Monday, 27 February 2017

Very wanted

So I have gone from unwanted to very wanted in one week.

This morning, Yang trotted into my room at 5 am asking whether I could sayang him. Of course! I left a sleeping Yu and followed Yang back to his bed. He started talking as expected. I wasn't listening much - I told him to go back to bed and I would sleep first. But then a key word hit me - WET.

Oh yes, his pants were all wet indeed! Whenever I thought he was consistently dry, he would spring a surprise, argh! It could also be the extra cup of milk coz he now wants fresh milk like Kai in addition to his formula!

Making a cute monster face while on the potty this evening

Cute monster-face or cute-monster face? :p

Anyway, strangely, I couldn't find a wet spot on the bed. Maybe it was all dried up coz I could smell it just now! (Forgot to get N to change bedsheets...) So we went to the potty where he had some more pee and changed him. The next thing I knew, Sito was holding Yu and kicking my foot - it was 6.20 am! Apparently, that was the second time Sito kicked me since Yu woke at 6 am :p

So I tried to shift Yang's head from my waist to the bed and realised he was awake. I told him I had to feed Yu. He said no. I asked him to go find N. He said ok and scurried away!

And just now at bedtime, I told Kai and Yang to go to bed first; I would join them after Yu had fallen asleep. Kai didn't say anything but Yang gave an adamant NO! He wanted me to sayang him. So ok, I tried to sit there with all three, with Yu lying on Kai's bed right next to me. The brothers were clamouring to sayang him so in short, sleep was not happening to anyone!

After some fuss here and there, Yang agreed to have N sit with him while I settled Yu. He came in a few times for sayangs and hugs though, sweet :)

When Yu was down shortly after 8 pm, I went in for my other boys. Yang wanted me to lie down so the next thing I knew, it was just past 9 pm and both boys were asleep. Thankfully, Yang had rolled off me somehow so I just got up and left.

The feeling of being wanted? Great! The stress? Tremendous! Looks like I'll be spread really thin! Hope Sito's next job will keep him in Singapore!

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