Friday, 31 March 2017

Things my boys say

So after the "chit chat" conversation, Yang came up with another gold.

Mama: I'm going to smack your bum bum!
Yang: No! I sit down on my bum bum! *sit*
Mama: *stunned*

When he stood up...

Mama: Ok, I can smack it now!
Yang: No, I sit down!

And he did!!

But he's such a naughty boy. That day, he hit Kai first and Kai hit back. Kai refused to say sorry before Yang, which is only fair in my opinion. But Yang was not backing off. So I told them to say sorry at the same time at my count of three.

Mama: One, two, three!
Kai: Sorry!
Yang: *smile*
Kai: Hey, you never say sorry! Say sorry!
Yang: Thank you!


Yes, you! You very naughty!

The baby of the family can speak too! But no one can understand him yet :) Though some time in the past week, Sito and I thought he mumbled mama! Probably mur mur when complaining or whining! :p

Kai is a bigger boy now, and sometimes he didn't want to talk to us coz he was engaged in play or some other interest. But he told his teachers that Yu will go to school next Monday :) He can also spell the days of the week and many numerals too :)

The old boy also says the darnest things...

We were watching Ninja Turtles yesterday. Sito, Kai, Yang and me. And there was this scene where a human girl hugged the Sensei and addressed him as her father.

mf: How is she his daughter?
Sito: He used to be human
mf: What happened?
Sito: 沾到 rat mutagen
mf: The turtles...
Sito: They were originally turtles...
mf: I know, then what happened?
Sito: 沾到人


I laughed my head off! Yup, I had to ask, right...

The other day, Yang took a photo of me. I deleted it coz I looked so ugly!

mf: Did pregnancy change my features? So ugly :(
Sito: Not ugly. Just fat.

Thanks, Dear, thanks ah...

Monday, 27 March 2017

First centre closure day of 2017

Today is the first child care centre closure day of the year. We had scrambled eggs for breakfast and made some flapjack (so much easier than cookies!) for afternoon tea. Then it was time for Cool De Sac! Planned that for a while and it was a good choice as the indoor playground was so empty on a weekday!

Kai and Yang napped on our bed with Papa

While Mama played with Yu who woke

Sito put Yu on him and went down the slide with Kai and Yang!

Yu had mini fun in the mini kids' area too :)

The bigger boys did their active things...

Always a hot favourite

Yu looked on enviously...

So in he went too!

Boys peeling hard boiled eggs at Keisuke

Enjoying their free ramen

Forgot Yu's toy so gave him the cover for the scissors...

The boys were quite tame today but Sito felt ill towards the end so they were still quite the handful, especially who was so noisy on the way back and couldn't keep still at all! So he didn't get YouTube :p Now YouTube is an almost weekly privilege for good boys only. Very good boys.

There are more centre closure days. I especially dread the ones over Teachers' Day - five days no school!!! Have to plan some activities so we don't get stuck at home with all their energy!

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Final week at home with Yu

Very soon, we are here - the final week of mama and babe together all the time before the babe goes to school!!

This morning, after I rocked Yu to dreamland for his first nap, I looked at his cute face - round cheeks, pouty mouth - and cried. I'm so going to miss seeing his cute face all the time! Of course that was me remembering only the cute times; he has had plenty of uncute (i.e. fussy) times too :p

He can stay on his front very well, reach for things and discover new things, like Dory

Put him in the high chair on Monday - time to practise!

Actually, he cried the first time I put him in. I tried again five minutes later and he was ok. Phew!!!! What to do if he rejects bottle and the high chair?!

All at the dining table!

Must take this shot - standard for the kids!

Maximising the new Sophie :p

His first taste of food - steamed broccoli! Dropped soon after...

Well, he puts everything into his mouth actually, including the corner of my pillow

Gonna miss this little sleeping face...

And this cheeky playful face...

Also his blur face... That's Yang's mistletoe on Yu's head - perfect fit!

Even the sleep pose - this is just one of many he can sleep in

Final week. So sad our long break will be over soon... But I'm also looking forward to my seven days of freedom when he's in school but I haven't started work yet. So conflicted, motherhood!

New bedtime routine

Had a rough night when Sito was in KL on Thursday and Friday coz both Yang and Yu woke at the same time. Eventually, I convinced Yang to let me go to Yu. He said, then I'll find kakak. Ah well...

On Saturday, we started a new bedtime routine. It's not totally new la. I still go in to do all the bedtime things but I will not stay until Yang falls asleep and than sit with Kai for a while more if he isn't already sleeping. I will just leave the room and let them fall asleep by themselves. This could potentially see my me time start from 8.30 pm - a full 30 minutes earlier than the usual!

Else, I had many episodes of me falling asleep with the boys. Sito woke me at just past 9 pm many times. When he was in KL, I woke on my own - at 10.20 pm!!! With Sito starting on a new job in late April which might see him working late and travelling, I need to ensure I get out of their room so that I could do some work.

