Sunday, 5 March 2017

The cheeky preschoolers-turned-machine operators

Recently, Kai's check-in/out photos have been cheering me no end. He's so smiley! I'll just dig up photos from the past two weeks:

So happy!

Ok, cheeky - show me your eyes!

Monkey dance? 

My silly boy's goofy smile :)

What an earnest smile!

Guai zai smile

Unnatural smile :p

Plenty of photos look like this

Another super happy smile!

Yang's check-in/out photos are often shot from above, making his head super big and his face super cute!

This somehow reminds me of 陈冠希?!

Back home, Yang is cheeky as ever. I think that might be why I have more photos of him at home than of Kai!

All 10 Not heavy meh?!

Big baby in the sling!

Well, Yang disturbed Kai and Kai hit him, hence starting a fight that Sito had to intervene to break up. Ya, things are getting real physical here... It was Yang's fault but he cried and whined and wanted me to carry. So, there I was, putting his chunky legs into the sling! He fitted well into the sling though! And I managed to sling him all the way to Mum's place without feeling too tired. Magic of a proper hold - can't imagine if I had to carry him with only my arms!

Found him hiding under Mum's bed!

My lovely machine operators!

We headed out for dinner tonight and had some time to check out the Diggersite. Bought a pass for 10+2 rides. Utilised two today as we didn't have much time before our dinner reservation.

Kai seemed to be concentrating very hard here

Yang was looking at the digger; sometimes he wasn't :p

Both boys didn't smile much during the activity but Kai said he liked it and would like to try the other machines. Think Yang is still too young for this so we'll probably utilise the pas mainly for Kai!

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