Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Lots has happened since I got back to work 12 April.

Well, I was in office for all of 2.5 days so far! Was on a week-long course last week that was actually very useful. Then I had an external meeting on Monday morning that saw me back in office way past lunch. And I telecommuted yesterday coz the window guy came to check out our windows - one was falling off though he assured me it wouldn't just drop off. Today was retreat day in good old Varsity Park - went there just about weekly during our dating days and early marriage :)

Enjoyed two beautiful mornings already :)

Just before it rained but no less beautiful - blame the camera 

And as I was easing back into work before this week, Sito was enjoying the last of his carefree days before he started his new job this week. He caught a nasty bug while out last week and we both got it (first DOWN), which explained why I didn't do my regular updates last weekend. In fact, I'm still not through it - just now, I redefine double cleansing by rubbing foam cleanser all over my face before I washed out the oil cleanser *.* (I've also washed my hair with shower gel and showered with shampoo before!)

So what does this mean??

Disruptions in pumping milk for Yu!!!

I still managed to pump more or less regularly through it all but the tolls of outside home and outside office took a toll on me - my output today was 80ml short, the most significant deficit so far (second DOWN). I'm just glad this boy doesn't drink much else I'll have to supplement with formula very soon, which is troublesome for Yu coz he seems to be intolerant to milk. Gotta test that out soon...

I've been eating a lot lately, which could also have contributed to my slight cough today though I mostly blame the bug from outside. See my decadent Starbucks breakfast yesterday - coz I felt like a cuppa.

Omelette looks like s* but tastes alright

But I have been checking the weighing scale. I must say I'm happy with the line chart on my phone (third DOWN) :p Five more kilos to go....

I have more to say but I'm returning to pen and paper for a while - drawing geometry shapes for Kai while he's interested in tangrams! Tiger mum in the making? Hoho!

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