Sunday, 11 June 2017

Yang's dino-day out with Mama

Because I'm fair. Well, quite. Coz Yang got only half day... When he can go without a nap, I'll make it up to him!

Yu had tuina in the morning so I sent Kai and Yang to school first and got Yu done with tuina before sending him in and fetching Yang.

Took a cab aka "taxi car" to save time!

First stop - pancakes! Got him interested by reading "The Big Pancake" :p

That's too much butter...

But I ended up eating most of his pancakes on top of having mine - I got a set so that I could get a toy for Kai too.

Must take selfie with this handsome boy

He wanted to try a funny pose so...

And then he went rogue!

"Pancake in my mouth"


This dino-day out was a bit of a failure coz the kid said he was scared. And the dinosaurs hadn't even moved yet!

He refused to let me take a picture so I let him and pretended to be scared

We had some 30 minutes to kill - could have saved on the cab?? - so walked around the exhibit a lot. And upstairs and downstairs too...

"I want to play sand..."

And then he got hungry!

So happy with his snack!

When the exhibit started, he refused to even step inside *.* I showed him that he could touch the tail of a dinosaur but he didn't want to go near. Oh well. So we went upstairs one more time and left.

Seeing from upstairs and afar

Posing with the jelly babies on our way out

Looking out on a double decker bus!

We bought a rainbow cake from the bakery-that-moved-away-but-came-back-in-a-corner-of-Buzz, and went to meet Papa to fetch his brothers.

Yang was very compliant yesterday, which just added to his cuteness! So pancakes and dinosaurs aside, it's a successful outing? :p I think these two tend to be more guai when they're not with each other.... Hope to find more time to spend with them!

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