Friday, 7 April 2017

Becoming forgetful...

People often say the pregnancy causes mums to be forgetful. I beg to differ. Pregnancy is a temporary state. But sleep deprivation is very real and long-lasting. And it surely is THE culprit for my forgetfulness, if forgetfulness is the right word.

I haven't had good sleep consistently since becoming pregnant with Kai. But that was already the easiest pregnancy; I did get quality rest after the backaches were gone. Btw, Sito had to remind me of those backaches that kept me sitting up at night in the first trimester!

Once Kai was out, it was sleepless in Holland Village. I finally got two nights of good sleep in Taipei when pregnant with Yang. Then, there were good nights while we were in Spain, when Yang slept through. And the trip to Club Med. Then no more.

I do see a light at the end of this tunnel. Kai can sleep through now. If he needs to pee, he'll go to the toilet by himself; he doesn't even need the light - whatever misses should dry up by the morning! Yang, however, very seldom slept through the night. So I may reach the end when Yu turns four, or three if I'm lucky...

Sito rocking Yu while Kai and Yang were sleeping haphazardly

In the meantime, I deal with sleep deprivation and what it does to us.

What it does to me:

It didn't happen with Kai. Or I don't remember. But I remember waking up in the middle of the night, sitting at the bay window with Yang nursing in my arms - how did we get there? And waking up in the middle of another night to find myself halfway through changing Yang's diapers - just how did we get there?!

I had two similar episodes with Yu. The first was quite bad - I cannot remember what I was doing when I woke; I only remember something like this happened *.* The second time was quite amazing - I found myself sitting upright next to Yu who was awake. When I had to bring him back to my bed, I saw that I had set up my bed to be ready for Yu; I certainly did not go to sleep with that setup!!

Many times, I lost my train of thoughts mid sentence. Or I got distracted far too easily.

Many times, I left a room to get something, only to forget what that something was.

The other day, I forgot people and things at work. How to go back to work like this?!

What it does to the children:

Just this morning at just past 6 am, I went back to the kids' room with Yang and they wanted me to sing the Moana song. I sang and dozed off mid-sentence a few times. Kai asked me why I stopped *.*

Having a lethargic mum. Though there are times when I still flung them into the air for fun.

Being nagged to go to bed every day so that I can also rest. Nowadays I don't scrimp on storytelling even if I'm tired unless it's very late, like when we go out for dinner.

Sometimes Yu was left to whine and cry coz I was so tired.

What it does to Sito:

Kena disturbed by a baby who was left to whine and cry.

Dealing with a wife who falls asleep holding her phone, taking said phone away and turning off the light.

Having incoherent conversations when I lose my train of thoughts and get distracted by things.

How I deal with it:

Nothing I can do about it until Yu can sleep through. I am just thankful for my ability to doze off pretty quickly, many times before the kids were even out!

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