Sunday, 11 June 2017

Army open house!

School's out - no Chengzhu today we went to the army open house at Jurong East!

The boys much prefer outdoor tracks to underground ones

Kai was game enough to try but the guy told me it would be tough for kids...

"I don't want to sit on the bike..."

Kai wanted to sit on the bike!

Yang went ahead with the tyres all by himself!

Papa did a demo for Kai

Kai's turn!

He was raring to try this too and he encouraged Yang to try it

Left the tentage for the outdoor parts and queued a little to sit in a tank. When we came out, the queues really started to get long!

One wanted to drive, one wanted to play with a gun

Taking turns on a cannon

"I want to go up there!"

Sorry, my boy, but the queue was too long.. So we ended up at the end of the field with fake stuff :p

Kai with a helicopter

Yang looked so cute with the hat but he threw it on the floor!

Kai got some face paint on!

The boys got a keychain and a badge on our way out, and Yang took both to bed with him :) It was a short - just under an hour! - but fun trip :) Hope to be able to bring the kids out at least weekly :)

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