my homework now.. Hope to expand on this another day...

Anyway, on this day, before my last day, three of us showed up in bright pink! Photo taken with my Pinky II :)

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