Monday, 15 September 2008


Sito would say sometimes, "I don't know what's going through your head.."

Well, I'll share some thoughts and fluff now, a collection of stuff since earlier this year..

1) What sustains mf
Have I mentioned how Mother was commenting - negatively - on my panda eyes? Well, it's not just her now. Walked by a couple of counters and was accosted by sales asking me if I would like some eye gel/cream..


Now I have a morning eye gel for puffiness and the panda effect plus a night cream for fine lines. Mother broke the eye gel some weeks ago and I had to - I just had to! - go buy it amid my busiest period. They proved their worth, cos during the couple of weeks when I was sleeping at 3-4 am, people still said I looked fresh! And if products kept me pretty, Berocca kept me alert and helped me survive those days on very little sleep..

2) What irks mf
On the topic of tanning with Kel. Said I needed to tan my legs cos they were too pasty.

Kel: Well, 猪脚濡之前是白色的..


Just a while back, on one tired evening when he dragged YX, WX and mf halfway through City Hall, I was so tired I could barely walk and he simply went, "提起你的大蹄向前走!"

And all these cos his NS friends saw me once and thought my legs fat and strong enough to 踢死一只马 or something! =(

3) What feeds mf
Recently, I believe that you could change food preference through sheer habit.

I didn't like cooked fish a lot. Perhaps cos Mother used to give us plenty of steamed or fried pomfret. Or a couple of other fish. All yucky. Once I refilled my rice so I could enjoy my rice without the taste of fish! But mostly, I would pretend to have bitten on a bone and spit out chunks of half-chewed fish she wasn't going to check, or be a messy eater :p

Fell in love with smoked/raw fish after my Scandinavian trip. It's been sushi and sashimi mostly since then though I do take a few bites of the fish at wedding dinners - Sito said perhaps I liked oily fish..

But lately, for health's and vanity's sake, I have been trying to have only fish for meat on weekdays. No money for sushi every day but the porridge with raw fish slices is a good substitute. But I'm not really for the porridge. So I'm opting for fish beehoon mostly. Cooked fish! The aversion died after a few bowls of hearty fish soup :)

4) What bewilders mf
Some time in mid year, I kept feeling restless and uncomfortable. PMS? But food didn't help *.*

Then I recalled an article I read in Cosmopolitan years back: Menopause could begin as early as the late 20s or 30s - I could not remember which so I did a search..

35, says this article - phew! Though it's only seven years away..

And Sito just called me a middle-aged hen - 中年母鸡?! Cos "it's middle age from 25 to 65!" *.*

5) What outrages mf('s modesty)
I was violated that other day.

Was undressing for a shower when I happened to look up and saw this huge lizard o.o staring back at me O_O
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