Monday, 17 September 2018

My boys like Macs (and more)

Coz the boys want to watch TV until 8.30 pm :p

We were at Ah Yee's place for Grandma's death anniversary earlier this month. It just so happened that some people were later than usual so the kids got really hungry! Sito had to buy macs for them.

Digging into Macs!

We had Macs again last weekend. Then we headed to the carnival outside and spent $20 on expensive rides for Kai and Yang. Tried to give a ride to Yu but he backed out after I paid! So we grabbed his brothers back from the magic show for their bonus second ride...

Kai has no problem polishing off his happy meal

Yang always struggles with the burger

First time that Yu polished off the nuggets all by himself!

On his second ride

Think they enjoyed their first more - bouncy castle! 

Yu had milo again the next day while his brothers were swimming

And he ran amok in his socks when I was changing his diaper!

Victory shot after he put on his pants 

That day at Mum's place, I played patient to Yang's doctor - and look, his hair is no longer all standing up!

I realised I have many shots of Yu so here goes:

Little Yu enjoying the bathtub

Showing off his fat fat!

And the little daredevil can swing off the rail already

On the way home today, he just rested his head on the stroller :)

Picnic time just now!

Ok just nice, end of TV show!

Awesome awaits!

TV has been showing Legoland commercials so Kai exclaimed "AWESOME AWAITS" when we got there!

Tuesday, 11 September

Again, we chose to go on weekdays coz our last experience was fabulous except for the rain. This time, I purposely chose the week after school holidays but I did not factor in Malaysian public holidays - turned out that our arrival day was the second consecutive public holiday and another one was coming up end of the week! We were warned the day before we left that people might take the whole week off! But wait, those who took a week off would likely go overseas and not Legoland...?

It was slightly more crowded than the last time but still manageable. By the second day, no more crowds, yeah! Another yeah - we were expected rain but it drizzle for only five minutes on the first day! Happy!

Bright and cheery at 8.30 am

Yup, we left Yu behind... The last time was the first time he was quite cognisant of what was going on and it was sad seeing him left outside all the rides. So might as well let him go to school!

After checking in, we played in the lobby for some 30 min before we set off for the park, just in time for opening!

Sito and Kai tried the volcano splash ride for the first time, slightly wet despite ponchos

Meanwhile, Yang discovered his arms were long enough to:

Yang was a jolly good boater!

And a fantastic driver!

But he was apprehensive in the show coz of the spider the last time

Sito and Kai were cool

At our fave Ninjago game!

Sito topped the score board of the day in his first round!

I totally gave up - just slept through!

We were very tired this first day. Instead of playing until 6 pm, we lured the kids out for tea time ice cream and went back to the hotel after that :p Waited a bit for the room to be ready. I went up to unpack a bit while the boys stayed in the lobby.

Cool door!

The Ninjago room is brighter and slightly bigger as it's a premium room

Design is great for hanging clothes, haha!

Sat next to Yang when I got back downstairs

Sito also enjoys building!

Sunflower for me! :)

Recording a video for Yu, in case we couldn't Skype him

Mum was going over to check on Yu so I sent the video to her. Heard from her that when she told Yu about N sleeping outside his room, he said no and brought her to N's room!

Yang dozed off in weird position on our way to AEON

Bought some clothes and one yam mooncake before settling down for dinner

Sito and I had Thai food while the boys shared a chicken sandwich. Of course they didn't like the vege much! But it's ok; we would go on to eat more later...

Managed to Skype Yu at the massage place - so cute and happy!

The boys had an hour of YT Kids while the parents relaxed...

Blackball time!

Three of us sharing three little blobs of coconut ice cream

And then we went to buy diapers for Yu before settling down for dessert round 2 at Baskin Robbins! Went back to the hotel after that. I can't remember now how we got the kids to sleep coz I was very tired and sleepy! Both Sito and I fell asleep quite early..

Wednesday, 12 September

Kai woke first just past 6 am. He came to ask if he could get up. I told him to wait until 6.30 am. Found Yang on our bed. But we didn't feel him coz king bed :p At 6.30 am, Kai and I got up and did our morning thing a bit before Yang woke too. Then we woke Sito to do his morning thing.

Brothers playing with a rotating toy while waiting for Papa

I timed it quite nicely - changed the boys when I heard Sito starting to shower :p I was a little hungry but Yang had already eaten the leftover hotdog bun from the day before so I tried a bit of the fruits complimentary for returning guests - not nice :(

Breakfast finally!

For once, we were seated at a small table. And after putting our stuff down, all of us went to get our own food! Gosh, can't wait for Yu to turn three or four!

