Thursday, 27 June 2019

My eight-year-old Macbook Pro is dying...

Overnight, keys Q-O stopped working.

Found a dusty but tong-kong looking keyboard at home, courtesy of Sito, so managed to access the laptop. I'm now trying very hard to sort out photos from up to a year ago (so busy!) so that I can migrate properly to Sito's machine which he doesn't use much. Problem is there isn't much storage space in his laptop so I can only store a year of photos over there and back up the rest on my portable and this old Mac.

Sighs, a bit sad..

Happenings in June (so far)

The highlight of the month was Legoland. It is now over two weeks since the trip, and Yu was still talking about the rides he wanted - so cute :)

His first box set (I think!)

Trapped at music class neighbourhood due to rain but he had a free bubble vial from his ball games at one of the shops!

Yu didn't finish his kiddy meal...

Yang finished most of his

Big boy Kai was happy with his beef udon :) For some time now, he can finish the whole bowl by himself!

I see such selfies on my phone often...

Silly boy!

Yu could do the whole puzzle on his own! I don't think his brothers tried much

He also did this, more or less singlehandedly...! And that's only half the living room!

So cute standing there in baggy PJs

Seeing that school holidays were coming to an end and I had no one-one time with Kai, I wanted to eat with Kai one Friday so chose to telecommute. But I learnt late on Thursday night that I had to go back to office for a discussion at 9.30 am. I asked Kai if he would like to follow me so that I could be with him more. He wanted to play PS3 at home but agreed to go with me to let me be with him, awww!

Breakfast time!

Did a little work at my desk

He also played with the kabab van on my desk :p He asked me where I got it from. Told him it was from Papa :) Coz I like kabab!

Yu can pee like this all the time now, yeah!

Sometimes, he would use the small potty on his own too. And last Wednesday night, I decided to take him off diapers again. No accident thus far! Even on nights when he refused to pee just before he slept and when he woke at night.

The last time I did that, it was ok for a while before he peed five nights a week. So I'm still on the alert for wet bedsheets...

This boy makes faces too

And he wanted to be superhero!

We had dinner at the foodcourt downstairs last Sunday. Yu decided to not follow Sito and ran off while Papa was carrying dessert back! We dashed about to look for him. I found him walking out of the foodcourt calling for me.. What a scare...

The only boy who may take to local desserts...

Kai went to the Science Centre with AhMa on Monday

And now, Kai and Yang are happily watching TV after playing Yang's birthday present for the past hour. More on Yang's birthday soon!

Friday, 14 June 2019

Legoland once more!

We went on our fave holiday again! This time, we chose a serviced apartment - Somerset Medini - instead of Legoland hotel, and stayed for three nights instead of two.

Monday, 10 Jun 2019

We set off at 8.30 am. Thought it was a tried and tested timing but school holidays + week after HRP could have led to heavy traffic. Apparently Tuas was bad so our driver took Woodlands. We moved real slow along the causeway. On our way back, the driver told us that the checkpoints didn't take big trucks three days before and after LNY and HRP so there was a built-up.

So we got to hotel later than usual, and headed straight for the park through the Medini Mall past opening time. But Sito took the chance to chat with the driver, and we learnt something about Malaysian politics haha!

Yu couldn't fit into the car seat so he ended up sitting on me

Yu lugs a baby suitcase and a baby backpack along :)

Yang could finally take the VR roller coaster!

Poor Yu was pottering around waiting for his brothers and pining for the ride

"So scary..." Awww, my poor boy!

Source: N

He found the Ninjago ride scary too, coz dark

So we waited outside

Then we had lunch at the burger joint opposite Ninjago. All that gummy bears Legomen in the kids' meal were really useful! So was the volcano ride next to the seats - Yu spent good time occupied with (watching) it :p

We didn't settle our annual passes in the morning coz it was too crowded so we went after lunch to give time for the food to settle. Think we took some rides along the way...

Yu likes the boating school!

Yu randomly gave people the balls he picked up :p

Then he found another way out of the playground so we had to station ourselves at two spots

Time for the mummy ride! (No, there is no daddy ride, my dear Yu...)

Yu could do the mummy ride but he didn't even try coz he said he was scared; he probably saw it was dark inside. But then again, he also didn't want the big train ride!!

Only took pictures outside the train station

His new signature smile - head tilted to one side

Ice cream time! This was just before he dropped the whole cup!

Source: N

And then it was my torture time - endless aeroplane rides! But Yu could and would do only those few rides so I 舍命陪小君子!

Happy faces!

Then the brothers joined in

Kai on his own!

We were bitten by mosquitoes on the aeroplane! I saw one hovering around us and flicked it away but it kept coming back. Later, I saw it on Yu's forehead but it would not fly for a split second so I knew Yu was bitten. My legs are looking like crap now...

