Saturday, 18 February 2017

Spare the rod and spoil the child

So much for "I'm not going to cane my babies!"

Sito handed Yang the first stroke over National Day last year. That was his only use of the cane.

In the past week plus, I have caned Kai and Yang twice each:

1a) Kai jumped off the IKEA cabinet onto Yang's bed, super scary. I've told him to stop but... So one stroke on the leg. He didn't quite see that coming but I didn't hit hard. He looked shocked. He said it hurt.

1b) Kai kept running around at dinner time despite multiple reminders. I told him that the next time he did that, there would be no reminders; I would reach straight for the cane and him. Then he forgot. I had to pretend to miss a couple of times, hitting the table leg, before hitting him gently. When he transgressed again, I pretended quite badly, hitting the floor *.* but he got it and ran back to his seat!

The playful boy who understands and fears the cane

2a) Yang threw an umbrella onto the floor very loudly. This actually didn't warrant caning but I thought, might as well remind him of the pain! So I asked him to choose one hand or I would cane both hands. He started crying but eventually gave me his right hand. I gave him a light stroke.

2b) Yang threw books at Kai this evening. I saw from my room where I was nursing Yu and came out to scold him. This boy doesn't respect his belongings and keeps hurting his brother! Again, I asked him to choose a hand. He gave me his right hand more readily now, without tears. I caned him not too hard but I told him I would use more strength next time. I think the next cane would have to be hard - he seems to no fear the cane as much this time...

The fearless boy who is difficult to discipline

Sigh, I so dread using strength to cane them :(

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