Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Meals on "vacation"

Since Yu turned one month, I had been very busy going out with family and friends and even shopping and library trips on my own with baby in tow. Sometimes, it felt like I'm on a solo vacation - miss those trips when I was in my 20s! Like the typical Singaporean of today, I fed my camera before myself :p

16 Nov 2016 at the Malayan Council - very yummy fusion food, even yummier cakes

22 Nov 2016 at the Butterscotch Cafe - the namesake souffle

5 Jan 2017 breakfast at Starbucks with free drink upgrade - the croissant looks better online :p but still yummy

18 Jan 2017 breakfast at Cafe O - I had obviously wiped the eggs clean while waiting for the prata

19 Jan 2017 at Awfully Chocolate - what's there not to like about chocolate, especially warm chocolate?!

3 Feb 2017 cream cheese bagel from Costa coz the guy holding the key to Starbucks was late (!) and thanks to him, I discovered that Costa serves better hot coffee!

6 Feb 2017 at the Cocoa Colony where I was intoxicated by chocolate - nice but too much!

8 Feb 2017 at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf - I have loved their cakes for years!

9 Feb 2017 bibimbap at Clementi food court - had it standing up at a high table

Which was followed by Hoshino drip coffee - a small cup of yummy

And of course their souffle!

10 Feb 2017 at Overeasy - loved this salad!

Such a nice burger but I had to dismantle it to eat it :p

16 Feb 2017 stew at Hello Kitty cafe - so small I had a second lunch...

17 Feb 2017 cream cheese cake and coffee at Provence - still prefer their milk bun

21 Feb 2017 Taiwanese bingsu?? It's different but oh so good!!!! Would love to have it again

23 Feb 2017 high tea at Raffles Town Club - love such dainty displays... I fancy a set of my own one day!

15 Mar 2017 Penang street food buffet at York Hotel - round 1 :p

16 Mar 2017 milkshakes at Patissez - notice that there are two straws per mug? There were only two of us :p

Oh ya, Yu was having milk too :p

30 Mar 2017 kimchi fried rice - somehow Korean rice dishes are suitable for eating with one hand and/or over baby head!

3 Apr 2017 chicken and hummus flatbread with a cappucino with a non-eating Sito

5 Apr 2017 at Ma Maison - my steak don was yummy!

Sito's chicken pasta didn't have enough carbs so there was a side of bread :p

10 Apr 2017 at Coca - standard but so yummy!

11 Apr 2017 at Bedrock - steak time!!

And I also attempted cooking!

16 Nov 2016 scrambled eggs on toast

25 Nov 2016 with my failed overeasy

25 Jan 2017 overnight oats with the last bits of fruits - it's usually not so colourful...

Tried to cook in the past week but ended up just giving instructions to N. We had claypot rice, ramen, lor bah and tomato fried rice! But forgot to take pictures - dinner time is always too crazy!

My next culinary adventures will take place in office - akan datang!

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