Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Yang's birthday weekend

Our baby Yang turns three today!

Celebrations started on Saturday. I was out with Yu for Tok's housewarming while Kai and Yang were in school, and came back to find them asleep. Yang woke first - just nice for his present time!

Presented by Papa


Papa helped him release the Groot from the box

Yu was also interested

"I am Groot!"

Yang chose it himself. Of course he had never watched the movie; he just likes the dancing. Later, I showed him the YouTube clip of the planted Groot dancing at the end of the movie.

We headed out for dinner at Vivocity to celebrate Yang's birthday. Think he had fun, even at the train station :)

"Fish swimming!"

First stop - bubbles!

Those are $2 bubble sticks from Daiso

And they wetted their pants waddling in the water

When I said, "Oh dear, your pants are wet!", this Kai said, "It's ok. They'll dry." With a shrug, no less. And Sito said that this happened last week and they dried them off in the playground so that was our next stop.

Yang climbed up a slope

And down! 

I stayed with Yang while Sito carried Yu and brought Kai to the toilet with N. Yang made me go down the slope a few times - very scary!!! But he had so much fun!

Dinner was at Earle Swensen's coz we wanted to get Yang an ice cream cake. Kai changed his mind about the kiddy meal while Yang could change his mind so we just ordered our own mains to share with them. Turned out Yang had most of my fish and chips while Kai took only a little of Sito's double cheese burger.

And Yang had quite a bit of watermelon cubes


Papa and Mama were so busy checking out where the draught was coming from...

... that we blocked poor Yu!

Happy little family! :)

Though we had to make Kai wait to dig into his sundae! We both ate part of their ice cream else it was too much for them.

"Oh, so cold!"

Yang was so super cute when eating the ice cream!! It took some three attempts before Sito managed to take a video of him saying cold.

More cute poses nearer home

I was so tired that I dozed off by 9.30 pm, said Sito. And lucky I did, coz Yang came in at 4.30 pm, gave aloud groan and puked all over the duvet! I was so shocked to see it - it was all red! I brought my nose to it and immediately regretted it - what could it have smelled like?! When I turned on the bathroom light to clean him up, I realised it was watermelon.

And that was only the first of many showers. After that, he puked twice on his bed, i.e. no more bedsheets more him. So I set him down on the sofa and he fell asleep at past 6 am. All this while, Sito was taking Yu. Kai woke at 4.30 am too and never went back to sleep *.*

Later at breakfast, Yang puked out all his white milk, all his orange vitamins, all his water. I thought it was indigestion but when he couldn't keep water down, we decided to send him to the doctor. We waited for the clinic to start at 8.30 am. Doc said such is self-limited so just have to make him comfortable and watch his input/output.

We went to get some food and groceries after the doctor and before home. He took some medicine and couldn't wait to eat bread - can't blame him too; he hadn't had a bite the whole morning. But he puked everything up. At least by then, he realised that I was right - he would puke if he ate too much.

Pinching his bread slowly at first

Next up was birthday celebration at Mum's place - what's with that face?!

Always happy to blow candles

New toys! The keyboard got funny by Tuesday *.*

Singing into the mic

Monday being a public holiday, we headed out with Mum they all. Putien gave us two sculpted balloons!

Kai was happy with his balloon hat

Mum had to hold this above him for the photo coz he didn't like to wear it

What's with the spoon and fork, baby??

"Say cheese, Mama!

Then he let me take a nice shot of him

And today, I brought a cake to school to celebrate with his friends! I didn't think of doing this but when I asked Yang what he wanted for his birthday some weeks ago, he said he wanted a chocolate cake... to share with his friends! Well, since I asked... It wasn't until the weekend that I realised that this meant I would do a school celebration with Yang first coz his birthday comes before Kai's. That's a sore point with Kai, who has been asking me at least once a day whether he can open his present *.*

They were having lunch when I arrived so I went behind to prepare the cake - I bought trolls online to use as cake toppings :) There was also a nice candle. But Teacher Z said Yang puked after breakfast in school - so poor thing :(

First a shot of us :)

The kids sang Happy Birthday and a kid blew out the candle! Yang stared at him silently, hoho! We lighted it back up and sang the Chinese version. This time, Yang blew it just before the song ended.

Yummy! But he agreed that he shouldn't finish it in case he puked again

Class photo!

He refused to let me go after the celebration. I didn't want him to be upset on his birthday so I brought him home. It was TV time after his shower and then nap time. But he wasn't feeling well and had to vomit up his cake and milk before he fell asleep in my arms. I transferred him to my bed and went out for a pedicure :p

Playing with trolls after his nap

Took him along for my haircut, hoping he would cut too but...

He was quite good though. He was just sitting there quietly for at least 10-15 min, watching me and listening to us chatting and asking him the occasional question (do you want to cut your hair?) before he asked me whether I was done. I thought ok la, so poor thing, let him watch YouTube :p And so he sat there for another hour!

No puking episodes at this point. Hope he remains clear tomorrow!

