Saturday, 25 March 2017

Paediatric tuina

This morning, I brought Yang for his first paediatric tuina. Fevers aside, he keeps getting running nose and coughs. And he doesn't sleep well. All are issues that could possibly be managed with tuina. I really didn't know what to expect but no harm trying right? The only harm is to the pocket...

Mama kissing my handsome boy

Well, he wanted to draw but we were running late. Had to use the glasses to lure him out of the house... Digression: We have many touristy tops - he's wearing Mykonos and me Barcelona :p

We were the first appointment so there was hardly any waiting before we saw the doctor. She asked and I replied - his issues, what he eats every day, his temper. She surprised me when she asked whether he had a big temper, coz Yang was sporting this angelic face the moment he saw the doctor - who would know he's quite the chilli padi?! :p

Yang clammed up the moment he saw the doctor, acting all coy and tame. He buried his head in my vast tummy during the consultation. When he was asked to open his mouth, he stuck out a bit of his tongue and had to be coaxed to open up further. When the doctor took his pulse, he sat very still and fiddled with only the marshmallow I gave him.

In the treatment room - very guai

The doctor used some powder during the treatment. I should ask her what powder it is the next time. Anyway, Yang likes the powder. He kept poking a finger in it and wiping it on his knees *.*

Being tui-ed - he's enjoying it!

The doctor started with his forehead, moving to his arms and legs then stomach before turning over to his back. He made a face while lying facing down. From the time we stepped into the consultation room until that point, he hadn't said a word. Then he went "ouchie" very softly. It seemed that the part where the doctor pulled the skin up and shifted roll up along his spine hurt. But it was swiftly over. When asked if he was ok, he gave a very soft "ok". At the end, he even said "thank you" when I asked what he should say now. And despite reminding me later that his back hurt during the massage, he said he liked it and was ok to go again.

So the diagnosis is that he is 内热 and should not eat too much fried or baked stuff. He doesn't eat either in school except on cookery days when it happens to be baked goods. On weekends, he has more exposure to both, especially baked stuff - pizza, cakes, sweet and sour pork. So I asked if drinking more water or eating "cooling" stuff could counter it. She said water is fine but use food rather than medicinal herbs, i.e. old cucumber soup. Guess we have to give him more soup than over his rice...

The doctor also said that he needs to go outdoors to work off his inner don't know what. I guess this is supposed to help him sleep better. She also taught me to rub his forehead and temples at night to help him sleep better. I just tried but forgot the temples :p

Made an appointment for next Saturday. We were advised to go about 10 times then see how he is. That's a big hole in the pocket *.* But I'll get a photo of PAssion Card to get 10% discount off consultation fees next time!

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