Friday, 7 October 2016

Foetal movements

I've been writing about monkey's movements but I thought foetal movements deserves a special post.

I really, really love feeling my babies move in my belly. Sure, they can be painful and uncomfortable. But they are also full of wonder, telling me that my babies are growing and can't wait to come out!

They started as small fluttering movements. I think for me at least, they typically started as taps or clicks on the pelvic floor area. Sometimes, I couldn't tell whether I imagined them. Slowly, they became more pronounced, and I became sure they were foetal movements.

ZK used to move in two different directions at the same time. Usually one at bottom of one side and the other at the ribs of the other.

ZY - oops, I don't remember any particular movements. So poor thing, this baby - Mama always forgets things during his pregnancy :(

And monkey tends to punch me above my left hip. It's super sore. And his butt pushes against my belly above my belly button. A few days ago, I felt a long, hard and thin thing near my belly button and wondered which part of him that was - leg or arm?

There are times when monkey doesn't move much, usually in the day. Then, like now, he'll move a lot and everywhere! And I feel like peeing all the time he's at it!

Oh but there are times I don't particularly appreciate these movements - during Braxton Hicks contractions and when I'm on the throne *.*

I have spent much time just staring at my belly, sometimes with a phone in my hands hoping to capture the movements.

Here's one courtesy of monkey

Violent baby!

But gosh, I think I'm so going to miss feeling a baby grow inside...

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