Sunday, 2 April 2017

Sunday out!

Today, we did not go to Mum's place coz Mum was out. So we packed lunch to eat at home, napped, and went to the "new" playground!

Kai can now run around unsupervised though he needed help with this ladder

I was guiding him on his next steps. In the end, he decided he would go no further but asked for a hand down. I couldn't help him as I was carrying Yu so I guided him where to place his feet.

And Yang is now a big boy in the bus!

Gosh, we really haven't been there for a long time! Or rather, I have not been there for a long time, not since pregnancy I think...

All sweaty!

They had great fun running around and playing with N - coz the mama has a baby on her and the papa is relaxing one corner :p We took a cool-down walk to Star Vista for dinner.

My walking boys :)

Ice cream after pizza? Best dinner ever!

It was also a good dinner for the parents coz Yu was asleep for most of it and the whole thing was under $50! We didn't walk around much. I was so tired from wearing Yu the whole time, and I would like an early night coz it's Yu's big day tomorrow - first day in school!

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