Sunday, 23 August 2015


Just managed to sort out photos from a month back. Plenty to update but I want to start with National Day - inspired by ZK who sang in the car this afternoon:

We are Singapore
We are Singapore
We will sing... *mumble* (?)
Oh oh oh oh! Oh oh oh~ oh!
Oh oh oh oh! Oh oh oh~ oh!

Found the 2013 theme song, which I had absolutely no memory of! But now it's an earworm *.*

Anyway, our celebrations began back in July. As Sito was to go to the US for a work trip on Sunday, we had a family dinner on Saturday at Four Seasons. We came out to a nice little fountain, pretty at dusk.

Fascinated by the fountain

And then the tanks rolled by! Lots of them! And many other different trucks as SAF, SCDF etc went by. There was a short burst of fireworks, probably for a show. ZY was getting sleepy so we left.

Interested in trucks but everything is generally too loud for this boy *.*

Fireworks were especially loud!

Yup, the following Saturday, Mum took ZK to watch the fireworks! I took ZY to Mother's place instead. He slept before ZK returned. And when ZK returned, he was still outside the door but couldn't wait to tell me about the fireworks which were so loud and so scary! He clearly enjoyed himself though :)

The next day, we went to collect our NDP fun pack at the CC. And on the way, we passed by the little play area. ZK was happy to play there again!

So happy! And bigger than the last time we were there!

ZY had his first ride there too

The collection was accompanied by a little carnival at the CC. We were given balloon sculptures, and ZK even won a packet of snacks from a game of tic-tac-toe - just throw three balls into three aligned holes la.

ZY's little flower bracelet! Um, strange, haha!

ZK enjoying his snacks

We also had some prata. We as in all of us, including ZY who liked it :) There was an instant photo service too, all free! Only wished Sito was back already... We went to fetch him at the airport after the collection.

Me and my little ones!

And the jubilee weekend started with these when the kids came home on Thursday:

We stayed in the next day for a play date with CY that didn't materialise *.* Lucky I also arranged for Mother they all to come back so we didn't stay in in vain.

On Saturday, we happened to be in Vivocity as we brought ZY for baby spa. Then ZK said he wanted to see the Merlion! Um, ok... We had an earlier dinner and went to Sentosa via the Board Walk - free until end of the year! We spotted the big Merlion along the way - ZK was full of anticipation :)

Boy, was it crowded! We wanted to take the Sentosa Express to the Merlion but the queue was so long! But a staff told us that the Merlion was only five minutes away on foot so we walked. And indeed, it soon came within view!

First, with the colourful Merlion at RWS

With the real deal, yeah!

But then he found the Merlion scary cos it had scary eyes *.*

Anyway, we didn't bother to queue to go into the Merlion. Took a walk around it instead, trying to find a spot where ZK could touch but nope, the Merlion could only be touched on the inside :p

Family shot before we left

We left the Merlion with a great lesson learnt - the Merlion was so tall cos it ate vegetables.. Deep! :p

The Sentosa Express back to Vivocity had a manageable queue so we didn't have to walk all the way back. We promised to bring ZK to see the Merlion fountain one day :)

Finally, National Day!

I tuned in to the 9.00 am broadcast of the Proclamation recorded by LKY. I turned up the volume so that Sito could hear from the toilet :p But ZK was not pleased cos his video was drowned out *.* He was crying when I stood with ZY for the Anthem that followed.

Oh, I turned the TV on five minutes early and Katy Perry was singing - this ZY danced along *.* I was glad when he was as mesmerised when they showed the ND message after the Proclamation.

Who's that talking, baby?

Then we went for the RC event near Mum's place.

Found a paper Merlion!

There were a lot of people. Some were quite pissed there weren't any more coupons left. We didn't get any too. The event started at 8 am but we arrived closer to 10 am... Ah well, nice to walk there for a few minutes, just taking in the atmosphere and all the songs :)

We watched only part of the NDP. Left Mum's place after the parade. Missed the performances and the fireworks as we had to settled the kids for the night back home.

ZY mesmerised by the TV again

Stand up for Singapore!

The next day, still a public holiday, we went to MOS burger for breakfast! It was kind of late though so we had breakfast - mid morning snacks for the kids - and lunch pretty close together..

ZK had almost the entire burger by himself! 

We brought ZK's scooter around so that he could scoot his way into Sentosa!

Watching boats or the Merlion?


Can see ZY's big eye looking at me? :p I forgot his shoes cos he was asleep when we left the house...

We headed for lunch at Putien when we crossed the Board Walk. Then it was back to Vivocity via the Sentosa Express. There was significantly fewer people than on Saturday, phew!

And so that was our ND celebrations. ZY didn't understand a thing but ZK could sing some SG songs and recognise the Merlion and our flag - good start :)
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