Sunday, 19 March 2017

Another hot baby and a painful mama

Yang was down Wednesday evening to Monday - he went to school on Monday but had a slight fever there, which the teachers handled. Then Kai was down Thursday late afternoon - got the call while at Patissez.

My poor baby looking all sweet and cute when Papa fetched him 

He had a mild fever and a tummy ache ("not the poo poo kind") so we sent him to our bed with paracetamol to segregate him from his brothers. We guesstimated the dosage since he hadn't had a fever since perhaps playgroup?? He had a nosebleed that night.

Kept the boy at boy on Friday and made a paper bag puppet from an activity kit from don't-know-where while Yu was napping. He was feverish but I let it be since he was still happy and active.

"Me and my cow which I ignored soon after!"

He said he still had the same tummy ache and felt like vomiting. I also saw that the outside of his right eye was slightly bloodshot. I tried calling four PDs and a GP but the appointments were all full! I couldn't wait 1-2 hours with two boys so I gave up. We could always self-medicate first.
So I let him watch the Lion King movie while I got busy with Yu.

But at about 11 am, I found that he hit 39 degrees. So I called another GP two MRT stops away and was told that they had no patient NOW. I dashed out with Kai, leaving Yu with N. His fever went down on its own by the time we got there. He was given some usual medicine and VIP treatment - the doctor was very nice and let Kai hear his own heartbeat! I also saw the doctor since I was there - caught a cold while sleeping on Kai's bed the previous night.

Kai insisted on lunching out and spaghetti so we found an eatery and chope chope ate and went back. He didn't like the spaghetti anyway. Poor Yu was crying so hard :(

Spend the afternoon doing kiddy things

I gave him some paracetamol in the afternoon but when his fever spiked in the evening, I gave him some ibuprofen. He immediately complained of a pain in the right of his neck. I wondered if it was a side effect or a sore throat. In any case, he slept another night in our bed.

His fever spiked again on Saturday afternoon and he complained about his neck again in the evening. His mucous remained bloody. That night at 3.30 am, he woke and complained of a tummy ache. When he woke in the morning, I was shocked to find both his eyes bloodshot! Keyed in "fever" and "bloodshot eyes" and "child" and the first thing that Dr Google gave me was Kawasaki disease. What the?!

I woke Sito to bring him to A&E, armed with an email of the kid's medical history. Thankfully nothing serious - not enough symptoms to diagnose anything more than a viral fever. His fever spiked again this pm but he went to bed with very mild fever. Hope he can be well tmr. Will have to monitor him.

And the painful mama - had diarrhoea last night and the pain persisted the whole of today despite no more diarrhoea and a trip to the Sunday doctor, which diagnosed "stomach upset". Thanks ah. The medicine didn't help much. Gonna try antacid next.

Hope no one else falls ill in this household!

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