So, new routine.

I told them both about it since the morning. Of course that was very useful *.* When I was going to leave, they were still asking me to stay. "Then kakak sayang me!" "But you haven't pei wo!" "I want Mama..." "Hey, Didi is sleeping on my bed!" etc...

But I got out eventually. I sat right outside their room and watched them over the camera. I also had the cane with me and I would tapped the door handle if they didn't stay in bed. Ya I did this once previously when they were naughty and Sito forbade anyone from staying with them. But this time was not a punishment. I hope they forgot about the last punishment *.*

They were monkeying around a lot!!! But it was very cute la. They ran about, sang, drank water, ran out to say goodnight to kakak and Papa or complained about each other.

Singing! Kai's "How Far I'll Go" and Yang's made-up song about injections...

As usual, the room would quieten down only when Kai stays quiet. And he didn't until he felt "eating pains" in his stomach - as opposed to poo poo pains or vomit pains - coz he ate too much pizza! I put some oil on him and told him to stay still. Yang asked me to put the cane away and I did when he was staying put in his bed.

Down temporarily

Kai came to ask me to sit with him after he thought that Yang was asleep. But Yang was only drowsy so he came to the door too! Argh! When Yang was really asleep, Kai came out to complained about Yang sleeping on his (Kai's) bed. I shifted Yang but he ended up waking a little. I hugged and carried him back to sleep. Then he went down and soon, Kai too.

Was a little surprised at the success despite being pang seh-ed by Sito who was in bed with a fever. We tried tonight again and the boys were taking turns to tip toe to the door and be scared back to bed by a tap of the cane until Sito went in - they really stayed down! 爸爸的威严?:)

A tidbit from tonight:

Mama: Let's chit chat!
Yang: I like chocolate chit chat!
Mama: ... That's Kit Kat!!

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Paediatric tuina

This morning, I brought Yang for his first paediatric tuina. Fevers aside, he keeps getting running nose and coughs. And he doesn't sleep well. All are issues that could possibly be managed with tuina. I really didn't know what to expect but no harm trying right? The only harm is to the pocket...

Mama kissing my handsome boy

Well, he wanted to draw but we were running late. Had to use the glasses to lure him out of the house... Digression: We have many touristy tops - he's wearing Mykonos and me Barcelona :p

We were the first appointment so there was hardly any waiting before we saw the doctor. She asked and I replied - his issues, what he eats every day, his temper. She surprised me when she asked whether he had a big temper, coz Yang was sporting this angelic face the moment he saw the doctor - who would know he's quite the chilli padi?! :p

Yang clammed up the moment he saw the doctor, acting all coy and tame. He buried his head in my vast tummy during the consultation. When he was asked to open his mouth, he stuck out a bit of his tongue and had to be coaxed to open up further. When the doctor took his pulse, he sat very still and fiddled with only the marshmallow I gave him.

In the treatment room - very guai

The doctor used some powder during the treatment. I should ask her what powder it is the next time. Anyway, Yang likes the powder. He kept poking a finger in it and wiping it on his knees *.*

Being tui-ed - he's enjoying it!

The doctor started with his forehead, moving to his arms and legs then stomach before turning over to his back. He made a face while lying facing down. From the time we stepped into the consultation room until that point, he hadn't said a word. Then he went "ouchie" very softly. It seemed that the part where the doctor pulled the skin up and shifted roll up along his spine hurt. But it was swiftly over. When asked if he was ok, he gave a very soft "ok". At the end, he even said "thank you" when I asked what he should say now. And despite reminding me later that his back hurt during the massage, he said he liked it and was ok to go again.

So the diagnosis is that he is 内热 and should not eat too much fried or baked stuff. He doesn't eat either in school except on cookery days when it happens to be baked goods. On weekends, he has more exposure to both, especially baked stuff - pizza, cakes, sweet and sour pork. So I asked if drinking more water or eating "cooling" stuff could counter it. She said water is fine but use food rather than medicinal herbs, i.e. old cucumber soup. Guess we have to give him more soup than over his rice...

The doctor also said that he needs to go outdoors to work off his inner don't know what. I guess this is supposed to help him sleep better. She also taught me to rub his forehead and temples at night to help him sleep better. I just tried but forgot the temples :p

Made an appointment for next Saturday. We were advised to go about 10 times then see how he is. That's a big hole in the pocket *.* But I'll get a photo of PAssion Card to get 10% discount off consultation fees next time!

Sunday, 19 March 2017

The heart

Yang brought home his work from the past term. As I went through them, I thought it really took a lot of heart to be a good child care teacher - his teacher labelled each item so that we could tell what each item was/was about!


I held this out this morning and asked Yang, who was doing finger painting, what it was:

Yang: It's a heart! *continues painting*
Mama: Whose heart is this? Is it your heart?
Yang: My heart is in my tummy! *continues painting*

Yang 1, Mama 0!

