Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Special time for Kai and Yang

When Yang arrived and entered infant care, we took Kai on a trip to the fire station. Now that Yu is in infant care, we thought it is time for us to have some individual bonding time with his brothers too.

Kai happened to woke late on Tuesday. He was still having breakfast when I sent his brothers to school. When I got back, I trimmed his hair!

All geared up for a haircut!

It was going well until I happened to catch his hair on the trimming scissors. He wanted me to use the regular scissors. Then I made an awful cut on his fringe and had to spend the rest of the time repairing it. In the end, I gave him Moana on my phone so that I could use the trimming scissors peacefully. The result was thinner hair but the ugly cut remained visible :(

Kai took a photo of us in matching stripes!

Excited on the train!

He talked a lot the whole morning but didn't ask me where we were going. When Diggersite appeared as we went up the escalator, he realised that was where we were bringing him!

Kai tried all three machines - he could operate it himself here and there

But he did ask me if he could have ice cream. He wanted Macs ice cream. I wonder if he learnt it from his friends or he remembered it from 2015...

Happy meal for the kid 

And a dessert right after

Kai didn't want the box with a Smurf house inside so I carried it

The Happy Meal toy was a cause of much crying in the evening, when Yang wanted it too! So we made a quick change of plans for today - instead of coming back to downstairs for lunch, we would let Yang have a Happy Meal and have a later lunch ourselves!

Having fun while changing

Scooting in the MRT station

Digression: The MRT station where I lost my cardholder with my staff card and fare card :(((( I put both my phone and my cardholder in my back pocket just before I left the house. I took out the phone only when we got to the station. By the time we got to the gantry, no cardholder :( Went back to the lift and above to find. Nothing :( Reported it at the station. No call the whole day :( Reported loss of fare card to no avail coz my card was not registered :( Finally heard from admin that they would need a police report before I could request for a replacement card for a fee :( Sian...

Something about "fall down in the water; later gonna die!" *.*

Scooting towards Sentosa! It was a very pleasant walk today :)

He kept getting distracted by water...

Big fountain at RWS

Small fountain at Festive Walk toward the Merlion

A big fountain that smelled fresh!

Sito and I were able to, for the most part, chit chat while Yang walked near us. He's really old enough for us to be more hands off now! So, two more years before Yu reaches that stage!


Sito took a rest at KFC while I brought Yang up the Merlion. He didn't go up the last time we were there; only Kai went up with Sito. We are very fair haha!

Posing with a mermaid!

And the statue that spits out medallions at the end of the show

Now he can smile on demand. In the above photo, he dropped the smile immediately after I put down the camera!

We ran into a troop of tourists but luckily, we went to the mouth gallery before the head gallery; they came down from the head gallery just as we were leaving the mouth gallery!

Yang was a little afraid...

There was a bell at the mouth which I pulled to make a wish. It was loud! Later after the head gallery when Yang wanted to walk down the stairs, I used the bell to remind him that we had already been down there. I definitely didn't want to keep climbing stairs!

Looking at the Imbiah Lookout rising up and up

"I need a drink!"

Eating nuggets!

And he got an ice cream treat too!

Cute face!!

This boy took the Happy Meal box himself but he left it at school *.*

Sentosa is great for bringing kids out early when pretty much nothing else is open! The weather was very pleasant today so we really enjoyed it. I think next time, we'll return for the cable car :)

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