Sunday, 26 February 2017

Our makan routines

We started a new breakfast routine for the older boys (obviously!) in the past two weeks - egg mayonnaise sandwich every Tuesday, ham and cheese toasted sandwich every Thursday and a hot breakfast every Saturday. But due to personal preferences, we have variations.

For example, both boys eat egg mayonnaise but Kai likes it more than Yang does. Yang would happily take a hardboiled egg instead. Once, Kai brought an extra hardboiled egg to school - he later told me he ate it but he didn't like it. Kai is also more excited about the ham and cheese sandwich. Yang had it the past Thursday and he took a very long time to finish it...

Last Saturday, we had steamed frozen buns with lotus paste. Yang ate only one. Kai didn't like it coz it wasn't red bean paste - I'm going to try red bean paste next time to see whether he will eat! Yesterday, we had scrambled eggs on toast. I had them crack an egg each - they love that! - and let them watch me cook. I used Gordon Ramsay's method.

Scrambled eggs on open toast

In the past couple of months, I've been preparing dinner menus for N so that we wouldn't be eating tau kwa or tofu some three times a week every freaking week! But it was tough to keep thinking of new dishes and varying them. So earlier this month, I punched various dishes into Excel and voila! All I need to do is to refresh to generate weekly menus! I could have made it better, e.g. no repetition within the week but I figure it's easier to do a visual scan for repetitions than to build in extra formulae. I have also started going to the market more often to pick out greens I want. Again, I don't fancy eating the same vegetables all the time..

With Yu turning six months in what, five weeks (!), I'm also getting excited about weaning him. For convenience's sake, I'll still give baby cereals but this time, I hope to give more fresh food instead. Shall think more about it in a couple more weeks...

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