Funny child care moment

Share a funny moment from last weekend:

So peaceful hor, reading in bed...


The second son was putting my hair "alien" on his third

The first was throwing rolling cars towards the door!

Ok la, in the end, the Papa played with the boys - push me if you can!

My strong baby amid fragile sakura

My baby is very strong - he can sit up and then stand when I lift him by his arms while lying down, and he can support himself very well!

"See? I can sit!"

He seems to love this book - he will quieten down even if I just read the lines without the book

He can reach for things very well now and today he even discovered the prints on Kai's bed!

Gave him his bolster! Need to remove the buckle though..

Went to Gardens by the Bay on Thursday for the sakura. His brothers had not seen sakura before.

Sleeping not too soundly...

Blur boy didn't know what he was seeing!

A plan hatched while I was wheeling the boy around. It's tough to travel with three kids under five or even six. But I just might sneak this boy off to Japan for hanami when his elder brothers go to primary school :p Plan plan plan...

Another hot baby and a painful mama

Yang was down Wednesday evening to Monday - he went to school on Monday but had a slight fever there, which the teachers handled. Then Kai was down Thursday late afternoon - got the call while at Patissez.

My poor baby looking all sweet and cute when Papa fetched him 

He had a mild fever and a tummy ache ("not the poo poo kind") so we sent him to our bed with paracetamol to segregate him from his brothers. We guesstimated the dosage since he hadn't had a fever since perhaps playgroup?? He had a nosebleed that night.

Kept the boy at boy on Friday and made a paper bag puppet from an activity kit from don't-know-where while Yu was napping. He was feverish but I let it be since he was still happy and active.

"Me and my cow which I ignored soon after!"

He said he still had the same tummy ache and felt like vomiting. I also saw that the outside of his right eye was slightly bloodshot. I tried calling four PDs and a GP but the appointments were all full! I couldn't wait 1-2 hours with two boys so I gave up. We could always self-medicate first.
So I let him watch the Lion King movie while I got busy with Yu.

But at about 11 am, I found that he hit 39 degrees. So I called another GP two MRT stops away and was told that they had no patient NOW. I dashed out with Kai, leaving Yu with N. His fever went down on its own by the time we got there. He was given some usual medicine and VIP treatment - the doctor was very nice and let Kai hear his own heartbeat! I also saw the doctor since I was there - caught a cold while sleeping on Kai's bed the previous night.

Kai insisted on lunching out and spaghetti so we found an eatery and chope chope ate and went back. He didn't like the spaghetti anyway. Poor Yu was crying so hard :(

Spend the afternoon doing kiddy things

I gave him some paracetamol in the afternoon but when his fever spiked in the evening, I gave him some ibuprofen. He immediately complained of a pain in the right of his neck. I wondered if it was a side effect or a sore throat. In any case, he slept another night in our bed.

His fever spiked again on Saturday afternoon and he complained about his neck again in the evening. His mucous remained bloody. That night at 3.30 am, he woke and complained of a tummy ache. When he woke in the morning, I was shocked to find both his eyes bloodshot! Keyed in "fever" and "bloodshot eyes" and "child" and the first thing that Dr Google gave me was Kawasaki disease. What the?!

I woke Sito to bring him to A&E, armed with an email of the kid's medical history. Thankfully nothing serious - not enough symptoms to diagnose anything more than a viral fever. His fever spiked again this pm but he went to bed with very mild fever. Hope he can be well tmr. Will have to monitor him.

And the painful mama - had diarrhoea last night and the pain persisted the whole of today despite no more diarrhoea and a trip to the Sunday doctor, which diagnosed "stomach upset". Thanks ah. The medicine didn't help much. Gonna try antacid next.

Hope no one else falls ill in this household!

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Yu's frenemy

I was writing a sequel to HX and Yu's first meeting only to realise that I only posted their first meeting on Facebook, not here! So let's start from the beginning.... The story of the frenemies...

Back in December, at Na's place:

HX: Who are you?

HX: Mummy, who's this on my mat?

HX: Don't care, box first!

Yu: Why are you the one crying?!

Ok, truce

We want out mummy!!

Yesterday, at my place:

HX: Were you the one I punched last time?
Yu: Yes! I'm so scared now!

HX: Don't worry, I'm friendly now!

HX: What? Are you going to punch me back?
Yu: Fufufu! Yes!

HX: Don't like that la...

Yu: Ok lor, let's play instead.
HX: Nice school bus you've got there...

Yu: Stop staring at it. It's mine!

Yu: Told you to stop staring at it! It's MINE!!!!

Yu: Ok, we play dog and bone to see who gets the school bus

Yu: I got it!

HX: No, I got it!

Reset - see their intense looks!

Yu: See, it's mine - it came to me!
HX: Dang!

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