Strong Papa!

Running about in the playground

So hard to take a good family shot!

Yang insisted on playing this - RM10 per throw!

Yu could not drive the real thing yet so he sat and posed for me :)

"Cannot move, why?"

Last stop - shopping!

Only Yang went to the front

And took a picture on stage! Though can tell he was a bit shy..

Yu danced along at the side

Yu didn't nap and so was very tired by dinner time. He had some Milo but dismissed dinner totally. Sito left the dining table early to get the apartment ready for us. But a shower kind of woke him up *.*

Finally, we got our room! 2902 - higher than home!

With living room and kitchenette

A walk-in wardrobe! I like!

But the breakfast was bad. Few selections. Even the coffee machine was not reliable! But oddly enough, Kai ate some beehoon.

When we asked Kai later, he said he preferred Legoland hotel coz of the double decker bed and the breakfast. N preferred Legoland hotel coz of the breakfast. Yang preferred Somerset coz he could sleep with his brothers - but Kai actually shared a twin room with N - though he didn't like them on his bed at home...?!

Sito and I were quite set on Somerset coz we got to spend the money we saved on toys instead. But I just heard the one next door has an even better price though there was no breakfast, and there is PS4 in the room, woah!

Anyway, Sito and I went out :) Had Penang food at Paradigm Mall. It was not crowded like Aeon, which was good. We could bring the kids here next time. But there was no foot massage nearby so we cabbed to Aeon anyway :p

That was not all, haha!

We got back pretty late. Found Yang sleeping in a cute position on two pillows, and Yu nestled between him and a pillow. Kai was also sound asleep. While Sito was in the toilet, I managed to pack a few things and heat up Yu's leftovers in the microwave for our supper, yay!

Tuesday, 11 Jun 2019

Waterpark day! Used the stroller to ferry and store our stuff. Pack clothes as well so that we could change our tops into something dry for the walk back.


Yu brushing his teeth after a dismal breakfast

This time, Yu also had a go at a slide - just once or twice. Then he dragged me up the structure! He wanted me to go but no, I wasn't about to leave him alone there! N also got wet this time. Need to get her proper swimwear next time.

New swimwear for everyone!

Boys racing boats

Yang at the beginning of the wave pool

Didn't take many photos coz it was the waterpark and my phone kind of died for a short while. The camera jammed and the phone restarted on its own. Luckily everything was fine in the end!

Sito packed lunch while the rest of us went back to shower. We had lunch at a proper dining table - nice! Unlikely to go back to Legoland hotel, ya?!

Nap time after 1 plus - we woke at 4.30 pm!

So no time to go back to the park. Took a 6-seater to Mid Valley - it turned out to be real far! And due to the traffic, we took some 45 minutes to get there. The return took only 20 minutes.

Yu lying on me at the back seat

Dinner was at Pizza Hut! We tried a different pizza this time - some form of meat galore with stuffed crust. Kai didn't like the stuffed crust but Yang supped it all up! Yu had fun watching the staff make pizzas but gosh, my poor arms from carrying him!

Yu insisted on holding the snacks we got

Ice cream time!

Smelling the candies, silly boys!

Posed in front of a fountain while waiting for our ride

Too much love!

Sito and I had supper after that coz the large pizza we had was smaller than expected :p

View from our bedroom

Wednesday, 12 Jun 2019

Back to the park today! It rained the night before, lightning and all. So we could not take the Medini Mall shortcut which would cut across a grass patch. We went through Legoland hotel and spent some time playing bricks.

Can see the whole waterpark from our window

Breakfast was from last night's shopping :)

Sito got me a cappuccino after checking out the Legoland hotel breakfast prices! :)

Verdict - no need to go to Legoland hotel for breakfast. Negates the savings. And breakfast at the hotel is better for us all - Sito can sleep more and the rest of us can eat when we wake, no need to wait for Papa!

Yu playing on the carpet

Boys making swords as usual

Yu plays with skeleton?!

"Let's get some bricks!"

"Mama, the pirate Legoman is so funny! He covered my head!"

Yang was so tickled :p

Yu and I went to play Lego while the rest were on the VR roller coaster. But I had a tummy ache and had to go. Then I saw that it was drizzling! Dashed back to the entrance of the roller coaster, deposited Yu with N along with instructions to give him biscuits.

By the time I was done, the rain was heavier. I saw that the roller coaster was long done. Sito saw me and came over with a brolly. Then we took a giddy ride nearby before decking the boys out in rain gear.

I made faces throughout - even before we started moving!

Cute boys! Except that Yang was sad about a small cut on his wrist when he yanked the giddy ride door open :(

Brought Yu up to see his brothers

Got them to pose

Yang took a photo of me...

... and asked me to pose like this!

