Sunday, 4 June 2017

Fever week and pony weekend

Spent a lot of the past week at home coz Yang wasn't well. He had a bit of a fever last weekend already. On Monday, I missed three calls from school as I was in a meeting. They ended up calling Sito who was in Jakarta and who tried to call me but I didn't pick up. They got me via text instead so I went to fetch him.

YouTube time while I worked...

On Tuesday, he was a little warm towards the end of the day. On Wednesday, he was too warm to go to school. I gave him some medicine and while it kept his temperature down, I left him with N to go for a meeting. I think only Sito and I can handle it confidently if Yang has yet another febrile fit...

Yang reading next to me while I worked

He noticed my keychain and I realised it's like 20yo?! From ML

Doing a little craft, also next to me

Playing with cards, this time refusing the big chair

My little boy has grown so much. It used to be that if he was ill, I would have to take leave. But now, I can work at home! Thanks for saving my leave, baby Yang :p

But on Friday, I really had to take leave. I brought him to see a doctor on Thursday evening. He was a little subdued but not feverish on Friday morning. But I got a call from school at 9.30 am - my office chair was barely warm *.* Got caught in a discussion when I went to tell my boss that I gotta go. So I eventually got to Yang at past 10 am.

Then it was a struggle to get him to shower! Then he watched YouTube in my bed while I pumped. And then I fell asleep before he dozed off for his nap!! I jolted awake at about 2 pm, realised what happened and felt so sian. Went downstairs to grab some food for his tea time before coming back to work - going to apply half day.

At just past 3 pm, a little voice called me from the door. I was seated on the floor at the bay window and he came to snuggle with me. But he didn't want food, just YouTube *.* Whatever la, I had to do some work. And there we stayed his battery ran out! Thankfully, he's alright now. No fever after Friday morning.

Yesterday, we dragged our lazy bums out for a pony-themed carnival at Rochester Mall. The queue for the real pony rides was closed so we went for the merry-go-round instead.

Happy on his fake pony!

Kai was happy too!

Also played some games and got enough tickets to exchange for one pony figurine, whose current location is unknown!

It was a totally free event but the crowd wasn't too scary, perhaps coz we went at the end. We had a little bit of popcorn but I refused to get Kai candy floss! Imagine the sugar....

Kai insisted on Yayoiken coz he wanted the kiddy meal; Yang had his own too!

"I also want!"

For some reason, I developed a neck/back pain suddenly on the way to dinner. It was so painful I asked Sito if that could be the first sign of a stroke or something! But it disappeared a little after dinner. I wonder why... Perhaps indigestion from the big breakfast yesterday??

We got back pretty early and were settled early. Kai had time to take some photos - pretty interesting shots...

Sito at an angle. Or so that his head faces the front?

A picture where Yu's head is n times his father's!

And I totally love this shot - time....!

Today is the last class of the term at Chengzhu. Both classes opened the session to parents so Sito and I took one each. As we approached the mall this morning, Yang asked, "Where's my little pony?" :p

Yang wasn't participating at first while the class revised the term's work through singing and dancing

In the meantime, Yu was very focused on the class!

But when it came to the owl, which was introduced in Yang's first class, he volunteered the term - I was so happy! But he kept quiet for the rest of the animals though he knew them too. When the singing and dancing were over, he decided to sit at the front for the next segment.


He picked the cat from the magic box

And he found the cat's "home"!

No pictures of Kai coz Sito took videos and I'm lazy to upload :p They bought received a little certificate with a note from the teachers. Kai even had a medal! Indeed, Kai had been using a little Mandarin since he started the class. Today, even Yang said something in Mandarin that is not a colour! I hope they don't need to start from scratch when the new term starts in July!

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