Monday, 19 June 2017

Unglam but this is our life :)

Yu all dressed up after a shower, ready for his bedtime feed

The towel is messy coz he was rolling about, refusing to be still. The tub of diaper cream was separated from the moisturiser coz he was playing with it. And the bottle of oil was not in the picture coz... I have no idea where it was!

I didn't even know Sito took this photo until he sent it to me. When I asked why, he said we don't really capture our everyday things. How true. Well, this is our last one - better take more!

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Short week and a full long weekend

This bout of illness has been persistent.

Yang was alright for about a week but last weekend after a cup of milo and a chocolate cupcake, he started coughing again. Had to fetch him back from school after nap time on Monday. That night, Yu's fever suddenly came back too. So I decided to work from home on Tuesday just in case... And indeed, I had to go get Yang barely an hour after I sent him in!

He said hello to "catty" on our way back

It's catty, doggy, birdie... And he tends to shout BIRDIE when he sees one!

His hair is so long but he refuses to have it cut!

I managed to work while he entertained himself with the TV and iPad. Even persuaded him to nap on my bed. So happy that he fell asleep very quickly.

My sleeping baby; bolster helped to block sunlight

Somehow rolled into his fave pose

So tiny in the bed!

Luckily Yu managed to stay fever free. But whenever Yang came home early, we couldn't hear the end of it from Kai!! He also wanted to stay at home *.* Actually Yang wanted to stay in school *.* Sighs...

The boys decided to play trolls.... Couldn't get a snap of Kai..

There's a child care centre closure day this week, on Friday. Don't know why I'm always so sleepy when I'm with the kids - I had to take a 20-minute nap just before lunch time! When I woke, Kai was starting lunch and I had to persuade Yang to have his. Yang wanted me to feed him so N rocked Yu to sleep. Surprisingly, Yang fell sleep on the sofa while watching TV so I carried him in and sent Kai in after him. I had some 40 min of peace!

My baby taking his longest nap of the day

Headed out after nap time. Decided to take public transport coz Kai and Yang loved it. When I told Sito at night, he asked me how we managed them coz the greater part of the journey was underground on the Circle Line. It was then that we realised that the boys had outgrown that horrible monkey phase where they ran down the length of the train - not even the carriage ok, the train! - or demanded to hang on to the top hand rails. Granted, Yang was still asking for the hand rails but he could take no for an answer most times. Sometimes they would hang around the poles but they were generally well behaved and mostly SEATED. Gosh. Now Sito says we could bring them out more. Yup, until Yu refuses to be worn and wants to run, I suppose? :p

Bought some groceries at AMK Hub before going to find Mother. Happened that MZ was at home, and YQ came back around dinner time. YQ invited us to his wedding banquet tasting session on Kai's birthday but (1) weekday, and (2) he forgot there were too many of us!

Play time!

Hamburger transformer!

Can't remember the last time they played with my old toys. This time, they were able to entertain themselves very well. I like this growing up thing :p

Distracted by the TV sometimes

Yu had something to play with too!

Kai was very sociable, greeting his elders and even speaking some simple Mandarin! I was pleasantly surprised :)

Maybe coz he got his first birthday hongbao of the year?

Source: MZ 

Yang picked this out himself coz it was a happy face :)

Source: MZ 

Cute baby in his towel

Same cute baby goofing about in the train

So we ventured out to Vivocity. We weren't disappointed with the kids' behaviour on the train - just a bit of goofing around by Yang. Mostly, they were well behaved. Phew!

Kai and Mama

And Yu had a haircut!

His brothers' first few haircuts were generally captured on photos. Not his, poor thing... The line was rather long and Yang refused to be bought by a kiddy ride. So Sito and N brought Kai and Yang away to play while I waited with Yu. By the time we were done, the rest were seated at Kin Gary. Should have taken a picture of the boys - Yang and Yu were in high chairs next to each other.

Yu had some oats and biscuits for dinner :)

Next, we went to Toys R Us to get birthday presents for Kai and Yang. And since then, Kai had asked us umpteen times why Yang could open his earlier than him, why he couldn't open his present on the same day as Yang, argh!

What's with the face?!

Playing with what Kai eventually chose for himself

This morning, we didn't have any special activity though Kai asked a couple of times if we were going somewhere before Mum's place. So after the morning movie, I got them painting! Tried to teach Kai about primary and secondary colours but not successful...

Kai and his ziplock painting

Yang prefers finger painting

Had to carry this baby facing outwards for the first time so that I could cut his nails easily!

Bubbles at Mum's void deck

They love play doh, which I loved as a kid but hate as a mama :p

Kai made cookies for me! :)

Yang made ice cream for me! But they were hot...

Yu took a short nap and then was cranky so I brought him for a walk. I had a drink and bought some cosmetics - ya, just gotta spend money... He fell asleep towards the end of the walk so I stayed around in the train station enjoying the cool air, checking out the new Cheers store which is more equipped than the Buzz but is still a convenience store...

Just had a horrible stomachache. Yang advised me to put on some oil. I obliged after my third trip. But the oil didn't help leh - I wonder if I should keep using on the kids *.* Also experienced what Sito tends to get - a kid at the toilet door asking for the potty. Not the most pleasant thing when I was inside with a horrible pain!
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