Sunday, 12 February 2017

Love thy brothers

Kai and Yang have a love-hate relationship.

One day, they were happily holding hands to go down slides together. Another day, they were punching each other and snatching toys from each other.

Yes, Kai has gone from raising his arm but not lowering it to hitting his target. Yang, on the other hand, has never been kind - he will lower his arm once he raises it. He also often rains kicks on Kai just because....nothing! My poor Kai! But when Kai hits Yang, it's 18.2 kg vs. 13.2 kg. My poor Yang!

Both are competing to love Yu though. For now!

Yang showing his truck to Yu

Brothers in school

That was their check-in photo on Saturday. The school implemented the electronic system about the time when Yang went into infant care. But in late November, I suddenly stopped receiving the emails. The school got their vendor to investigate. I even sent an email to Yahoo. Then some time last week, I finally got their check-out emails! For one day! So I decided to just change the email address. Now I'm getting four emails a day. Plenty of cute pictures! :)

Thought I should take a picture coz very soon, they can't fit on this together...

They switched around coz Kai claimed to be the stronger one - he is :p

Their fave stopover on the way home, after the 元宵 dinner yesterday

Yang fell and scraped his knee when he followed Kai up the ledge last Sunday. Yesterday, he still wanted to go up. But it was Kai who fell this time - he didn't scrape his skin as he just stepped into the bushes instead of falling on the ledge. Today, Kai got off the ledge after two steps and Sito convinced Yang to do the same, phew!

Balancing act

I love the Harry Potter photo function on Sito's phone! Sito took one today of little Yang moving his legs front and back while enjoying his fruits and staring up and around. But I can only share a frame here..

Cute boy Yang

So cute but so naughty! Just now at bedtime, he kept blowing raspberries. It was so loud and Yu was sleeping next door. But I had to bear with it coz if I ignore all his bedtime antics, he'll go to sleep. Sure enough, he did. I thanked Kai for keeping quiet and left the room. Tomorrow, naughty boy will be having a vaccination with his little brother - I'll be on febrile fit watch this coming week!

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