Friday, 9 June 2017

Yu turns eight months with a fever and a fall

Today, my little baby Yu turns eight months! :)

And he had a fever today. He went to school with warm hands but measured ok. I got a text at 5 pm about his 38.4 fever but I had to pump first. With that, I only reached him 10 min earlier than usual. He looked fine though. And I forced some medicine down his throat...

And just now, he fell off his parents' bed :( I felt so bad. I was with his brothers when I thought I heard soft cries. I went out to check but the kids followed me so I shooed them back and followed them back as I didn't hear anything when I was outside and N was sitting in the kitchen with her phone just in case. I should have checked it out thoroughly coz shortly after, I heard a dull thud and then Yu's cries.

I dashed in and saw no baby on the bed. I almost stepped onto him coz he was laying face up at the foot of the bed! He looked angry and scared. I picked him up immediately to sayang him and he stopped crying. Then I brought him out into the light to check him. No baluku. No bruising. Need to monitor him for a while. Still remember Yang first fell at 1yo and puked after that. Kai first fell at 20 months. My poor Yu fell before he turned one :(

He must have tried to crawl towards the door where light was seeping in. Hopefully that means his hands broke his fall so he didn't hit his head hard. The thud sounded like body on wood rather than skull on wood. Think this boy is most adept at crawling. He started a couple of weeks ago. I have been pretty worried about it for a few days now. Past couple of nights, I even stopped my shower halfway to check on him.

Going for his toys one morning

Random shot of us downstairs

I love holding my baby up in the air while waiting for his brothers to be seated in the car. His big smile against the blue morning sky is just lovely. Or against our block where the three babies spent their earliest years :)

Having a bum wash in the evening coz he had a poonami!

Nowadays, we can give him his leftover milk neat or with oats

My milk supply was very good last week after my vaccination. I wondered if it was hormonal. But this week, it's back to normal - deficit every day! And best, I dropped over 60 milk cubes accidentally! They could have topped up my deficit for two weeks...

So wasted

He sat on a high chair outside for the first time!

He seems to like bland food. Or maybe I haven't been giving him dinner at the right time coz he's still full from his last feed in school. But at least he's having some porridge in school. Will see if he eats mee sua tomorrow.

Very happily bouncing up and down when he saw us!

Nowadays he refuses to lie down after his shower

He's so mobile now - ya, just fell off the bed - that we had given away the bassinet. He wouldn't lie down, not even on an incline. And he tried to climb out!

One of the last times he sat there

And then he pulled himself up!

So he's on the mat every morning now

His hands need to be occupied. And sometimes his toys don't suffice. He seems to like things that don't belong to the toys category... He's starting to clap but not consistently and definitely not on demand. Hopefully that might give him something to do when I forget to bring toys out..?

Let him play with the drawer handle

Crying for Papa!

He just woke to nurse and is sleeping again. Some nights, he would wake and all we had to do was to put the pacifier back. Sito called it pin the donkey :p But just pinning might not work. Sometimes I had to just carry him up for a few seconds. If he doesn't sleep very soon, sometimes I just let him cry and he goes to sleep on his own.

What I found interesting the past week or so was that when he woke and cried, he would stop when he saw me. Then he curled up and stayed quiet. Many times, he fell asleep on his own just like that!

The past week, when I was soothing him back to sleep, I saw him sleep-smile twice. It came to mind that I haven't seen that for some time. Very soon, he won't do that anymore.. My baby is growing up so fast!

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