Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Yu's frenemy

I was writing a sequel to HX and Yu's first meeting only to realise that I only posted their first meeting on Facebook, not here! So let's start from the beginning.... The story of the frenemies...

Back in December, at Na's place:

HX: Who are you?

HX: Mummy, who's this on my mat?

HX: Don't care, box first!

Yu: Why are you the one crying?!

Ok, truce

We want out mummy!!

Yesterday, at my place:

HX: Were you the one I punched last time?
Yu: Yes! I'm so scared now!

HX: Don't worry, I'm friendly now!

HX: What? Are you going to punch me back?
Yu: Fufufu! Yes!

HX: Don't like that la...

Yu: Ok lor, let's play instead.
HX: Nice school bus you've got there...

Yu: Stop staring at it. It's mine!

Yu: Told you to stop staring at it! It's MINE!!!!

Yu: Ok, we play dog and bone to see who gets the school bus

Yu: I got it!

HX: No, I got it!

Reset - see their intense looks!

Yu: See, it's mine - it came to me!
HX: Dang!


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