Sunday, 5 March 2017

Yu can flip!

Yu flipped a couple of times on our bed in the past couple of weeks but our bed is soft and easy so I've been waiting for him to flip on the play mat. Truth be told, I haven't exactly given him much mat time but yesterday, he finally flipped! I came back in to find him in the midst of flipping! So happy! So yes, he's the earliest to flip among the three! The next trick is mine - video him doing it!!

Put good old Ding Dang on his right and he turned to reach for it

Flip side (:p) is that, he may flip in his sleep and drool all over the bed!

Btw, that was my bed :(

This week, he also seems to be more able to stay still - he didn't wail much in the car seat at red lights, he didn't need the stroller to keep moving all the time.

Yu staring ahead in the stroller on the way to the library

But the saliva!! He's been soaking bibs every day, else his shirt. And my hair fall - whose timing I link with the start of baby drooling - continues to amaze me...

He can also pull things very well now, after we junked the mittens at four months. And he can master quite a death grip! It's ok if it's his toys but sometimes it's my hair :(

Yesterday, I dozed off for some 10 minutes with him lying in front of me. When I woke, I thought Sito brought him out. But a movement drew my attention to what was in front of me - baby under duvet!!!!! Gosh... I pulled it off but he somehow kept managing to pull the duvet over the top half of himself..

Chewing the underside of my duvet

Developments aside, Yu met a new friend this week! Actually, they met in December but this time, they were both more awake! But the funny thing was, they both kept crying together! She was sleepy so she cried while DL was making lunch. The moment Yu heard her cries, he started to pout and cry too. And when she heard him? She stopped for a while before continuing to cry! It was quite funny as it happened so many times!

"Is there a baby next to me?"

"Yes! And it's a GIRL!"

"Are you a competitor? Box you away!" "Yeah!"

"Boo hoo! I'm scared when she cries!"

Actually Yu hasn't been easy in the past two or three weeks, starting from just before his 13 Feb vaccination. But this Monday, he smiled at me from nursing again! So happy! There were still moments when I simply couldn't understand what was biting him but there were more manageable. And this week, I also decided to not waste his pacifiers - if he's not using them as pacifiers, I'd use them as toys! And while Sito and I were chatting away, I suddenly found him sucking it!

Using a pacifier while looking at Papa

This coming week, my baby will turn five months. And this month is our last month at home together. No matter how fussy he is, I think I'll be missing such days...

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