Sunday, 12 February 2017

Yu's various expressions

Yu can talk! I mean, he can make sounds for a long time but this week, he started making sounds with consonants, e.g. "ha!" when he laughed out loud and various shouting sounds. I think it's usually at this stage when I start to sing the squawky baby song :)

I didn't manage to capture his words on video. Still not often enough to warrant video standby mode. But I did capture his many expressions in the past week.

The "wth is this?! some pest?" look

Only one of the three to keep sucking on the upper lip when he unlatched!

A bit chao ah beng too :p

Super cute look!

But actually, he was having a poop...

The staring at toy look

The eating toy look

I wanted to give him our old Sophie but she broke upon a wash!

I'm still considering whether I should get a new one...

The "li kua simi" look

Mini beng now pushes one arm out of the Caboo!

The sleep-smiling face on a day when I wanted him to wake!

The "I'm grouchy but I see coz you want me to see" look

Btw, I like that photo. My dear sons, when you see my posts and wonder why Mama is often not in the photos, rest assured that I was with you when these photos were taken - I was the trigger-happy photographer.

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