Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The family bed??

Last night, all five of us slept on our bed!

I woke at 2.30 am, probably coz Yu stirred next to my boob, to find Yang sleeping with his head behind Yu's bum. Settled Yu pretty quickly and went back to sleep.

Then Kai came in at 3.50 am to share Sito's pillow, almost edging him off the bed! Had to settle Yu again but while doing that, Yang slithered up and I was left with the lower half of the bed for Yu. Nvm, left him there safely and prop myself up at my side of the bed coz I no longer had the leg space to lie down.

It was blissful until 5 am when everyone woke! It started at 4 plus when Kai moved his head to my left knee. Then somehow he slithered up until he was wedged between Yang and me. So Yang protested. And Yang was very loud.

None was able to go back to sleep after that. I was so upset that they were all not getting enough sleep. I was also very pissed with them for not sleeping - just wait until you become parents!!!! - and for keeping me up.

Yu just woke many many times in the past three hours. And many of those times, I had to make multiple attempts before I succeeded in putting him down on the bed - for all of five minutes before he cried again.

Please, boys, just sleep well and lots tonight.

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