Sunday, 26 March 2017

New bedtime routine

Had a rough night when Sito was in KL on Thursday and Friday coz both Yang and Yu woke at the same time. Eventually, I convinced Yang to let me go to Yu. He said, then I'll find kakak. Ah well...

On Saturday, we started a new bedtime routine. It's not totally new la. I still go in to do all the bedtime things but I will not stay until Yang falls asleep and than sit with Kai for a while more if he isn't already sleeping. I will just leave the room and let them fall asleep by themselves. This could potentially see my me time start from 8.30 pm - a full 30 minutes earlier than the usual!

Else, I had many episodes of me falling asleep with the boys. Sito woke me at just past 9 pm many times. When he was in KL, I woke on my own - at 10.20 pm!!! With Sito starting on a new job in late April which might see him working late and travelling, I need to ensure I get out of their room so that I could do some work.

So, new routine.

I told them both about it since the morning. Of course that was very useful *.* When I was going to leave, they were still asking me to stay. "Then kakak sayang me!" "But you haven't pei wo!" "I want Mama..." "Hey, Didi is sleeping on my bed!" etc...

But I got out eventually. I sat right outside their room and watched them over the camera. I also had the cane with me and I would tapped the door handle if they didn't stay in bed. Ya I did this once previously when they were naughty and Sito forbade anyone from staying with them. But this time was not a punishment. I hope they forgot about the last punishment *.*

They were monkeying around a lot!!! But it was very cute la. They ran about, sang, drank water, ran out to say goodnight to kakak and Papa or complained about each other.

Singing! Kai's "How Far I'll Go" and Yang's made-up song about injections...

As usual, the room would quieten down only when Kai stays quiet. And he didn't until he felt "eating pains" in his stomach - as opposed to poo poo pains or vomit pains - coz he ate too much pizza! I put some oil on him and told him to stay still. Yang asked me to put the cane away and I did when he was staying put in his bed.

Down temporarily

Kai came to ask me to sit with him after he thought that Yang was asleep. But Yang was only drowsy so he came to the door too! Argh! When Yang was really asleep, Kai came out to complained about Yang sleeping on his (Kai's) bed. I shifted Yang but he ended up waking a little. I hugged and carried him back to sleep. Then he went down and soon, Kai too.

Was a little surprised at the success despite being pang seh-ed by Sito who was in bed with a fever. We tried tonight again and the boys were taking turns to tip toe to the door and be scared back to bed by a tap of the cane until Sito went in - they really stayed down! 爸爸的威严?:)

A tidbit from tonight:

Mama: Let's chit chat!
Yang: I like chocolate chit chat!
Mama: ... That's Kit Kat!!

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