Sunday, 26 February 2017

A fussy, wet and noisy week

For some reason, Yu has been very fussy in the past couple of weeks. I met SL for lunch on Friday - we haven't met for 20 years! But it was difficult catching up and even eating coz Yu was crying almost throughout the whole lunch! Best, SL had to help carry him so that I could eat. Sighs..

At home, it's the same. Unlike Kai who never rejected food, Yu wouldn't take milk if he wasn't hungry or sleepy. I think he was bored so I tried to entertain him. I brought out the 10 finger puppets from Kai's time. I never used them much so why not? They ended up drenched in his saliva!

Small but heavy when I wore four at one go!

Don't know if it's all the saliva or what, his poop in the past week was of a different consistency and slightly different smell. I was googling and peanut butter was the best description for this new consistency :p The frequency is also less now. In fact, he has gone without poop for two days and counting, apparently normal for breastfed babies... On the other hand, no explosive poop!

Let him dig for his own toys but I think he couldn't decide and got angry quickly

Reading in this position helps - for the first couple of reads

So I figure the only way is to alternate between staying at home and going out, changing whenever he gets fussy *.* That suits me well, thankfully, since I like to head out.

Gazing at the world outside... Not!

More like gumming the chair!!

He has been drooling a lot. And he's like a zombie, reaching out for things and stuffing them in his face like a crazed zombie!

Oooooo, look at that little mouth! Mama had to mimick him!

Yu also found his feet this week. First, he pulled each foot by the hand. Then he zoomed into his left foot and aimed his mouth at the big toe! I told Sito and his first reaction? No more kids - coz of an old wives' tale that sucking at the foot meant there would be a next baby hoho! Yup, no more kids. In any case, not accurate tale - CY's firstborn didn't eat her feet but she has two younger brothers :p

"My big toe is really yummy!"

This baby is definitely getting noisier. Just this morning, he woke at 5.20 am and started yakking away and shouting for an hour!! But Sito remained sound asleep *.*

Squawky baby!

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