Tuesday, 11 April 2017

My week of freedom

I had exactly seven days where Yu was in infant care and I wasn't working yet. And just nice, Sito was (still is) in between jobs. Very precious. We planned everything in advance to maximise time and yet have some free time to nua.

Monday - admin day. Brought stuff to office. Packed things around the house. On standby for calls from school.

Tuesday - day out with Kai. Karaoke after that.

Wednesday - day out with Yang. Bought aircon filters. Did pedicure while Sito did foot reflexology.

Thursday - lunch with Mother. Shopping before and after that. Sito was at a workshop whole day.

Friday - tai tai day. Enjoyed prata for breakfast. Massage courtesy of Mum. High tea courtesy of Mum too! Meanwhile, it was Sito's admin day before the high tea.

Monday - tai tai day. Coca and Llao Llao in between bouts of shopping. Hair treatment. A bit of unplanned child care at the end of the day due to Yu's diarrhoea.

A rare shot of the two of us

Tuesday - full-day date with Sito. We went in search of Sunday roast - yes, on a Tuesday and we found it at Monkswood but it screwed up the lunch reservation and booked us for its other restaurant so we ended up standing outside the restaurant which opens only at 5 pm! So we had some Tanjong Rhu Pau and went to Bedrock at 313 for yummy steak lunch! Then we walked around a bit to clear the stomach for Swensen before calling it a day with foot reflexology.

Sito will be starting Indonesian classes at 10 am on Saturdays next week. And with Yang's paediatric tuina at 8.30 am or 9 am, I will not be able to go out on Saturdays at all for 10-12 weeks T.T Not to mention that I'll still keep Yu at home on Saturdays until he can either drink or eat better. And until I am done with pumping, I won't be having lunch dates with anyone too.


Yes, mf is very sad...

But it can only get better!!

Update 13 Apr 2017

So Sito found out that he won't be taking Indonesia. So I asked him to not start the language classes. Let's settle into our respective work before thinking about CCAs...

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