Sito and Kai went out to play first while Yang continued eating

Of course they built a big structure

Of course they quarrelled and the structure was destroyed

We also had a crying episode here. Yang took a rabbit from a little girl. The girl came to tell me it was hers. I knew we were missing a bunny from the room safe but I also knew Yang did not bring it down for breakfast. I returned the bunny to the girl and poor Yang burst into tears! It was only when we got upstairs and I found the bunny that he stopped crying.

Brushing teeth together in their swimming gear!

Went with Kai to relax in the pool

Managed to convince Yang to go later

Yang finally tried the Joker Soaker!

Which meant I also tried it for the first time! Soaking wet... And I really didn't like the long tubes - I saw only small lights, so scary! Scariest was when I was waiting at the bottom for Yang to appear and he took so long to appear!

Then we went up to do the big slide on a float. Four of us did it together then Kai and I went for a twin float while Sito and Yang went for another float.

Then the boys had fun racing boats!

And finally Sito got his relaxing turn!

I stayed with Yang at the baby slides when he had plenty of fun too. Kai came to join us and did the baby slides facing down. But somehow he managed to convinced Yang to do the middle red slide which was faster than the rest - Yang did not want to do that after he first did in one year ago! Happy to see them playing well with each other :)

We went back to wash up while Sito went to get lunch. The boys fed themselves, freeing me to clean up stuff etc. They didn't want to nap so I told them to be quiet while Sito and I napped. Kai came to our bed to join us shortly while Yang eventually dozed off in his bed.

We slept past our 3.30 pm by a bit :p I got up first to make some hot milo for the boys' tea. Then we decided we had to go out already. So back to the park we went!

Yang waiting for his brother to be done before exiting

Then we parted ways coz Kai wanted to take rides that Yang couldn't take. We agreed to meet at the gate at the end of the day.

Building on a big mat

Yang took a photo of me!

That was done I conned him into taking a photo too :p

He remembered the stage and posed there

Selfie with Yang on horsie

Yang got distracted quite a lot along the way. He had wanted to go to the airplane but we went to build LEGO, watched Star Wars, horsie etc. The rides were all starting to close...

We ended up at a playground

It was past 6 pm by then but no one was chasing us out. But eventually I persuaded him to move along. We met up near the big shop and he started whining. So we went into the shop on the premise that we were not buying anything! After a while, we left happily enough.

Yang was watching people dance

Managed to Skype Yu in the lobby - spotted him coming home!

So happy again!

Heard from N he was very good while we were away. One night, he came out and refused to go back. So he slept on the play mat with N. And the second morning, he threw out his cereals and said no kakak, mummeeeeee! Awwww.... I think he felt our absence more in school - his teacher said he was more whiny those three days. Poor boy...

Kai and Yang interacting peacefully while waiting for dinner

Our dinner and us!

The boys were so happy laughing over their videos! Yup, we were back for another massage!

Got them some ice cream from the supermarket and had ice cream waffle at A&W before heading across the road for the massage. And after the massage, we packed two big cups from Blackball to drink back in the hotel :)

Having the nap helped. We were more alive! And so were the boys! They wanted to watch TV so I let them, on my sneaky condition that they had to watch under the blanket. Of course they dozed off!! :p

Thursday, 13 September

I didn't sleep too well. Woke at 4 plus and slept again after 5 am. When I woke again, I was surprised to see that it was 7.15 am - woohoo! I got up to prepare for the day. Kai woke soon after me. Then I had to get Sito. Yang woke while Sito was in the bathroom - he must have been quite tired.

Breakfast was a breeze again. Of course the boys were eating mostly junk food. At least I got them to eat hardboiled eggs both days!

Yang and I stayed back again

This time, they played the small bricks

The boys didn't get to play the puzzle coz they found the safe unlocked! So sad...

And that was it - we checked out of the hotel, sobs! But this time, we arranged for the car to get us at 2.30 pm instead of 11 am so we had more time to play!

Group shot at the entrance

"It's not real, you see"

Playing outside the Ninjago ride which was closed

We finally got on the airplane!


Yippee again!

Yippee too!

Took the above photos while videoing them. I did it too but only video, no photo :p

On the choo choo train

Kai so wanted to join Yang but he was overaged!

We had dessert before lunch!

Rainbow for Yang

Order a chicken wrap for them to share but I had to feed Yang

First time at the cafe and we liked it. But our annual passes all expired by end of the month. Thinking of renewing it if we go in December - then we will go again in June and next December. I figure it's quite worth it when we go to the park three times every trip!

The boys were tired out and dozed off on the way home

It was only 45 min door to door, no jam at all. Totally worth the leave :) The boys are already saying that they want to go again. Have to plan how... It can be quite tiring for the parents!
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