Tuesday, 25 October 2016

How's my monkey baby? :)

Baby Yu is now in his third week!

Such small and cute feet

Such a cute bobbing head

And a grouchy face which frowns at the baby gym

But this boy managed to nap unswaddled! PS: This is standard Yangyang pose :p

We've kind of fallen into a routine of three to four naps and a long night-time sleep punctuated by many nursing sessions. I usually do some housekeeping during his first nap, lunch during his second nap and lie down with him for his third. His fourth? In my arms :)

Want to carry this cute boy while he still wants me to!

Even his poop has some sort of routine. His first poop in the morning is usually soon after changing his diaper - that's 20 cents, my darling! If he doesn't poop then, he'll poop before or after his second nap. And then he'll poop after his third nap. Sometimes, he poops in the middle of the night too. Yup, lots of poop...

The first time he pooped on me - 21 October..

There has since been a second time, a third time.. He's also peed on me and on the changing table... I'm just waiting for him to pee and poop into the bath now...!

So Yu's cord stump dropped off morning of 19 October, or at least the bulk of it coz I found two or three small brown bits over the next four days... I was changing him in the morning when I saw his belly button staring at me. Luckily, the cord stump was just slightly down at the upper part of his diaper.

With that, it was easier to bathe him - no fear of wetting the cord stump! He also seems to be warming up to bath time, though he doesn't like to be naked at the changing table...

My boys over the weekend

Yang gave Jigajung to Yu and continued with his Transformer

We had our first trial of three boys with no help on Sunday as N had her day off. In the morning, Dad came to get Yang over first while Kai finished watching Tobots on TV. Then Sito and Kai went over, leaving me and Yu home alone. In the evening, Sito brought dinner for me before going back to Mum's place. After dinner, Mum helped Sito bring the two older boys back and shower Kai.

Then my big challenge began - Sito took Yu while I got both his brothers to bed. It took me well over an hour to final settle them!! Gosh, so tiring.. And then I had to settle Yu for the night. Thankfully, I'm able to lie down to nurse Yu so that he can suck all he wants while I snooze!

Yu seems more alert this third week of his life in this world, i.e. no more four-hour naps! :( But we had some fun with tummy time, singing and finger play :)

I'm so so strong!

He also looks like he's filling out - check out his fat line!

This evening, I'm sitting outside with Sito while Yu is sleeping inside, like this :)

Quite happy to have the time and energy to do my own things. It's stolen time, I know, and probably stolen energy too - I'll know tmr morning! - but when I've been with a non-verbal child the whole day, and my nipples are sore, well, I gotta do something fun right? :p

On my end, third week postpartum, I'm still not experiencing engorgement. I only leaked a little last Saturday night. Sighs, guess I'm never meant to be a high-supply breastfeeding mama... The lumps in the armpits are still there though they seem smaller. In any case, I've made an appointment to see a breast doctor tomorrow, see how...

I'm happy to announce that I'm out of pyjamas about half the time now! Haha! Felt good the first time I put on some non-PJs last Thursday.

Even happier news - my belly is no longer protruding! Now I just looked a little pudgy... Managed to fit into my velcro binder after the first week and I've been wearing it for a couple of hours a day - think it helps! Hope to use my long bengkung soon... And, definitely hope to fit into my nicer clothes at some point! I'll also need to weigh myself - my weighing machine needs a new battery so I don't know how much I've lost yet. Sito said should have lost quite a bit - thanks for the confidence, dear :)

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