Yang: "I know! The man was here and pew-ed over!"

Yu was cool with the mini train ride

So beng beng!

Small feet in dino footprint

Burying his head into N on the big train ride, which was slower than the mini one...

Fell asleep on the train and was placed into his stroller

So I went for Ninjago too!

Posing with ah pek

脚短短的小fat fat :)

手短短 too but just long enough to push the lever up!

短短手 in the air!

Found Kai riding the boat on his own - big boy!

Found Batman!

We headed out to Medini for some ice cream before heading for the new attraction - Sea Life! It was pretty small but amazingly, we spent quite some time there coz the kids were mesmerised by the drawing room....

Yang didn't want to touch at first but when he did, I missed the photo op!

They coloured and named their fish, and sent them swimming into the big screen!

Kai's very nice Nemo

There it goes!

Just before Yu hit his head and cried :(

I hugged and carried him for a while..

Sucker Mama bought this hat coz he was so cute

But Kai dropped a keychain. Sales attendant found a crack so I paid for it. I told Sito and Kai was pissed at me for doing that. So when we were at the playground later, he purposely turned me around real fast and refused to stop. I wanted to puke :(

This turning thing

And he decided to play with N instead of me

Source: N

On our way to meet Sito and Yang at the entrance, Yu wanted to take the boat ride. So we went on it - just before they shut the queue! So we ended up leaving the park late again.. But two interesting things happened.

1) Yu on the boat: Blue is not better, green is better. Coz we were on the blue boat and kept bumping into the rails and other boats! But later I found that we were on a read boat on the first day :p

2) As we reached the end of the ride, Yu wanted to play one more so I asked him to ask the uncle. It was a few minutes later when we got out of the boat. When he returned his life vest to the really nice uncle, he went, "Can I, can I, ..., can I drive some more?" So brave! Uncle said he had difficulty understanding him so I translated for him. And he was so kind - he said to Yu, oh so sorry but we are closed for the day!

Went to BK for their dinner. Yu had a nap but still dismissed dinner. Settled them down and off Sito and I went, for our own dinner at Tian Lai! We ordered black pepper crab but the chef got it wrong so we accepted the chilli crab anyway.

That was not all, haha!

Went back to the massage place to use our stored value card - got it finally on Monday. This time, we got ourselves some Blackball drinks first so we didn't miss the opening hours like on Monday. Then we did only feet, no more head and back. I suffered bad smoker's breath on Monday during head massage, yucks. Missed the back massage though, which gave good pressure at the lower back.

In the ride back, Sito told me about Yang's competitive antics at the junior driving school while I was with Yu.
1) He won the first round though his car was not as fast as the other kid's.
2) During the second round, he was trying not to lose by blocking the other kid's car! He kept looking back until he forgot to turn and the kid overtook on the inside turn.
3) He dashed for the kid's car next round! When Sito asked him, he said it was faster :p He blocked the same kid again and won. And he said, “He even lost to the girl!”


Thursday, 13 Jun 2019

And the kids woke late, yay! We got up at about 7.30 am - bliss :)

Yu had leftover nuggets for breakfast while I had N's leftover chicken piece. Kai and Yang had milk and said they were not hungry. So be it. None of us went for breakfast!

Spent some time playing at the Legoland hotel lobby before splitting into two groups to get to the park coz Kai wanted to carry on playing bricks.

Found a shark!

We took this seven or eight times in a row! My poor stomach...

The brothers joined us for a couple of rides

Yu was very proud to measure himself and find that he could play :)

Probably our only kid who posed for this

Then he wanted me to pose for him to take a picture - ok!

On our way to find his brothers

We stayed in the queue area playing bricks while his brothers played Ninjago

He watched us go for the mummy ride too

Kai and Yang now take the Beetle Bounce on their own!

Yu enjoyed watching this ride, even when it was not his brothers

And after lunch at Medini, we went back to Sea Life - that was easier than the park :) But I was coming down with a cold by then...

Let's touch the chocolate chip starfish...

Yang cried again when we were leaving - "I don't want to go home. I want to go hotel..." I think he cried the last time too, and fell asleep on the ride home. This time, he stopped crying coz there was a computer at the hotel lobby and he could play with it...!

Yu: "You down, I up!"

The ride home was via Woodlands coz Tuas was apparently bad. It took us only about 50 minutes, yay! While everyone went home to wash up, I brought Yu for his last vaccination in babyhood.

Played a game while waiting!

He was again very brave, crying only during the injection and no more. We gave him a kiddy ride after that. Then we got Macs for dinner and shopped for bread and milk before heading home. The boy almost didn't shower coz of his two plasters!

Papa read to them coz Mama was not feeling good...

And personal service for Kai too

So that was our Legoland trip :) It was good fun! Even though I had to take sick leave today :p
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