Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sleep, potty training, saliva and more

Ok, this is a japalang post...

Just now, I was sitting in the kids' room with Kai and Yang. I started singing Rock-a-Bye Baby when Kai decided that he wanted the Chinese song coz he's a Chinese boy - I was so happy he said that! So I switched to 摇啊摇 but Yang wanted the Enggish (sic) one! So I alternated between the two.

After a while, I remembered the Cantonese song so I sang that, and Kai sang part of a verse with me! I wondered if he remembered it from before coz he used to sing along a bit.. And Yang asked me what's a-ba :)

Kai's sleep pose which I find very sweet

Yang's sleep pose - who's da boss?!

Yu's current sleep pose - with an arm dangling behind!

On 1 February, Kai came back to say "It's February?" Yes, my boy :) He has learnt months of the year but he is still refusing to learn how to read time!

Mum was busy on Friday so we practised divide-and-conquer - I went to get Kai at 3 pm for a surprise ice cream treat and Novi fetched Yang by 6 pm.

Sayang baby didi before eating his ice cream

He wanted to stay there to play with his toys

But we left soon after coz Yu was fussing... And that night, I had the Sad Sleep Story with Yang...

Let's start with Thursday... Yu was sleeping in his bed. When Yang went in for his milk, he went to sayang him, which was lovely except that he woke Yu. It was difficult to set Yu down so I was pissed. As a punishment, I had him sleep on his own instead of having N accompany him. It just so happened that Kai said he wanted to sleep too so the two of them stayed inside.

While I was settling Yu in my room, I heard so much happy noise from the next room, which meant they were not sleeping! When Yu went down, I told his brothers to go bed, cane in hand. Then I sat on the sofa right outside the kids' room with the cane on my lap, watching Kai and Yang on the camera and tapping the door with the cane every time Yang stood up on his bed looking towards the door, which was just about every five seconds.

A few times, both came out saying they wanted water. Couldn't deny them so I promised that the first to fall asleep would get a chocolate the next morning. At first, it looked like I'd just offered a deadweight incentive to the older boy who understood incentives more than his brother did! But when Yang stopped trying to come out, he fell asleep very quickly while Kai was still tossing! Eventually Kai slept.

Yang getting up again!

Kai still tossing after Yang fell asleep

At 9 pm, Yu woke for milk. At the same time, Yang woke and sat on his bed to cry. I was so torn! I needed to feed Yu but I also wanted to sayang Yang! Given how he seemed closer to N, I wanted the opportunity to sayang him to fall on me rather than N. But it was so hard coz Sito was having late nights and I don't let helpers handle infants.. Eventually, he got up to get N into the room, sighs...

So, Friday. I thought Yang managed to fall asleep last night without an adult. So I tried again though I offered myself to sit in with them rather than to not have anyone at all. At first, Yang was ok but after he finished his milk, we began an epic struggle - me sitting behind the door and he crying and pushing/pulling me to try to get out the door to find N. I ended up sitting there crying with him for some time. Then finally, no choice, I let him go out.

I reviewed the past year odd of outsourcing his bedtime to N. Within months, he would rather have N than me accompany him to bed. This means it would take more months for him to let me take him to bed coz he's older now.

So Saturday morning, instead of trying to settle Yu back to sleep, we just got up and had breakfast together; Yu could nap later. Then I dumped Yu with Sito and sent the boys to school - spend more time with them plus reduce their time spent with N. Will send them every morning from now. I had a gathering with G they all but came back earlier than expected and managed to send them to bed for nap time though they ended up not napping; think Yang had a snooze in school already.

So three of us had quiet time until 3 pm while Sito took care of Yu; no point having N take care of Yu coz we would just create a similar problem down the road. I was very tired though; I kept closing my eyes as sleep attempted to overcome me but Yang told me to open them coz he couldn't see me hoho! When Yu was up, I carried him and sat with his brothers outside until it was time to feed. This morning, Yu had a long nap, which allowed me to spend more time with Kai and Yang.

Ziplock bag painting this morning while Yu was sleeping

Evenings will be tough. I'll have to handle Yu coz Mum won't be able to stay late while Sito probably won't be back early. This means I'll continue to outsource Yang to N at bedtime. But I've decided that if Yu can be put in my bed, I'll go sit with Yang and N until he falls asleep. Kai is easier - I can settle Yu before sitting with Kai.

This will be super tough when I start work but I'll take it one step at a time. I remind myself I have a bottle of Yomeishu lying around at home!!

In happier news about Yang, I think he is finally fully potty trained, yeah!! His teacher told us to let him wear underwear to school. Most days, he remain dry. So we switched to underwear at home as well. Day time was mostly fine, though once he pooped in his underwear!!!! Kai came in to tell me Yang pooped on the floor. I went out to find a lump on the floor! And then saw his underwear.... The next time Yang said "my poo poo is coming out!", we wasted no time haha!

As for night, for a long while in January, he was dry when wearing diapers but wetted his bed the moment we switched to underwear! We were washing bedsheets like mad! But around LNY, he finally stayed dry for more than a couple of nights. I think we can call it a success :) The next step is to reach Kai's stage - he can pee standing, get up at night to go pee in the dark and go right back to sleep. We still need Kai to reach his next stage - wipe his poop! - but I'm sure we'll get there...

Now to the littlest one...

Yu has cute fleshy big toes!

I know he was curling his toes now but when he relaxes, the fleshy bit looks the same - pointed! So cute!

I was half lying down; he was napping on my belly *.*

Crying also cute!

Forgot to secure him for a nap so let him hold his mittens!

So handsome!

Legs in the air!

Love his look in this wefie - why are you pulling your PJs?

All curled up :)

He pulled off suddenly while nursing, resulting in a milk spray on my bed

Very strong boy we have here!

The bib from YX and SF that has seen three boys :)

Now bibs are a regular thing when we go out. I suddenly remember someone told me - when Kai started salivating - that once the baby starts salivating crazily, the mother's hair will start to fall out. Well, his saliva and my hair did start to happen at about the same time, about two weeks ago! This third-time postpartum hairfall is epic - so much hair in the shower though my hair is the shortest this time!

Anyway, perhaps it's time to cut Yu's hair? Na said he looks like toilet brush now...!

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