Friday, 31 March 2017

Things my boys say

So after the "chit chat" conversation, Yang came up with another gold.

Mama: I'm going to smack your bum bum!
Yang: No! I sit down on my bum bum! *sit*
Mama: *stunned*

When he stood up...

Mama: Ok, I can smack it now!
Yang: No, I sit down!

And he did!!

But he's such a naughty boy. That day, he hit Kai first and Kai hit back. Kai refused to say sorry before Yang, which is only fair in my opinion. But Yang was not backing off. So I told them to say sorry at the same time at my count of three.

Mama: One, two, three!
Kai: Sorry!
Yang: *smile*
Kai: Hey, you never say sorry! Say sorry!
Yang: Thank you!


Yes, you! You very naughty!

The baby of the family can speak too! But no one can understand him yet :) Though some time in the past week, Sito and I thought he mumbled mama! Probably mur mur when complaining or whining! :p

Kai is a bigger boy now, and sometimes he didn't want to talk to us coz he was engaged in play or some other interest. But he told his teachers that Yu will go to school next Monday :) He can also spell the days of the week and many numerals too :)

The old boy also says the darnest things...

We were watching Ninja Turtles yesterday. Sito, Kai, Yang and me. And there was this scene where a human girl hugged the Sensei and addressed him as her father.

mf: How is she his daughter?
Sito: He used to be human
mf: What happened?
Sito: 沾到 rat mutagen
mf: The turtles...
Sito: They were originally turtles...
mf: I know, then what happened?
Sito: 沾到人


I laughed my head off! Yup, I had to ask, right...

The other day, Yang took a photo of me. I deleted it coz I looked so ugly!

mf: Did pregnancy change my features? So ugly :(
Sito: Not ugly. Just fat.

Thanks, Dear, thanks ah...

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