Sunday, 4 June 2017

Excursion to the Duck Tour!

I decided to take leave to go on an excursion with the boys on 24 May!

Kai asked if we would all be together. I said I would go to Yang coz he's younger and needs more supervision.

Kai: Then who will be with me?
Mama: Your teachers and your friends!
Kai: A's mummy isn't going.
Mama: Oh you can hang out with A!
Kai: V's mummy isn't going too.
Mama: See,  the three of you can hang out together!

The day of the excursion..

Kai: You'll go with Yang. I'll hang out with my friends. Bye.
Mama: ...

Happy on the bus

Brought caps for the boys but it was a wet day

Snack time before tour time

Yang's German classmate sitting next to him was snacking on raw carrot and cucumber sticks. He rejected the chocolate bread when it was offered *.* Mine took a second loaf *.*

The school went in two buses and gathered in different areas for the snack. Just before we started the tour, everyone came together to wear life vests. I was quite relieved to see that. One reason I wanted to go with them was that I was worried about Yang who can be quite a handful!

So hard to get a shot of them together!

A shot with my eldest before we parted ways again

So cute :)

Another cute one who refused to join his friends coz I was there :)

Turned out my worries were unfounded this round. Maybe it was the rain. Maybe it was the two buns. Maybe it was the time; it was just past 11 am when we started the tour. But Yang was very subdued for the whole hour-long tour. I tried to take some pictures of the tour besides snapping my little boy. But at the highlight (Merlion, of course!), my phone went dead and I couldn't restart it on time! No record of that, argh...

Staring out of the bus

Staring at the foaming water

So super cute!!

He fell asleep when we got back onto land!

When I checked with Kai later that night, he said he fell asleep too but he woke before they came back so he got off the bus himself. No wonder he looked a little blur when he came back! Then he kept asking me why they only sat around, why they couldn't run about... I realised that perhaps my active kids aren't suited for seated tours *.* Wonder if this might change next year coz the K2s in my bus were very engaged and asking and answering questions!

Hope to go on their next excursion too!

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