Monday, 3 April 2017

Yu's first day in infant care

Yes, my last baby is now in infant care! He'll then go on to playgroup, nursery, kindergarten, primary school, ..., exams!!!!

I had wanted to take a family shot at the level 2 carpark this morning, in front of the car with our block in the backdrop, to remember this day when the last baby of the family went to school for the first time. But it started raining at about 6 am. We ended up taking it in the car at the level 1 carpark where it was quite dark...

Everyone was smiling but Yu was blocked!

Hello Yu! But Kai was being uncooperative...

What a small and very cute head!! And this head loves to stare at people. He kept staring at one of the infant carers when we got there and as I was going through his habits and preferences. I kissed my dear little boy and he stared me a goodbye. I didn't get to kiss the older boys who were then engrossed with activities with friends - I should be glad they even looked up to say bye... And they were infants too...

I had a full day of admin activities. As I went about them, I kept my phone close by with the ringtone on in case the school called. I was particular anxious about Yu coz he didn't take to the bottle. Not a sound. No news = good news?

At the end of the day, I was so surprised and relieved to hear that he took the bottle! They started with spoonfeeding in the morning before trying the bottle. He even dozed off after drinking 20 ml for his last nap. And I was also surprised at his 2.5-hour mid-day nap - so long!

While I was glad that he took the bottle, it was also clear that there were difficulties. He took only 270 ml in school, compared to his brothers who took some 650 ml. By the time I changed him back home, he was whining. While I was whipping out a boob, his mouth was already coming at me fiercely! He usually took one side but this evening, he took both. So poor thing. He must have been quite hungry :(

I'm bringing less milk tomorrow to reduce waste. If it's not enough, there's still a packet of frozen milk in school leftover from today. Hopefully, he'll take to the bottle more and drink well.

On a related note, I used the electric pump for the first time this morning. I was so shocked to find an ant nest in the pump I used to use at home!!! It was so gross! Sito helped me clear out the ants while I used the pump that I was going to bring to office. When I came back from office, he was going to assemble the set when he found more ants hiding in the switch! Very gross!! Just glad I have two pumps else I would have been stuck this morning..

Thank you, Dear!

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