Sunday, 26 March 2017

Final week at home with Yu

Very soon, we are here - the final week of mama and babe together all the time before the babe goes to school!!

This morning, after I rocked Yu to dreamland for his first nap, I looked at his cute face - round cheeks, pouty mouth - and cried. I'm so going to miss seeing his cute face all the time! Of course that was me remembering only the cute times; he has had plenty of uncute (i.e. fussy) times too :p

He can stay on his front very well, reach for things and discover new things, like Dory

Put him in the high chair on Monday - time to practise!

Actually, he cried the first time I put him in. I tried again five minutes later and he was ok. Phew!!!! What to do if he rejects bottle and the high chair?!

All at the dining table!

Must take this shot - standard for the kids!

Maximising the new Sophie :p

His first taste of food - steamed broccoli! Dropped soon after...

Well, he puts everything into his mouth actually, including the corner of my pillow

Gonna miss this little sleeping face...

And this cheeky playful face...

Also his blur face... That's Yang's mistletoe on Yu's head - perfect fit!

Even the sleep pose - this is just one of many he can sleep in

Final week. So sad our long break will be over soon... But I'm also looking forward to my seven days of freedom when he's in school but I haven't started work yet. So conflicted, motherhood!

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  1. So fast it's time for Yu to start infantcare already! It's never easy putting a kid in infantcare... can't believe you're doing it 3 times, haha! Jia you!


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