Sunday, 12 March 2017

Kai is a big boy now

Have I mentioned that Kai is in K1? K1 leh!! Gosh, I still remember when I was in K1. Which means he will probably remember too, though Sito thinks otherwise, coz he's a boy *.* Well, we'll see...

But lately, I really find that my Kai has grown so much. Sometimes, I just looked at him but found that he was suddenly very tall - he's 109 cm now. Sometimes, he landed on me or I carried him, and found myself crumbling under his 18-19 kg. Sometimes, I looked at him concentrating on something and thought he looked older than his age. Sometimes, I looked at the things he did and was impressed at how well he did them, or that he did them at all!

Last night, I spent some time sleeping next to Yang who was burning. When I left the room in a hurry to attend to Yu who had earlier migrated to my bed, I also left the two little blankets I used lying on the bed in a pile. Those are Yu's blankets actually. This morning, I came into the kids' room to find them (quite) nicely folded and placed aside - Kai told me he did it. I was so happy coz it was the second time he did that - three times to make a habit, they say?

And this afternoon, when he was helping to keep the train tracks, which was a standard thing to do, he arranged them very, very nicely, so nice that I removed his "strike one". We recently implemented this three strikes thing - three strikes and he doesn't get YouTube. He knows better than to ask for YouTube every day now but he usually asks for it on Sundays. I'm very inclined to give him and Yang YouTube especially when N is off - makes evening logistics that much easier! So this three strikes rule is very useful since I get to determine what constitutes a strike! :p (Sorry, Kai, when you eventually read this...)

This week, I also bought a shower head holder - found it accidentally in Daiso. It's perfect for teaching Kai to shower by himself. We've been teaching him during his showers and even did demonstrations. He can soap himself pretty well, missing only the front part of his hair, but he needs greater supervision to rinse himself. But it's good to let him try; he enjoys it. And practice makes perfect someday!

Kai rinsing himself

The holder dropped just now though, haha! $2 and suction cup in a wet area.. Gotta fix it back later.

Recently, this K1 boy has been learning how to write both English and Chinese. They are at three-letter words in school now. At home, I'm teaching him his Chinese name, which has many, many strokes! But he's learning very well and better than expected with more enthusiasm than expected too.

Writing (part of) his Chinese name

Sometimes, I even entrust Yu to Kai. Like yesterday, when I asked Sito to go buy yoghurt after dinner - yoghurt has become an essential part of Sunday morning - and it was Yang's turn to shower after Kai was done, he insisted that I rather than N shower him. I can't remember if he meant for me to shower with him but I thought I might as well shower with him so I asked Kai to take care of Yu. He did it quite well despite a fussing Yu - he kept bringing baby toys to Yu when one failed to keep him happy, and towards the end, he told me to hurry up coz baby didi wasn't happy!

Kai is quite the doting brother. A bit too rough at times, a tad too loud most times, better to Yu than to yang, but overall, a good big brother, yes :)

BUT! And it's a big but. Kai still whines and cries a lot, and does not obey us. And when he's upset, he throws himself to the floor and whines and cries. It could be a floor full of dropped food *.* Then just this morning, he kicked me on purpose as I walked past him on the sofa. I warned him against it the first time, especially since Yu was napping on me. When he did it again, it was the cane and lots of whines and cries - it took the finale song of Trolls to stop him.

So, yes, big boy but still plenty of room to grow.

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