Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Kai's dino-day out with Mama

Decided to take leave to spend time with Kai, one on one. The problem was - what if Yang shouts unfair? But he didn't. Though he did ask where GeGe was.. Um, at home :p

We all headed out together though. But Kai stayed in the car to wait for me while his brothers got settled in. Both Kai and I were so hungry by then coz we hadn't had breakfast yet.

Cos we had breakfast plans!

I thought Kai couldn't finish two slices of kaya toast so I bought one. I thought wrong and had to buy two more slices; I had only half a slice. He's a much bigger boy now than the last time we went to the hawker centre :)

He asked an interesting question based on his observations towards the end of our breakfast: Why do old people always put their hand behind their back?

Did some grocery shopping before coming back. Bumped into Papa on his way out when we were getting into the lift home. He decided to take a shower before we sat down to do a new activity book we picked up at NTUC. And then when I tried to do some maths with Lego, he decided to make a helicopter. Oh well!

His lovely smile makes him look like a 文静 boy!

The main event of the day was the dinosaur exhibition at Plaza Singapura. He was very cute - can they eat us? Nope! Remember that they are extinct? Sometimes I wonder if I should show him Jurassic Park...

Posing with the moving dinosaurs!

Looking bored coz the ride was s l o w...

More fun to touch a dino tail!

At a mask workshop

So focused


Lunch was at Ichiban. He chose the set himself but ended up eating only the udon, the fries and the ebi fry. He tried the crabstick sushi, eggs and chicken, and didn't like them. Drink and jelly and later the caramel corn all went down of course! I got him a toy car for $1 as part of the meal - lucky boy!

Enjoying his udon

But we forgot the mask on the table when we got up to pay. I remembered it before we left the restaurant but the rubbish attendant just said she didn't see and walked off! Lucky for us, a server came out of the kitchen with our mask!

Went to Daiso to stock up on wipes. Our dear boy had such sharp eyes that the moment he wandered into the toys aisle, he saw bow and arrows. Then he said he wanted to go home and play them *.* Had to drag him to buy shoes after that. And then he got a little distracted and went to see the dinosaurs again.

And then he saw the sandpit

I let my mind wander while he played with sand. When I got bored of standing around, I asked him if he wanted to go to a playground. So we took the train to Somerset and walked to Paragon. I told him I was going to be in the shop behind the playground for a short while. But when I came back after just a quick look, he was on the way out to find me, sobbing a little. My poor boy!

I always remember the story of the missing duckling I learnt in kindy. So I told him that if he doesn't see me, he should stay put and wait for me coz I'll always go back for him, but if he moves around, then I can't find him and he'll be truly lost. I hope he gets it.. I must find that duckling story...

Comforted by ice cream very quickly

Ice cream all over!

And then he wanted to go home to play bow and arrows again. I had wanted to go walk around a little more, perhaps shop for a little something for Sito and me but....

He was very happy that we got on a double decker bus. Along the way, I asked him if he knew the way home if I told him to go home on his own. He said no. I told him one day he would have to know and do it. My sweet boy said he wanted his mama to be with him, even when he grew up. Awww...

Pretending to drive the bus

Kai almost fell asleep on the bus just as we were approaching our stop. He didn't nap and it didn't help that the sun was shining at us on the front of the bus too. He woke up fully when I granted him permission to eat his caramel corn from lunch...

Got him to pose with his bow and arrows

I got a set of bow and arrows and shoes for Yang as well

In all, I think it was a fruitful day. I got to spend some time with him, chat with him, watch him play and enjoy himself :) Only bad thing was he had to pee three times in four hours, including a poop *.* So not fun to be in the same cubicle as a pooping boy AND having to wipe his bum! Too used to washing his bum or wet wiping at home; need to get down to dry wiping henceforth...

Will try to find an opportunity to do the same with Yang. I told Kai already so that he wouldn't cry foul when he sees Yang stay at home next time!

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