Sunday, 26 February 2017

My baby wants me again! :)

I've been consistently sending Yang to bed except for I think Saturday coz Yu was hungry. And I find that whenever I did, he woke less often at night. And when he woke, he didn't mind me too much! A couple of times, when I tried to leave the room after settling Yu, or to get water, he was not sleeping and stopped me, "No, Mama!"

A few nights, I saw him roll in bed and sat up. Last night, he cried and came to the door. I went to him and he cried out "Mama!" How my heart fluttered! He let me carry him to bed but the moment he hit the bed, he changed his mind and asked for Kakak *.* Never mind, I decided that as long as he doesn't reject me, I'll let him find her so I followed him to N's room and followed them back. While N sat next to his bed, I crawled on his bed and stayed there for a while longer after N had left.

Sitting up, still dazed

This afternoon at Mum's place, he let me carry him and sing to him until he fell asleep. As I sat there singing to him, I looked into his big eyes and felt so happy I was going to cry! So I closed my eyes to sing. When I peeked, he was drifting off to dreamland... Just now, I carried him and sang until he fell asleep too :)

We also find that he's been looking for us a bit more these days, and less for N. Sending him to bed is so powerful!

"There's skeleton inside?"

Ok, that was random haha! He asked for a massage so I did. Then I requested for the same and he found my collarbones! :p Yes, my baby, there's a skeleton inside!

In other news, he finally learnt to blow his nose instead of saying "hng!" really loudly! Ok, that was my fault for using a sound word to represent blowing of nose but I finally figured out I had to tell him to breathe out strongly to get the gunk out!

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