Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Out came the jotter books!

Kai has been learning how to sound and spell short words like jet, pet, mat, fat, cat, dog. He wanted to write so I bought another pack of 10 jotter books, this time with lines. I had him write his own name himself on the cover of his first jotter book.

Kai writing :)

Yang wanted to draw so he took a plain jotter book. I held his hand to write his name on the cover. He couldn't hold a pencil in the correct way so I taught him. But most times he still uses the wrong way of grabbing the pencil like he was going to stab himself *.*

He did very well despite the pencil grip - after drawing what looked like a circle, he told me it was a face or something and proceeded to draw the eyes, nose and a smiling face! I don't think Kai could do that at 2.5yo. I should take a picture of that later...

Then he climbed up to point the letters and pictures to me

Today, Kai took a plain jotter book as well but drew spiders on the bench, cute but argh!

I'm looking forward to more writing and drawing from my boys! :)

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