Monday, 10 April 2017

Yu's ailments

It seems that Yu has a more troublesome digestive system...

Earlier on, he appeared gassy when I took cow's milk. This evening, one week after entering infant care, he had diarrhoea. I asked Yan who has experience with milk intolerance for her kids. From the symptoms such as gas, sometimes green poop, mucous in poop, foamy poop, super red bum, it seemed cow's milk was the culprit again. I took some here and there, especially in milk tea but he was fine so I supposed it was the frozen milk from before I stopped taking milk in overnight oats. I don't know why it matters whether the milk is in oats or tea though!

He's such a poor thing. He kept farting and pooping little bits. I had to change him for fear of aggravating the redness. But when I wiped him, he cried. In fact, he soon learnt to cry the moment he hit the changing table :(

Looking sad when I fetched him just now

I wondered if he might remain intolerant to cow's milk, which would make it difficult if he takes more milk than I can pump. So far, my daily output is enough for him. If he increases his intake via the bottle, I'm sure I cannot keep up and have to explore soy or goat milk formula. Costs aside, I don't know how well he will take to the taste. I was telling Sito about a colleague who continued to breastfeed her eczema-prone kid for some three years as she could not take many foods, which meant that my colleague also could not ingest those foods - it was very sad for her palate.

May Yu outgrown this soon!!

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