Thursday, 6 April 2017

Kara forever oke!!!

I couldn't remember the last time I went for karaoke. Was it during CY's birthday in 2012??

So I decided to devote two hours of my seven days of freedom to Teo Heng at Star Vista :p We got a medium room as they ran out of the small rooms. Oh yes, Sito went with me! :) I still remember that he sang One Night in Beijing with CW and Hup when we first went to karaoke more than 10 years ago!

We (mostly me... :p) sang some of our faves - One Night in Beijing by 信月团 where Sito said I sang a part wrongly (*.*),情非得已,倒带,many 孙燕姿 songs,Beautiful Love,你是我的眼 which made me cry (!),童话,痴心绝对,手放开,月亮代表我的心,眉飞色舞 which was just fun to sing,舍不得你,喜帖街 where the Cantonese made my tongue cramp,爱我别走 where I played backup singer to Sito,爱得正好,爱和承诺,Firework and even a couple of kiddy songs! The kiddy songs don't have nice videos so won't be bringing the kids anytime soon...

Very happy to sing the two duets with Sito - must be the first time we sang duets! Usually, we'll hum and sing some old songs that kind of float into our ears. Or 新谣 which Sito is listening to these nights. But duets? First time :)

But I didn't have much space in my phone so I recorded our 爱得正好 instead of videoing it. It was only at the end when we sang our last song Firework that I decided we needed a video! It was a good song to end with :) 

Just a still from the video

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