Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Yu's first baby spa

And probably only? :p We decided that we would not get a package for Yu. Kai had an unlimited package and we only just managed to break even. Yang had a package of 20 sessions and it was very tiring to have to bring both boys to the baby spa whenever we could; we were also limited to where we could go on Saturdays. Now with three kids, we're so not going through the baby spa Saturdays again! But we must be fair, right? So Tuesday happened!

First, a haircut at EC House next door - $12, cheaper than $18 at baby spa! Then Yu had a poop before going into the water, phew!

Very quietly sitting on my lap, probably blur :p

"What are you doing to me..?"

Botak having his warm-up!

So cute! But why not smiling, my baby?

They have a new rule about using a handkerchief to catch saliva and protect the chin. Else, cuter!! Cutest if he would only smile!! But cuteness aside, our littlest boy was a good swimmer! Well, almost a swimmer. He could kick about and turn himself very well! I was so proud of him! :))))

"See me move!"

Let him sit up when he started to fuss

"I want to eat these colourful things!"

Ok, photos and videos taken! See, Yu, Papa and Mama brought you to baby spa too :p

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