Sunday, 2 April 2017

End of nua-ing at home for Yu

There were three significant events in Yu's last week at home.

On Monday, he took his first shower with me. He's getting too long for the bathtub but is still unable to sit unassisted. With infant care coming up, I won't bathe him on school days. No point keeping the bathtub sitting in the open all the time for use twice a week on weekends so shower is best. When he can sit well, we can use the bathtub again but more for fun.

On Thursday night, we decided not to rock Yu when he woke at 9 plus. He cried for some 40 minutes? Then he dozed off. I was surprised that he wasn't sniffing in his sleep coz Yang still would sniffle in his sleep if he had been crying hard before sleeping. Then guess what? He next woke at 2 plus instead of 11 plus woohoo! But one hit wonder. I saw the clock every hour after that, bah!

But tonight onwards, I'm going to try not to nurse him if he wakes every hour - I mean, cannot be hungry every hour right?! I'll just rock him. But I don't know how it will be like from tomorrow - if he doesn't drink much in school, I'll have no choice but to open buffet at night! Which brings me to the next event...

Today, I gave Yu solids - if he still rejects the bottle in school, they can give him cereals on top of spoon-feeding which spills a lot. At breakfast time, I gave him the brown rice cereal from NTUC. He didn't seem to like it. Perhaps the taste was too strong for a first food? So I went to get the usual Cerelac rice cereal but couldn't find it. Bought the more expensive organic oats cereal instead. Just looking for a tasteless one. At lunch time, Yu seems to take to it more though I didn't think he swallowed much. But this evening after his shower, he pooped and I thought I saw lumps inside - the solids??

Now, let pictures tell his story this week...

He can't sit unassisted yet but when he sits and sees something he wants, he'll propel himself forward!

He's barely six months but interested in chemistry already!

He loves to eat my credit card!!

Loving at seeing himself in the camera :)

Cute baby wrap!

Actually Yu is one week shy of six months but I gave him solids today also coz he was sucking his lips when he saw me having lunch on Thursday. Yesterday, I took him to a colleague's wedding and he looked up when I was eating! He was staring a lot yesterday, even at the bride hoho!

Your turn soon, my boy...

His breakfast - one teaspoon of cereal

All the best tomorrow, my dear Yu!!

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